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We are the #1 Telemarketing Call Center for SMEs. We understand your need to boost your overall revenue and improve your sales processes. Meet your sales quota and ensure a stable ROI. All these are possible with our exceptional telemarketing services. Start today when you choose to work with us, the only SME-focused among telemarketing companies out there!

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Why You Need Outsource Telesales

Outbound telemarketing services is the art of selling your products or services directly to leads. As one of the best SME-focused among telemarketing firms, we can provide cheap telemarketing services for your B2B or B2C telecalling marketing strategies.

Once you partner with us, you can reap the benefits of our global telemarketing services that aims to make a successful transaction. Every. Single. Time.

It is quite hard to make clients listen, let alone convince them to do your desired action: make a purchase or avail your service. Worry no more as you can leverage the convincing power of our lead generation telesales agents to your advantage.

Our telesales agents are persuasive and persistent yet polite. All calls with your prospective clients is handled in professional and pleasant manner. Aggressive and crass is not in our telecalling marketing vocabulary.

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Outsource Telesales Provider in the Philippines for closing your sales deals today!

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Our Approach On Telesales

Maintain your best income and profit through the optimal process of how you close successful deals.

Successful sales deals is a great contribution to keep your business afloat. When you do telesales outsourcing to a world class provider like us, we make sure to provide only the best telesales agents that can exceed your sales quota at best.

We know how challenging it is to close a sale, let us handle that for you. In comparison with other telesales companies, we offer flexible pricing great for SMEs. Also we provide the following value propositions:

  • we assign you with telesales agents who are trained to make successful sales with every kind of customers
  • we provide your business with the latest infrastructure in managing telesales techniques to deliver valuable market insights for your business in the long run
  • we monitor performance and improve sales processes to ensure sales quota, KPIs and benchmarks are always met as per your requirements

You can expect closed sales deals when you outsource telemarketing solutions perfect for SMEs.

Cold Calling Services

Get in touch with your prospective and existing customers through phone conversation. Telesales agents can inform your customers and prospects about your brand's product and services. Capture leads as they come. Opportunity at every conversation.

Outbound Telemarketing Services

Optimize how you introduce your products and services to your clients. Make use of information gathering to streamline your business operations.

B2B Telemarketing

Our effective B2B telemarketing covers various services such as website optimization, content marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, and social media marketing. Still looking for something else? We can set it up for you!

Telemarketing Outsourcing Services

A successful sale does not end just that. Make sure your business reach your customers each time they avail your products or services. Let your customers know their satisfaction and feedback matters to you. Ensure every call is informative and engaging with your customers and convert them into a sale!

Pay Per Sale Telemarketing

No matter what your desired business model, we can deliver. Only pay for services that has quantifiable results. Flexibility is one of our best asset. Let's see where we can agree and work together to reach our goals.

Increase your profit and revenue with telesales agents experts to make successful sales. They can handle smooth integration of upselling and cross selling whenever they connect with your customers. Maintain positive customer relationship and always close high value sales when you do telesales outsourcing!

Keep your brand's image and maintain healthy brand awareness with telesales agents that has good communication skills, confident, empathetic, and has sufficient sales knowledge. Leverage these commendable skills and add value to your customers. Let them associate your business with positive emotions and earn their loyalty. Let's collaborate to make this possible, today!

Our Current Benchmarks for Outsource Telesales

Best Value Outsource Telesales For SMEs

We custom fit telesales services perfect for your business. Whatever you have in mind, we can adjust. We take our sweet time to fully integrate our telesales strategy to ensure it suits your needs. Not to mention we give it at best value.

Enhanced Technology Integration

To improve our telesales services, our agents use the latest technology solutions to generate valuable reports useful for your business. Expect efficient and successful sales based on your standards.

Solid Upselling and Cross-Selling Efforts

Our solid marketing techniques ensure our telesales agents only get what you pay them for: transaction success.

Solid Quality Assurance

We select the best telesales agents through an extensive recruiting process. It helps us keep up with customer demands and industry standards. With qualified telesales talents on board, we are confident to provide best-in-class service to improve your ROI.

