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Virtual Receptionist Services

  • 24/7/365 virtual receptionist services for customer-centric and business-centric industries.
  • Our virtual receptionists use top-of-the-line call center tools that results in the efficient call flow.
  • Hire a virtual receptionist in a BPO with ISO 27001 accreditation.
  • Why Hire Virtual Receptionists in Philippines?

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    Agile Virtual Receptionists

    Magellan provides regular training on customer service, verbal communication, technical skills development to make sure that our virtual receptionists provide professional assistance to your callers.

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    Customized Call Scripts

    To make your process more systematized, we take note of valuable info of your biz and use it to create effective call scripts. You can also provide us with in-house prepared scripts that our remote receptionists can use as guides.

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    24-Hour Year-Round Call Operations

    We follow an established shifting strategy to answer phone calls 24/7. Through this, we can assure that our virtual receptionists are well-rounded and capable to provide great customer care.

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    Latest Call Center Software

    We integrate the use of various call center software to provide fast, effective, and enhanced service to your callers. The software that we use includes, but are not limited to: Bria, Five9, FreshDesk, ICBM, RingCentral, ViciDialer, and Zendesk.

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    Cost-Effective Service For Small Businesses

    Located in a country with a low labor rate and huge talent pool, our customized solutions are perfect for small businesses that want to avail quality virtual receptionist services at a fraction of the cost.

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    Quality Assurance And Monitoring

    An integral part of our call center process, we conduct regular quality assurance and call monitoring operations to ensure that our accounts meet your expectations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is A Virtual Receptionist Service?

    Virtual receptionists are agents that act as your company’s representatives. They serve as the people at the front end of your communication lines and they take care of your customer’s calls and queries. Meanwhile, a virtual receptionist service is a service provided by another company, usually by a call center or a BPO.

    What Can A Virtual Receptionist Do?

    Virtual receptionists do more than just what their titles may suggest. These are some of the things a virtual receptionist can do for your company.

    • Answer phone calls 24/7
    • Virtual office assistance for basic office functions
    • Appointment setting
    • Multilingual communication means
    • Message taking and forwarding

    Who Needs Virtual Live Receptionist Services?

    Any business that receives constant calls from customers, clients, suppliers, or business partners can make use of virtual receptionist services. In Magellan Solutions, some of our clients that avail our services include:

    • Travel
    • Transportation
    • Telecommunication
    • Retail
    • Real estate
    • Media and communications
    • Manufacturing
    • Consumer electronics
    • Insurance
    • Healthcare
    • Legal
    • E-commerce
    • Education
    • Food
    • Hospitality
    • Automotive
    • Government agencies

    During the recruitment stage, we make sure to hire candidates who have a background in the industry. We also incorporate in our training stage essential information about the nature of our client’s business to make sure that our agents can answer all calls well.

    What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Virtual Receptionist Services To A Call Center?

    Below is a list of the benefits that you will have when you have your virtual receptionists.

    • Live phone call answering 24/7 for 365 days a year
    • Cost-effective and hassle-free customer service
    • No need to train your employees
    • ISO and HIPAA (for the healthcare sector) compliant call center operation

    How Much Do Virtual Live Receptionist Services Cost?

    Many factors affect the cost of outsourcing receptionists, as given below:

    • Number of agents hired
    • Length of contract
    • The level of expertise of the agents
    • Current local labor market rate
    • Additional services such as creating business plans
    • Existing laws regarding the services requested

    What Should You Consider Before Hiring Quality Yet Cheap Virtual Receptionist Services?

    Some virtual receptionist services are not cheap, especially when it lowers the quality of your customer care. To get the best value out of outsourcing, you should conduct rigorous research first about the existing call center companies in the market. To guide you in doing this, here are some factors that you need to look for:

    • Skills of virtual receptionists
    • Availability of training and employee development programs
    • Service quality
    • Flexibility
    • Track record
    • Pricing
    • Adaptability to technology

    Virtual Receptionist Services For Startups, Small Businesses, And Medium-Sized Companies

    Virtual receptionists play a huge role in companies, especially for small businesses that are just starting to build their names in the business industry. Being in the frontlines of the front office, trained virtual receptionists can give more satisfaction and build more trust from customers. Contact Magellan Solutions now and have your team of skilled virtual receptionists.