Multilingual Call Center Services

Eliminate the language barrier and have the support of the #1 Multi Language Customer Service provider for SMEs catering to hundreds of languages. Transfer your business’ call center translation services to us and start immediately in a few weeks. Our HIPAA and ISO-certified operations integrating mainstream CRMs and call center software ensure everything will run smoothly.

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Why You Need Multilingual Services

Multilingual call center services enable your business to reach a global market. This means communicating with an international customer filled with people from different time zones and cultures who are speaking different languages. This is where our multi language customer service centers can help you.

We can provide you with call center interpreter services or telephone translation services in whatever language you may need. Aside from our call center agent's fluency in your preferred language, they are adept at handling customer service. Language barrier eliminated, stellar customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We are one of the best phone interpreting agencies for SMEs. As we can provide call answering services in your customer’s native language. Our call center translation services give a lasting impression of easy and comfortable interaction between your international customers and your business. Ease of communication is the hallmark of a global brand. Be one of them!

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Multilingual Call Center Services Provider in the Philippines for your customers worldwide today!

Our Approach On Call Center Translation Services

Expand your business and enhance your global presence with multilingual call center

Start expanding your global presence and become an international brand. Never let language barrier stop you from doing so. Turn your customer service arm into a multi language customer service center. Partner with us as we can offer customer service at par with industry standards. We have customer service representatives fluent in whatever language you prefer.

Never bother yourself with language incompatibilities between your business and customers. Aside from flexible pricing, we provide the following value propositions:

  • we hire call center representatives who are language experts and at the same time can deliver stellar customer service support for your business
  • we provide professional multilingual call center agents who understand cultural context to deliver accurate and pleasant conversation
  • we monitor call quality assurance to ensure we perform based on assigned KPIs and benchmarks you desire

Become a global brand and enrich how you deliver multi language customer service support, in whatever language for SMEs.

Bilingual Call Center Services

Inquiries and orders coming from countries your business cannot speak of? Smoothen the transaction process with your own bilingual call center representatives. Never miss opportunities from foreign market, ever again!

Multilingual Call Center Services

Thinking of putting up a branch on foreign territories? Show your new customer base that you are ready to establish a deep connection with them. Let them know your business do not tolerate language barrier. Give off an impression of a reliable and professional brand image.

Multi Language Customer Service

Prove your commitment to your non-English-speaking customers with a multilingual call center. Understand every culture and be different among your competitors.

Telephone Translation Services

Make sure you include every language in your international communication lines. From English to whatever language your customer needs, no problem, we can deliver for you.

Call Center Interpreter Services

Arm yourself with the wide array of languages we can deliver for you. Ensure you communicate well with your global customers and cater to their needs.

Turn Your Business Into A Global Brand! Never lose any foreign market opportunity as you builds bridges between your business and your customers, and other international stakeholders.

Setup your business and brand to become a global platform. Our multilingual call center agents can provide contact center services or technical support services in multiple languages and can communicate with native speakers with ease. Make this possible with us now!

Our Current Benchmarks For Multilingual Call Center Services

Competitive Multilingual Call Center Cost

We offer customer service solutions that fit your budget and language requirements.

Smooth Business Transition

With our streamlined onboarding process, we guarantee you of a smooth transition from in-house to offshore. We prepare everything from recruitment to training, quality assurance to implementations.

Cloud-Based Call Center Software

We have extensive experience on using various software such as Bria, Five9, FreshDesk, ICBM, RingCentral, ViciDialer, and Zendesk. Since its cloud, nothing is lost.

Call QA & Monitoring

Our Quality Assurance team regularly checks and monitors calls to maintain the quality and integrity of your account.

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What Is Multilingual Call Center Services

Multilingual call center services provide inbound, outbound, voice, and non-voice services to non-English callers. A multi language customer service provides any type of these services to international clients. One of the most in-demand is call center translation services that often require agents that are fluent in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia, Chinese, and Thai to name a few.

When you’re relying on the English language alone, chances are high that you are missing out on business opportunities. Have better communication with customers through an accessible call center interpreter services. After that, see how your customer satisfaction ratings go up.

What is Multilingual Call Center Services

Multilingual call centers are effective service delivery tools that can give your business the ability to serve a wider customer base. Here are the other reasons why you should consider to have your language support team:

  • Connects your business to customers who have a native language other than English.
  • Reduces call attrition rates
  • A cost-effective solution to improve conversion rates
  • Improves customer service
  • Offers customized customer experience
  • Cultivates customer loyalty
  • It can assist in the globalization and expansion of your business
  • Multilingual services are available for both outbound and inbound call centers.

