Call Center Sample Recordings

Another way of hearing a live agent at Magellan Solutions is by an inquiry.
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Inbound Call Samples

The downloadable files below are recordings of live inbound calls handled by agents. They are representative of the competence level of all Magellan Solution customer support and inbound call center services. They are real-time recordings of call center agents during a typical shift at call center in the Philippines, Magellan Solutions.
To know more about how you can outsource your customer care and inbound calls, please view our calls services page.

Outbound Call Samples

The downloadable files of our excellent outbound and telemarketing agents below are also live recordings. They are a small sampling of the wide array of outbound services we offer.
  We have provided people for a wide-array of telemarketing and outbound sales needs. Find out more about more at our outbound call center services page.

We serve all business types in four continents.
Our client base is made up of SMEs and startups. We usually respond in 24-48 hours.

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