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We are the #1 Call Center Services Outsourcing provider for SMEs. We know your growing demands to stay connected with your customer anytime of the day. Whatever services you may need from call center outsourcing companies, be it inbound or inbound, so can we. We are your best choice to provide custom fit contact center outsourcing services exclusive to your business.

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Why You Need Call Center Outsourcing Services

We know you strive to achieve client satisfaction and retention. You don't have to carry all the burden as we are here to help.

Our call centre and help desk outsourcing can ensure your customer's calls are handled in a professional manner. We are the contact center outsourcing provider for services such as customer support, answering services, technical support, and order taking to name a few.

No calls go unanswered. Customer's problem are solved within minutes. No wasted time. Just pure efficient customer relations management.

Your tedious search for the best call center for outsourcing ends today. As a contact center outsourcing company, we are focused and determined to help you improve your CRM and CSAT score.

We adapt to your needs and not the other way around. We only provide excellent call centre and help desk outsourcing services to drive positive results for your business, no matter what your specifications are. Nothing less, only excellence.

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Call Center Outsourcing Services Provider in the Philippines for your business today!

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Our Approach on Call Center Outsourcing Services

Business management and operations improvement should be on top of your list. While you do so, we can handle matters that involves your customers. Whatever call center services you have in mind, name it, we got it!

Whatever you may need, our call center outsourcing solutions, can promise one thing. Deliver excellent services. Aside from being the best outsourced contact center for SMEs and flexible pricing, we provide the following value propositions:

  • we hire call center agents, whether for inbound calling or outbound calling, who are experts in everything they do and can exceed your expectations
  • we provide call center services that we know can address and solve your existing problems with regards to your CRM
  • we monitor performance to improve your CSAT score and meet our KPIs and benchmarks

Set up your customer relations management to its best shape once you partner with one of the US call center outsourcing companies like Magellan Solutions.

Inbound Call Center

It is quite a challenge to keep your business line open with ready to answer live agents. Never let such issue cripple your business. Maintain your business integrity and keep your customers informed they can reach you whenever they deem fit.

Outbound Call Center Services

Leniency would be the death of your business. Fill up your sales funnel through our proactive telemarketing services and lead generation techniques. Connect with customers that are ready to make a purchase or avail your service.

24 7 Call Center

After sales services should never be a problem for you and your customers. Nurture your costumers with stellar customer service in place. No unnatural communication, just pure human to human conversation. Available 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Call Center Services Pricing

We tailor our prices based on your desired services and project timeline delivery. One thing we can assure you, we are transparent when it comes to pricing. We know you value every penny spent and so are we. The only promise we give is to provide excellent services, no matter what the cost.

Call Center Services For Small Businesses

As a startup business, we understand your pain to juggle between managing your business and handling your customers to keep them coming. Make sure you address customer's needs in whatever channels they reach you. This service enables you to max out this connection. Place a live agent whom customers can talk to. Be it for your website, e-commerce sites, and social media. Just reserve your energy to expand your business and let us answer customers in real time. No room for delays.

Cover every touchpoints you can think of, customer-related. Let call center outsourcing services maximize your full potential when handling your CRM. No disparity, only transparency!

When customers are involved, everything becomes a priority, at least for us. Leave customers matter to us. We can cover things imaginable for you. Inbound call center or outbound call center or simply the mix of two? Fret not! Our business development team can customize call center services you need. Let us work our maximum potential, together!

Our Current Benchmarks for Call Center Outsourcing Services

Best Value Call Center Outsourcing Services

Get valuable ROI with the help of our skilled agents and hands-on leaders. We take pride in the value we bring to our clients. It's a fact we are the best value call center for SMEs ever.

Custom-Fit Infrastructure

We ensure your agents are equipped with the most efficient technology and conducive facilities. Resulting to better customer service.

Value Generating Onboarding Process

We integrate a proactive approach in preparing the onboarding of your campaign to guarantee success. Give us a few weeks to make it happen for you.

Faster Customer Support

We use top-of-the-line technology to increase the accuracy & efficiency of our telemarketers when making calls. While we integrate with commercial to bespoke CRMs to take calls.

24/7 Call Center Services

Our efficient and strategic call center shifting procedures ensure that we can cater to businesses from different time zones.

Regular Quality Assurance and Monitoring Procedures

Our dedicated quality assurance team regularly checks call quality and agent performance.

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What is Call Center Outsourcing Services

Call center outsourcing vendors handle customer management and relations. This helps you improve your connection with an existing customer or to go after prospects to make a sale. The best call center for SMEs like us offer the two types of call center services: inbound call center and outbound call center. For a call center answering service setup, this covers multiple channels to ensure customers can reach the business in whatever way possible.

For the types of call center such as inbound contact center services, you can hire live agents that has expertise in handling customers whether for inquiries or to provide customer support. For outbound contact center services, we can go after your prospective customers and ensure your sales funnel are full to improve ROI.

