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Call Center Outsourcing Services

  • Affordable and custom-fit call center outsourcing services. Our onboarding process warrants great performance.
  • ISO27001 and HIPAA-certified call center provider with 100+ clients
  • We provide real-time reporting to track customers and leads quality to optimize performance.

Top-notch 24-hour Call Center Service Provider

Our major motivation is to add value to your business, we want you to grow with us. As a BPO call center of 14 years of service
in the industry, we have served hundreds of clients - from small to big businesses. Outsourcing in the Philippines will give your money's worth.

Why Outsource Call Center Services To Us?

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Best Value Contact Center Services

Get valuable ROI with the help of our skilled agents and hands-on leaders. We take pride in the value we bring to our clients. It's a fact we are the best value call center for SMEs ever.

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Faster Customer Support

We use top-of-the-line technology to increase the accuracy & efficiency of our telemarketers when making calls. While we integrate with commercial to bespoke CRMs to take calls.

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Custom-Fit Infrastructure

We ensure your agents are equipped with the most efficient technology and conducive facilities. Resulting to better customer service.

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24/7 Contact Center Services

Our efficient and strategic call center shifting procedures ensure that we can cater to businesses from different time zones.

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Value Generating Onboarding Process

We integrate a proactive approach in preparing the onboarding of your campaign to guarantee success. Give us a few weeks to make it happen for you.

Regular Quality Assurance
and Monitoring Procedures

Our dedicated quality assurance team regularly checks call quality and agent performance.

Industries We Have Experience On

Magellan Solutions’ first-class business process outsourcing solutions cater to various industries


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Magellan's Call Center Services?

At, Magellan we offer a variety of call center outsourcing services available in different channels: phone, video, mobile apps, email, and live chat, in different languages.

How Can Call Center Outsourcing Services Help Business Growth?

Call centers help improve customer acquisition, identify proper customer base, and increase the reach of your business. Philippine call centers offer cost-effective inbound and outbound services.

Our call center agents can help you increase your customer satisfaction by providing real-time support. Meanwhile, our sales agents can market your product and service to a wider market.

Which One Is Better, Voice, Non-Voice, Or Omnichannel?

It depends on your needs. But if you want to cater to more customers, multichannel customer support is a good idea.

Voice and Non-Voice call centers have their own strengths and weaknesses. Voice accounts are more real-time and it serves as a better medium for conversations. Non-voice accounts, on the other hand, removes the hassle of repetitions since instructions are available for review in the dialogue box.

Both are essential to make call center services more efficient. If you’re going to outsource, find a company that offers omnichannel call center services like Magellan Solution.

How Much Does A Call Center Service Provider Cost?

Call center pricing depends on different factors. This includes the length of the contract and the total number of seats. Contact center service providers also take into account the agent expertise and the labor market rate.

Why Outsource Call Center Services in Philippines?

Your customers prefer talking to someone with a neutral accent. Fact: 90 million Filipinos speak English in a neutral tone. This is why the Philippines is the preferred call center destination of many SMEs worldwide.

How To Outsource Contact Center Services?

When outsourcing call center customer support services, check for the price, service quality, and the expertise of the company.

For 14 years, we have been providing top-rate calls services to businesses from different industries. We can assure you that no matter where you specialize in, we can provide the call center solution that you need.

How Many Calls Can You Make In A Day?

The number of calls our agents can handle in a day depends on the nature of the campaign, the complexity of the call, and the call volume that your business receives/requires.

For outbound, an agent can make an average of 35-55 calls per day. This already includes the voicemails, callbacks, hang-ups, and no answers.

For an inbound, a small team of agents (approx. 13) can answer more than 300 incoming calls per day.

To get the exact number of calls we can make or take in a day based on your specific business needs and requirements, fill out the form below. Our sales team will get back to you ASAP.