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What is Outsource Telesales

B2B telesales is the process of selling various products or services through the use of a telephone. With telesales call center representatives, you get in touch with potential and existing customers directly through various channels like phone. This is to encourage them to purchase whatever your business offers.

The best telemarketing companies offers the two types of telesales: inbound and outbound. Inbound is when the telesales agents are the ones who receive calls from both prospective and existing clients. While in outbound, the agents are the ones who facilitate the call to generate sales.

Telemarketing vendors as a cold calling service providers has agents who are patient, persuasive and persistent to make every call pleasant and remain professional. Global telemarketing services agents are required to have exceptional communication and skills in talking with clients, typing experience, as well as the ability to thrive in an office environment.

What is Telesales

Telesales is an important business process that is accomplished to create interest in the products and services that companies offer. Also, it is used to supply information to consumers regarding the merchandise or service being offered.

This strategy can be also used to identify or generate business opportunities and determine customer response, review or feedback to your products and services.

Basically, it is maximized to generate leads that would eventually lead to sales, schedule appointments with potential clients, and to strengthen customer retention.

Telesales is an essential service process that you use to sell your products and services to consumers directly over the telephone.

With this service, no extra contact is necessary since the whole selling method which includes payment transactions can be accomplished in just a single telephone call or conversation.

Nowadays, this business process can be outsourced to the advantage of business organizations.

What Is The Difference Between Telemarketing and Telesales

The main difference between these two outbound call services lies on their end-goal.

  • Telemarketing services, often with a broader target market, aim to increase consumers’ product awareness. You can use this to introduce your products and services to generate leads. This service helps telesales to identify and qualify potential sales. It also provides reliable data to support the team in telesales by increasing efficiency and productivity. This in a sense is the first step in the sales strategy.
  • Moreover, telemarketing pre-qualify potential clients to make the job easier for the telesales team. This also surveys customer satisfaction and market research through outbound calling.
  • On the other hand, telesales is the next step after telemarketing. It is a direct way of selling your product using the data provided by the telemarketing people.
  • Its goal is to secure closed sales. You can take advantage of this service when you have a solid list of leads and marketing campaigns.
  • Through telesales, you can cut costs per sales while increasing conversion rates. It becomes possible because it allows reduced travel expenses and number of representatives in the field.
  • This service helps leave the buyers and even the prospects with an excellent impression about the brand.
  • Both services use a cold calling approach.

How to Increase Telesales

Boost your sales through the expertise of an outsourced sales team. Experience a healthier bottom line while growing your business.

Magellan Solutions agents’ have years of experience; from selling and customer service. We follow global standards to ensure you appear professional and credible.

As one of the Philippines’ leading outbound call center services companies, we offer nothing but the most outstanding telemarketing campaigns suited for any business along with our team of professional telemarketers. We work intimately with our clients to provide quality and efficient solutions for your business needs, telesales in particular.

Our wide range of offshore telesales services include:

Magellan Solutions consistently finds a way on how you can reach out to your customers’ requirements. Our company will also provide a strategic approach for your company to deal with your customers’ issues and develop customer relationships.

How To Do Telesales Effectively

Effectivity of telesales all depends on how the system works for your advantage. This means your telesales outsourcing provider understand what are your pain points and work towards improving them. Ultimately eliminate them to ensure the proper delivery of your desired results: successful transactions and increased ROI.

In order to achieve this, as a business owner, you should be clear on your requirements and let your telesales provider work around it to deliver solutions. This way you can reach an agreement in clarity and the standards they must follow.

System working together means telesales agents are aware of their KPIs and works towards the goal of achieving them, or exceeding them in the best situation. Also infrastructure and updated software to streamline their performance must be well-placed. Your telesales provider must meet these basic requirements. This assures you that they know what they are doing and can deliver results you wanted.

Ensure Higher Profit and Income With Outsource Telesales

Negative brand image due to crass and inappropriate way of reaching your potential customers? Repeat customers only happens once in a blue moon? Elusive successful deals and failure to meet sales? Worry no more of such scenarios when you outsource telesales solutions with us!

1. Let's talk objectively about your desired telesales services

We stay true with our dedication to know your business from A to Z. This is an open communication to ensure we get clear ideas on your expectations and vice versa. Our strength covers customization of services in accordance to your requirements.

