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Omnichannel Call Center Services

  • Provide a seamless customer experience across email, live chat, phone and video.
  • ISO and HIPAA-certified omnichannel call center supporting widely used tools & CRMs.
  • Cost-efficient and you can start immediately.

Why Outsource to an OmniChannel Call Center?

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Up-to-Date Multiple Touchpoints

Nobody wants to be outdated with recent things, that is why we make sure to be always in line with the latest touchpoints available that we can add to our services. It currently includes phone, live chat, email, IVR, video, social media.

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Specialized Agents

Matching your products or services with competent agents armed with the right information across all channels is one of the necessary things to consider when outsourcing, and we can do it for you. More experise, less worries, more time spent on your biz.

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Cost-Efficient Services

Worrying about the hassle and expenses in hiring different individuals to handle your customer service in various channels? We are here for you. We will provide you with the solutions you need and give you and your customers a quality service at a more affordable price.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Omnichannel Contact Center?

A multi-channel contact center is a business process outsourcing service provider that allows agents to use several isolated channels to communicate with customers. This feature allows the call center company to help your business experience significant progress through multichannel service provision. More channels means more ways for you to introduce and sell your products and services to your business prospects.

What is omni-channel customer service?

Having an Omni-channel customer service means that you are capable of meeting your clients through any channels that they prefer. Being able to adjust to your customer’s preferred channels gives you an increased credibility as a competent service provider.

What are the benefits of outsourcing multichannel contact center solutions?

Saying that you can benefit “greatly” from outsourcing on multichannel contact centers is an understatement. When you hire multichannel contact solutions, you reap benefits equivalent to more than quadruple the amount you paid. Here are some of the benefits you receive:

  • Increased customer acquisition through multichannel customer reach
  • Increased effectivity of service delivery
  • Customers gain more trust and confidence in your company
  • Cheap method of increasing your company’s quality of service delivery

How to outsource a multichannel call center?

Outsourcing on multichannel call centers is an easy but tricky task. Here’s what you need to do before outsourcing on a multichannel BPO company:

  • Get to know the company first
  • oCheck the company’s track record and make sure they are reliable and competent
  • oCheck if the pricing is competitive with regards to the quality of their services; only a few companies such as Magellan Solutions have these characteristic
  • If you think the company is good, send a message and ask for a quote.
  • Omnichannel Contact Center Services by Magellan Solutions

    With over 14 years of experience in providing customer service to businesses from different industries, we continue to improve our solutions to serve you better. We strive to meet consumer demands by integrating the latest channels that the market prefers.

    See how a omnichannel contact center solution can help you build a wider loyal customer base. Contact us by clicking the button below.