We can tailor fit services as you desire to ensure both are working to your advantage.

Once you partner with us, you can reap the benefits of outsourcing call center services such as streamlined customer handling processes, access to talented customer care representatives, and access to the latest CRM infrastructure.

For cost reduction, our outsource call center pricing are based on the types of services you want to avail and the length of project delivery. We are transparent in whatever we do, you are assured you will get best value for money when you work with us.

How To Outsource Call Center

Good research is the best foundation for a successful call center outsourcing. Also to set your pre-determined requirements is a must. This to ensure you do not get lost along the way while searching for the best call center outsourcing services partner.

On your research process, you can short list call center services provider if they align with your business ethics and values. It's a good practice to ask for their industry experience, industries they have work with, their benchmarks and KPIs, and overall performance when they provide the service you want. You can zoom in on their business portfolio with previous or current clients with the same business model as you are.

Rule of thumb is, a good call center outsourcing provider can offer you transparency and clarity as you negotiate with them. Open and clear communication from the get-go and until the launch of your call center system. Also watch out for support and quality assurance while your contact center is running if it can meet your set standards.

What Are Call Center Services

Call center services in general are divided into two types: inbound call center and outbound call center. Depending on your needs, it can fall in either of these two or combination.

For Inbound Call Center, you can avail services such as customer support, technical support, answering services, order taking services, reservations services, and multilingual support.

For Outbound Call Center, there are services you can outsource such as telesales, telemarketing, appointment setting, collection and medical reminders.

How Much Does A Call Center Service Cost?

The cost of outsourcing this service varies depending on the project delivery timeline. In some countries like the US and Canada, this service may cost businesses $20–30 per hour. But, for businesses that want to maximize their cost-efficiency, they may outsource to developing markets like the Philippines.

Also, the price may be subject to change depending on the costs of the service pricing. Here are the other factors that determine the cost:

  • The length of time of the contract
  • The level of expertise of the software developer hired
  • Existing laws set by the government on the services you request
  • The location of your business
  • Other extra services

How To Find A Call Center

For a business to find a call center, searching online is the best way to do so. However, to make sure you only get the best and what works for you, you should take into account the following factors:

Excellence in infrastructure and technology. Businesses must choose a partner that has reliable hardware, software, and systems. Their outsourcing partner should also have up-to-date technology to ensure their operation can run smoothly. Compatibility in culture and management. Businesses should also consider the alignment of their values and work ethics with their outsourcing partner. This is because finding a partner that understands a business at all levels results in positive outcomes. Competence of outsourced talents. Businesses must hire a partner that has the technical knowledge and project competence they need. Competence translates to high-quality services and may affect how needs and expectations can be met. Attractive call center pricing. Businesses should get more value for their money. Hence, it’s important to partner with service providers that can offer high-quality services at a fraction of the cost.

Cover All Your CRM Requirements With Call Center Outsourcing Services

Unable to answer customer needs on their preferred channels? Turned away customers due to useless automated response? Diminishing client lists and failure to close deals and reach your sales quota? Never let these challenges affect your business and simply outsource call center services you need. Let us set it up for you, as simple as ABC!

1. Let's talk objectively about your desired call center services

When we say we are flexible and adaptable to your needs, we mean it. You can avail services you currently need and just expand when you deem fit. We can customize our services in accordance to your specifications. No matter what you desire, we can deliver.

2. Tell us the inbound or outbound agent you think suits your business

Whether for inbound calling or outbound calling, we can provide you the right live agents to do your desired tasks. Our customer support representatives will ensure every inbound call are handled properly. For your outbound calling, we have talented agents to make sure conversation with your prospective customers are pleasant and informative. Encourage them to connect with your business through a successful transaction.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

Consider our partnership one of your useful strategies in managing your business. As we grow together, we can enhance each other's core strength and eliminate weaknesses. Let's share the ultimate goal: peak success!


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Call Center Outsourcing Services for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Call Center Outsourcing Services?

    These are services that provide business assistance in handling incoming and outgoing customer phone calls.

    Call center services take charge of business functions including but not limited to keeping track of calls, listening to customer’s inquiries, taking orders and reservations, and even selling products or services over the telephone.

    The most successful businesses that outsource to reach both existing and potential customers include:

    • Online stores
    • Mail-order organizations
    • Telemarketing firms
    • Tech companies—outsource these services.

    Today, call center services have expanded to a wide range of industries such as the healthcare, legal and financial services, consulting services, and business process outsourcing.

    How Many Calls A Call Center Agent Can Handle?

    In Magellan Solutions, the average number of calls our agents can make depends on the nature of the campaign, the complexity of the call, and the number of calls received.

    • For outbound campaigns - an agent can make an average of 35-55 calls per day. This already includes the voicemails, callbacks, hang-ups, and no answers.
    • For inbound campaigns - a dedicated team of agents can answer more than 300 incoming calls per day.