How Does Call Center Interpreter Services Work

Language is key when it comes to business expansion but miscommunication may arise due to culture incompatibilities. This service minimize and at best eliminate such occurrences. As call center interpreter services enable you to hire fluent agents to talk to your customers in their native language. Also they can provide you with necessary reports in its proper context to ensure you truly understand what your international customers mean.

What is Included in the Call Center Interpreter Services

Aside from our world-class linguist, our agents has in-depth knowledge on services where interpreter services are most in-demand. These are medical and healthcare, legal proceedings and contract, insurance, and technical product information.

What are Phone Interpreting Agencies

Some of these agencies exist only to offer this specific service. While some are under BPO companies that offers this alongside their usual outsourcing services. Not all phone interpreting agency are BPO and not all BPO companies offer phone interpreting agencies. It is your discretion to look for a phone interpreting agency that can navigate international customers and are used to deal with such.

Global expansion is within your reach with Multilingual Call Center Services

Unable to extend excellent customer services to non-English speakers? Failure to cover foreign market as intended due to language barriers? Free yourself of such worry and setup a world class multilingual call center with us. No language we cannot cover. Ping us today so we can set it up for you, ASAP!

1. Let's talk objectively about your preferred language

We know you want to cover the global market as much as possible. We are glad to be of service to make sure your customers can converse with your brand, no matter where they come from. Our customer care representatives are experts in variety of languages you can choose from. This is the perfect combination of language expertise and customer care rolled into one, courtesy of us!

2. Tell us your desired multilingual call center agents

Switching from English to let's say, Mandarin or Cantonese, and vice versa? Worry no more as we can provide such talents to handle your customers. Context is important, our agents understands the same and can converse well under such cultural context. Free your mind of such worry and let us handle it, with utmost care.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

Expansion is no longer a dream once you have a taste of our multilingual call center. Once you achieve that, we hope we are still your partner as you cover more of the global market. Reach our respective goals and realized what more we can do, together!


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Multilingual Call Center Services for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Outsource Your Multilingual Call Center To Us?

    Compared to setting up shop in your country just to get the right people, outsourcing your foreign language call center to Magellan Solutions makes business more efficient than ever.

    You do not have to spend many hours thinking about how to create a good office set up. The Philippines has a blooming real estate market, with more office spaces and buildings for purchase or for rent.

    The company's recruitment takes care of the entire recruitment and sourcing process.

    More time to focus on top priorities while someone takes care of finding the right suppliers for internet, office equipment, office materials, and all other things an in-house employee should need.

    Training is made for new hires to ensure they are fully quipped to represent your business via phone. All you need to do is to inform us about your requirements and we will find you the right candidates. You get all the needed employees to get the work done without all the hassle and saving a whole lot finances too as compared to setting up the office back home.

    How much does it cost to outsource a multilingual call center?

    There are no industry standards for the rates of multilingual call center outsourcing. For most service providers, they calculate the cost according to the needs and preferences of your business. The pricing can also be affected by factors, such as:

    • Language(s)
    • Number of staff needed
    • Level of staff expertise
    • Length of the outsourcing contract
    • Laws and regulations in your area

    Do You Need Multilingual Call Center Services

    Every business that plans to expand can outsource. To know if your business needs one, see the list below:

    • A significant number of your existing and target customers speaks another language other than English.
    • Many call centers around the world use English as their primary language. If you plan to provide customer support using your native language, multilingual call centers can help you.
    • You want to save cost instead of hiring in-house multilingual call center agents. Small businesses can especially benefit from it.

    Why Choose Philippine Multilingual Call Centers

    The Philippines is a country known for the friendliness and competence of its people. The country, with its Special Economic Zone Act, offers competitive pricing and extra benefits for BPO companies.

    Thanks to its rich historical culture, many Filipinos are multilingual and can easily learn a language. If you prefer a native speaker, many foreigners are also settling in the country and look for a job.

    Outsource To Magellan Solutions

    Magellan Solutions offer multilingual call center services suited for startups, small businesses, and large corporations. Our customized solutions guarantee that you will get the service that will help you expand and grow. If you wish to know more, click the contact us button below. Our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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