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Why Do You Need Omnichannel Customer Engagement?

You will have the luxury to try several business strategies through omnichannel. Then you can choose which omnichannel customer engagement solutions best suits your operation. Many companies are outsourcing omnichannel call centers to maximize the full potential of their business.

When looking for a multi-channel contact center partner, you must ensure they have a wide range of platforms to offer to your customers. The service quality should also be a consideration since they will directly interact with your clients.

That is why here at Magellan Solutions, we take pride in the quality of our customer service. Our 17+ of BPO experience is a statement of how well we provide excellent customer service to our business partners. But instead of stopping, we continuously discover new ways to reach customers to expand your business further.

On top of outstanding service quality, we also offer ISO-certified and HIPAA-compliant omnichannel call centers supporting widely used tools and CRMs. We also guarantee secured facilities for your business information. We provide non-disclosure agreements, so you are legally protected by data privacy.

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Call Center Company and BPO Outsourcing Provider in the Philippines for your omnichannel customer support today!

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Our approach to omnichannel customer support service

Knowledge in using different platforms is the key to an excellent omnichannel outsourcing service

We can guarantee a full access on prospect customers in every possible channels using different tools. But that is not the only advantage we can provide to you. Our customer service agents are also excellent in handling different situation. Here's how we do it:

  • we hire people that has deep knowledge in using different platforms and has great communication skills.
  • we conduct training that will enhance their omnichannel and crisis management skills.
  • we provide mock calls to ensure that agents are ready to work for your customer service team.

You can expect an excellent outcome when you open up your business in different platforms. Our team will improve your customer service relation and your business will eventually gain more good reviews from different websites.

Phone Answering Customer Service

Our team can definitely provide an excellent customer service for your inbound call center. Our agents are the best in neutral accent so your clients can understand and interact with them properly.

Chat Support Service

Hire people who will entertain your customers' inquiries over chat. Experience fast and efficient response time as our agents are well-trained and have an exceptional typing skills.

Outsource Email Service

Use our email service to interact with your B2B transactions. Our team can provide professional and well written email templates that will clearly convey your business proposals.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Get rid of long call queues by having an IVR that will sort out customers' concern without talking to an actual representative. Use our advance software to integrate this service into your operation.

Social Media Support Service

Maximize your visibility across several social media websites by hiring people who will interact with your customers in different sites. Moderate your comments sections as well, our team can definitely monitor all the social media comments.

Don't Limit Yourself! Gain Access To Thousands Of Customers Using Our Omnichannel Call Center Service.

Our Business Success Managers will provide you with outcomes that you can expect when you outsource your omnichannel customer support service. We will help you in setting up your KPIs to measure the performance of your business. Once we figure out the benchmarks, the number of people you need, and the software, then we can start discussing the cost of service.

Our Current Benchmarks For Omnichannel Contact Center

Skilled Omnichannel Customer Support Representatives

We train our agents to be well-versed in different platforms to adapt to various channels available easily. Prior to training, we checked their previous engagements to make sure they were experienced in customer interaction.

Fast Onboarding Process

We will immediately launch your campaign to achieve the best possible result in a given time. Our team will develop personalized business strategies that fit your operation.

Affordable Omnichannel Services

Our pricing for our services is very flexible. We will depend on the total cost of the service you need. No need to worry; we don't have a minimum requirement to partner with you. We understand that start-up businesses don't need a large call center team.

Continuous System Upgrade

Omnichannel is changing over time. Our software is very adaptable for any upgrades available. That way, you can access the latest technologies for your business.

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Omnichannel Contact Center

Multi-channel contact center involves client interaction across different platforms. It includes voice, chat, email, and social media. Omni-channel customer engagement solutions aim to connect with a broader range of customers through various touchpoints. Software, where you can navigate all these platforms, is important to ensure everything is clear regarding omnichannel.

Besides software, another good benchmark for an excellent omnichannel call center is ISO certification, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance, depending on the nature of the business. These regulatory organizations ensure that the omnichannel BPO has the best security for your data privacy.

What is Omnichannel Contact Center?

The omnichannel contact center is a helpful service for businesses and customers too. It allows businesses to expand their target audience by engaging with different prospects from various platforms. Furthermore, customers can easily find you anywhere through multichannel.

What is Omnichannel Contact Center Operation?

In operating your omnichannel contact center, you need to manage several platforms to ensure the quality of your service. Therefore, it is not practical for any start-up business to manage multi-channel services independently as it needs several tools like software. You also need a quality assurance officer to monitor the performance of your agents.

Why Omnichannel Contact Center?

Your business becomes more flexible when you outsource your omnichannel contact center. You no longer have to worry about managing your customer service, as the BPO firm can supervise you. Moreover, you can focus on other important business matters, like business expansion.

Is Omnichannel Contact Center For Small and Medium Businesses?

Offshoring your omnichannel operation will give you leverage against competitors since you can access more options. These options will allow you to build a better customer relationship than other companies.

Launch Your omnichannel call center services with us

Want to gain more customers across different platforms? Planning to expand your business's target audience but want to minimize expenses? Our omnichannel outsourcing team is ready to provide your customer with a better customer service experience using different ISO-approved tools and CRMs.

1. Let's talk objectively about your targets and KPIs

Our Business Success Managers will discuss with you what outcome you would like to achieve. We can exchange ideas on how to improve your business using these metrics. Monitoring your progress will lead to better results for your company.

2. Tell us the ideal sales team you have in mind.

Part of your KPIs is hiring people who will work for your company. We trust your intuition when hiring people that will operate your omnichannel customer support.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

Your success is inevitable. Once we achieve our goal, let's talk about business expansion.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Omnichannel Contact Center for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What Is Omnichannel Contact Center?

    A multi-channel contact center is a business process outsourcing service provider that allows agents to use several isolated channels to communicate with customers. This feature allows the call center company to help your business experience significant progress through multichannel service provision. More channels mean more ways to introduce and sell your products and services to your business prospects.

    What is omnichannel customer service?

    Having Omnichannel customer service means that you can meet your clients through any channels they prefer. Adjusting to your customer’s preferred channels increases your credibility as a competent service provider.

    What are the benefits of outsourcing multichannel contact center solutions?

    Saying that you can benefit “greatly” from outsourcing to multichannel contact centers is an understatement. When you hire multichannel contact solutions, you reap benefits equivalent to more than quadruple the amount you paid. Here are some of the benefits you receive:

    • Increased customer acquisition through multichannel customer reach
    • Increased effectivity of service delivery
    • Customers gain more trust and confidence in your company
    • Cheap method of increasing your company’s quality of service delivery

    How to outsource a multichannel call center?

    Outsourcing on multichannel call centers is an easy but tricky task. Here’s what you need to do before outsourcing to a multichannel BPO company:

    • Get to know the company first
    • Check the company’s track record and make sure they are reliable and competent
    • Check if the pricing is competitive with regards to the quality of their services; only a few companies such as Magellan Solutions have these characteristic

    If you think the company is good, send a message and ask for a quote.

    Omnichannel Contact Center Services by Magellan Solutions

    With over 14 years of experience providing customer service to businesses from different industries, we continue improving our solutions to serve you better. We strive to meet consumer demands by integrating the latest channels that the market prefers.

    See how an omnichannel contact center solution can help you build a wider loyal customer base. Contact us by clicking the button below.

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