    What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing Call Center Services?

    Outsourcing call center services has numerous advantages. Here are the main benefits your business can look into:

    • Reduce operating cost associated with in-house staffing
    • Increase customer satisfaction with better customer support services
    • Extend customer care service hours for up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Improve call quality with the help of professionals trained in customer service
    • Access the latest technology to improve operational efficiency and productivity

    What Are Inbound Services You Can Outsource?

    It provides information to your customers on how to use your company’s product or services. Here, the support agent’s role is more about improving the customer experience and follows up with the customer about their experience.

    • Tech support
      It gives your customers help in solving some common problems with your product rather than providing training on how to use it. Here, the support agent provides advanced and in-depth support in troubleshooting and resolving technical problems
    • Answering services It helps your business to have high-quality customer service at any time. Here, a live receptionist is always ready to address queries from your clients and ensure customer satisfaction. You will never miss an important call or any business opportunity.
    • Order taking services It offers 24-hour business operations to unlock your ability to serve customers worldwide. Agents follow a strategic shifting schedule to oversee all incoming orders at all times.
    • Reservations services It takes care of the reservation needs of your customers in a timely and efficient manner. Its main function also includes customer assistance, rebooking, rescheduling, refunding, etc.
    • Multilingual support It provides inbound, outbound, voice, and non-voice services to non-English callers. The common languages provided by this type of contact center include French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia, Chinese, and Thai.

    Why Should You Outsource To An Inbound Call Center?

    If your business is facing growth challenges and you want your in-house staff to focus on your core functions, then it’s a good move to outsource to an inbound call center.

    By outsourcing inbound services, you can mobilize both your in-house and remote employees to understand how to get to the bottom of your customer’s issues and find a resolution quickly.

    Why Should You Outsource To An Omnichannel Contact Center?

    If you want to optimize your channels to their fullest potential, then incorporate omnichannel solutions. You are more likely to retain and attract customers when you offer them multiple ways of reaching out to your business.

    What Are The Outbound Services You Can Outsource?

    It generates consumers’ interests using various strategies such as internet marketing, cold calling, and advertisements. Here, the agent determines customers’ needs to know the product or service they can offer them during the sales stage.

    • Telesales
      It aims to secure closed sales. Your business can take advantage of this service when you have a solid list of leads and marketing campaigns.
    • Telemarketing
      This service increases your consumers’ product awareness. Your business can use this to introduce your products and services to generate leads.
    • Appointment setting
      It is either B2B or B2C, outbound or inbound. This type of service connects you to other businesses that can be your business partners, or introduce you to possible buyers.
    • Collection reminders
      It allows you to have a phone system that sends calls to a list of clients and reminds them of an existing balance or unsettled payments. This service acts as an extension of your back office that ensures all delayed profits are claimed.
    • Medical reminders
      It assists medical practitioners in reminding their patients of their upcoming appointment. It helps reduce no-shows and encourages patients to do the appropriate action in case they can’t go on the scheduled date. Screen reader support enabled.

    Why Should You Outsource To An Outbound Call Center?

    If your business considers expanding its customer base and revenue, then outsourcing to an outbound service provider can provide you with great cost reduction opportunities.

    Outsourcing the appropriate outbound call center solution can help your business make more sales calls in a day, close more deals, reach a wider market, and even increase your customer retention rates.

    What Is A Multichannel Contact Center?

    A multichannel contact center allows customers to interact with agents over various multiple channels such as email, social media, webchat, and telephone.

    The objective of this type of call center is to provide a consistent customer service experience across all channels to retain customers. Since support agents are accessible at any channel, customers would get the best assistance at each touchpoint.

    Why Should You Outsource To A Multichannel Contact Center?

    If you want your business to be available across all customer touchpoints, then you should outsource to a multichannel contact center.

    Most customers nowadays jump from channel to channel to seek faster support. If you don’t have a multi-channel solution yet, you’re missing out on many opportunities.

    What Is An Omnichannel Contact Center?

    Similar to a multichannel, omnichannel contact center operates on all possible channels of communication in today’s technology. However, omnichannel holds a lot of advantages; it provides a seamless customer experience.

    In multichannel, channels are not connected which means one channel is not shared with agents who are supporting the other channels. As a result, agents need to re-enter data and re-explain issues again when moving between any two channels.

    Omnichannel, on the other hand, has all the information shared across various platforms. This allows agents from other channels to work together to resolve customer problems immediately.

    Magellan Solutions’ Call Center and Contact Center Services

    Magellan Solutions, a Philippine-based BPO company, is equipped with the latest and most efficient call center technology. We will enable you to serve your customers better while getting a valuable return on investment with the help of our skilled agents and hands-on leaders.

    Are you planning to outsource your call center and contact center services? Schedule a call today to get a free consultation!

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