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Virtual Assistant Services are the rage these days. You have an all-around person doing tasks for your business such as taking calls from customers. Magellan Solutions ensure customer satisfaction by letting a highly qualified virtual assistant be the front liner for your business. We also provide better real estate virtual assistant services without the cost of hiring and training new employees.

Our virtual assistant services rates are perfect to adapt to the need for growth of start-ups and SMEs.

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What Is A Virtual Personal Assistant?

As one of the best virtual assistant providers, we have expanded over the years. You no longer have to worry about taking on everything. Instead, you could find a virtual assistant with us. Even if the employee is under our company, you are the sole task provider.

Cementing your brand as an SME is difficult. Unlike bigger industries, you may not have enough manpower to secure a stable spot. Thus your business is thriving in securing responsibilities to customers. This is where you should consider hiring an online assistant.

The internet provides a great opportunity for you and your activities in the market. But the web is a whole different ecosystem that needs to be regularly checked for proper maintenance. Our 24 7 virtual assistant services efficiently do this for you while you manage your in-house team.

Our outsourced services will bring opportunities for you to reach globally. With the help of your hired assistant, we will further help your businesses to grow electronically and globally.

Hire a virtual assistant from us and we will ensure that you will get a highly qualified and professional virtual secretary. They can answer calls with your brand’s personalized welcome message, arrange appointments by answering and making scheduled calls, collect information from calls received then report it to you and keep records of all calls on a daily basis. Moreover, it can save you from the additional cost of hiring a new employee, makes sure there will be no missed calls as it is available 24/7 and can modify scripts provided when required.

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Our Approach With Our Virtual Services

With our virtual assistants, we help you mainly with administrative tasks, sales activities, and customer-servicer related tasks.

A virtual assistant is a person who provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. It’s a never-ending list. In fact, they can do virtually anything. Think of them as what Jarvis is to Iron Man. They’re not there in person. But they’re a vital part of your business.

Virtual assistants are especially in demand by entrepreneurs and online businesses that need help but don't want to spend the money on an office space for staff. However, many small and mid-size businesses get the help of top virtual assistant companies, especially for specific tasks. Once you hire a va, think of them already belonging to your support staff if you will. You might think that there are limitations. But Magellan Solutions, as a virtual assistant agency, have the best tools we integrate according to your needs, our employees could, and will, work around those limitations.

Delegated Tasks For Personal Assistant Services

It's often tough for SMEs to admit that they can't do everything and to relinquish any kind of control. Even established firms are still experiencing struggles of their own. But there are a growing number of successful entrepreneurs. They understand the power of delegation. You are not helping the short and long-term health of your business if you are bogged down with tasks. Outsourcing with us could lessen that burden. VAs can help you to let go and place greater trust in your team. As a result, you can focus on bigger opportunities and the long-run outcome of you trusting your employee.

Reducing Costs With Outsourced Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Real estate VAs save on labor costs as you do not have to pay benefits or office expenses. Internet, phone, and rent can drain your resources instead of being able to use it for something useful. You can also hire them for a certain amount of hours to fit your budget rather than a permanent set-up. Our virtual assistant services are more or less time dependent on your needs.

Outsource Your Customer Service Virtual Assistant

As your business grows, you may be faced with short-term projects that require specialized attention or quick turnarounds. VAs can fill these needs. Launch a digital marketing campaign, upgrade new operating systems, conduct market research, or manage inventories. They have a wide range of knowledge as they are the ones who are expected to be able to work on anything and everything thrown at them.

Be Organized With Your Virtual Secretary Services

It's often difficult to identify areas where there may be a repetition or glaring gaps in daily operations. Depending on their individual areas of expertise, Magellan Solutions' VA can help pinpoint inefficiencies and streamline procedures that can help everything run smoother and increase productivity.

What We Can Do With Admin Services For Small Businesses

The main purpose of our Administrative assistants is to provide support for your technical services so that your organization may operate smoothly. The complexity of an Administrative Service depends on the size of the scheme and the number of technical services provided.

Our assistants usually undertake the following main functions:

  • accounting and finance control
  • legal matters
  • personnel matters

No man is an island. Let our Virtual Assistants accompany you on the journey.

Virtual Assistants are administrative services for startups and large enterprises. Through them, you can expand the business. Before you hire somebody, you have to know what kind of services you need from them. Depending on the nature of your profession, there are different types of VAs who can help you keep up with the organizational demands. Generally, they assist you with everything. They are made to be the perfect companion for you.

Our Current Benchmarks for Virtual Assistant Services

Cost-Effective Services

There is no need to allocate a lot of money in getting people for your non-core procedures. Like what they always say— spend wisely! Do it by outsourcing our services. You don’t have to provide an office, equipment, and training as we will do it for you.

Adept Virtual Assistants

We hire only the best people to handle your business processes. We equip them with the skills and in depth knowledge about the services and were given proper training to work around your timetable and meet the standards of your company.

Customized Services

If you are looking for help in doing some of your business processes, you found the right place. We provide customized virtual assistant services that you can maximize based on the needs of your business..

Wide-Range of Valuable Services

Catering the needs of your business is our goal, which is why we offer a variety of virtual assistant services that includes admin tasks, creative projects, technical support, and many more to help make your business grow.

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What Is Online Assistant Services

As long as you are in the business, you will definitely need digital assistant services. Having online virtual assistant services has now been considered a mandatory feature, especially with technology developments. Our services offered by a virtual assistant will always be there for you and your business 24/7, and they know just what to do to help you with your online business operations.

Instead of being redirected to voicemail or a robot, your customers are guaranteed to hear a live person’s voice on the other end of the line. Our best va services give you superior customer service skills including the expected phone etiquette. We guarantee you peace of mind knowing that all calls will be properly attended to. Your customers will be delighted to find you have respectful and warm staff who makes them feel valued even through their phone conversation. Imagine the effect this can have on your business when you have a team of competent and professional virtual assistants on board who makes each and every caller feel valued.

When it comes down to the bigger picture of creating a stable connection with your future business partners, it is expected that they will instantly get updates on the progress of the partnership. We are assuming, that just like your partnership with us, your own business partners would want to directly hear from you or at least hear from your assistant rather than a templated email or recorded voicemail. Once you avail of our virtual secretary services, you can expect more successful partnerships and faster progress.

What Services Do Virtual Assistants Offer?

  • Book appointments with your new leads.
  • Contact old leads and previous clients.
  • Generate quality leads.
  • Reach out to your potential audience on social media.
  • Assist with sales reports.

What Are Virtual Assistant Services

The following are the common tasks but are not limited to:

  • General Virtual Assistance.
  • Content Writing & Management.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Digital Marketing.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Web Development.
  • Audio & Video Editing.
  • Miscellaneous

What Is Considered To Be A La Carte Virtual Assistant Services

  • Deliver good customer service.
  • Encourage word of mouth.
  • Handle live chat inquiries.
  • Provide after-hours support.

Are Small Businesses Really Hiring Virtual Assistant Services?

Virtual assistants are definitely in demand. It makes a lot of sense for businesses so they can save money on salaries and benefits. By using a virtual assistant, businesses only have to pay for work when they need it.

Choose To Outsource A Virtual Assistant With Us

Magellan Solutions provide a wide array of valuable virtual receptionist services from non-essential admin tasks, creative projects up to technical help. Our virtual receptionists are college-educated, competent, highly trained and are professionals to ensure customer satisfaction. To know more about our services and to get a price quotation, send us a message, and we will be glad to assist you.

A virtual assistant for sales can support the growth of your business in many ways. And there are far greater reasons you should consider getting one for your team. While it is easy to hire a virtual assistant, it is quite a challenge to retain someone who can perform based on your expectations.


When you are looking into cost-cutting, but at the same time you need a hand in doing non-core tasks, getting virtual assistant services is a good choice. These are the reasons why it is cheaper to hire a VA:

  • Reduced overheads
  • No fixed costs
  • No recruitment costs
  • Pay-per-service option
  • Less amount spent on office costs
  • Get rid of temporary staffing

Diverse skill sets

Virtual assistants who are doing this job for a long time are capable of performing different tasks for you. Aside from the direct support to your sales team, they can also assist you in admin work, booking, data management, and customer service.

Enhanced productivity

With laser-focus on their core functions, your sales team can become more productive, bringing in more clients to your business.

Access to a global talent pool

This is especially beneficial to companies that have overseas operations. A virtual assistant from an offshore location can help you build a multicultural perspective to serve your international clients better. Another advantage of hiring a virtual assistant from another country is you’ll have a team member who can speak at least two languages.

Faster recruitment time

Find the best person who can start immediately at work. When you hire your VA via a BPO company, you get to onboard a person who has sufficient training and knowledge in doing a remote job.

Save time

When you delegate your repetitive tasks, you’ll have more time to close sales and increase your revenue.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Virtual Assistant Services for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an eService Call Center?

    It includes the following: search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing services, project management, and web development.

    Another good thing about outsourcing is that you can hire a VA who can provide you with customized services. This guarantees that you’ll get your money’s worth.

    What are the Advantages of Hiring Virtual Assistants?

    Here are some of the few advantages of hiring an offshore virtual assistant:

    • You don’t need to spend money on employee training
    • You don’t need to set up an office and buy equipment for your virtual assistant
    • Virtual assistants will work around your timetable
    • You can get more time to focus on the business and leave the administrative work to your virtual assistant

    Are Virtual Assistants Worth Their Service Fees?

    Of course! With virtual assistants, you can get a service similar to a personal assistant. The difference? You don’t need to hire and train full-time assistants and there are no compulsory premiums to pay. Simply put, hiring a virtual assistant can be the best thing you could do for your business.

    How much will a virtual assistant cost?

    The cost of a virtual assistant varies depending on the job description, the expertise you need and other factors. Small businesses and startups prefer to hire a virtual assistant to reduce their operating costs. Instead of hiring new staff, spend on their training and spend extra for a new office, it is wise to hire a virtual secretary. Alternatively, it can perform the same task as your full-time staff with equivalent skills and expertise at a lower cost.

    When is the right time to hire a virtual assistant to take customer calls?

    The right time to hire a virtual assistant to take customer calls is now. You need a virtual assistant when you are overwhelmed with the current workload, more paperwork for you and your staff to handle, you are on a budget to hire another full-time employee, you need an expert on some areas of your business, and you want to minimize your work-related stress and instead, you want to spend quality time with your loved ones and become more productive.

    Who can benefit the most from a virtual assistant call answering service?

    Virtual assistant call answering service can mostly benefit businesses that cater to a large volume of customers. You need a virtual secretary when you are having difficulty in office administration, transcription, data entry, appointment bookings, database management, proofreading, website and social media management, accounting, and blogging among others. There are a lot of benefits that a virtual assistant call answering service can provide, regardless if you are a big company or just starting with your own venture.

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