2. Tell us your ideal telesales agents in mind

Our rigorous recruitment and training method enables us to provide only the best telesales agents for you. Our team leaders and quality assurance managers can assure every operation with regards to your business campaign is done with excellence.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

We can be your outsource telesales partner in the years to come. As we take this long journey together, we can get to know each other's needs and further improve on them. All this to max out our respective potential, mutually beneficial!


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Outsource Telesales for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Outsource Telesales?

    Outsource telesales is the process to achieve repeat business through strategies like giving high levels of satisfaction and excellent customer relations. Telesales representatives contact different clients to promote products and services. They also set up appointments sometimes to support the representatives in the field sales.

    In What Way Does Telesales Help Maintain Good Customer Relationship Management

    Telesales is not only about selling. Most of the time, it’s about maintaining positive relationships with existing customers by offering them products that add value to their life.

    Benefits of Telesales Services

    There are key benefits when companies utilize telesales services. It includes the following:

    • The costs for marketing campaigns are reduced significantly. Telesales in a sense can be an alternative when you are targeting a cost-efficient sales strategy.
    • Get further praise than complaints from potential customers. This is especially if you hired agents who are professional and know how to properly converse with customers.
    • Telesales promotes consistency. It enables organizations to create effective sales leads and new business opportunities consistently without having to worry and depend on individual team members.
    • Telesales can help increase your business productivity as it allows you to focus on your core competency.
    • Telesales also allows you to get a team of talented and skilled workforce instantly without undergoing all the process of sourcing.
    • Telesales companies provide comprehensive updates and reports to you about the result of your campaign.

    What Are The Reasons To Outsource Telesales To A Call Center?

    It is evident that outsourcing is beneficial to business. In line with this, your company can experience the following benefits when you outsource telesales services:

    • Cheaper hiring, training, and operating costs
    • Lower employee attrition rates
    • More time to focus on your core business
    • Trained staff who have proficient skills in handling different types of clients
    • Higher chances of closing more sales

    Our Agent Selection Process

    Selling is a simple process made complex by human emotions. To keep up with this, we choose our agents based on the following qualifications:

    • Sufficient sales knowledge (offering of product, upselling, cross-selling)
    • High emotional intelligence — confident, empathetic, and open to tons of rejections
    • Good communication skills
    • We also make sure to regularly update our script for our telesales campaign. We comply to the National Do Not Call Registry to avoid breaking any laws.

    Important Duties of An Outsourced Telesales Representatives

    Telesales agents have a wide-range of responsibilities. It ranges from lead generation to direct sales as well as customer relations.

    An effective telesales representative will not only target closed sales but also take time to focus on the customer satisfaction. Some of the important duties of a telesales agents are the following:

    1. Lead Generation

      A telesales agent gets in touch with both prospects and existing customers through phone to inform them about the brand’s products, services, and other offers.

      Sometimes, they also receive phone calls from consumers who have seen the direct marketing and advertising campaigns.

      This process helps make the work of the team become faster and also increase the conversion rate.

    2. Direct Sales

      More than creating brand awareness, the agents in telesales also conduct direct sales functions. They work together with the telemarketing team. They also use the data of existing customers to check the previous sales and target the clients for repeat business.

    3. Take and Process Orders

      Moreover, telesales representatives take and process all of the orders to meet their sales quotas required by the brand. They manage repeat business purchases, which provides the possibility to cross-sell to existing customers.

      Whenever there are customers who place new orders, the telesales agents use scripts, which is commonly provided by the brand to offer additional products or services based on previous purchases.

      Aside from helping to boost the sales and profits, it also allows the team of sales to concentrate on the field selling.

    4. Customer Service

      A part of a telesales agent’s duties is providing excellent customer service.

      To encourage existing customers to continue purchasing from their brand, telesales agents contact them after a sale to make sure they are satisfied with the products or services. They also do collecting, compiling, and updating of the records of the clients in a database. This is to make it vital to have excellent typing and phone skills.

      In addition to telesales agents’ duties, they also advise customers about the new offers based on their preferences and needs.

      A part of their duties in the customer service is providing accurate information about the brand, its products or services, promotions and other information. This makes it crucial for telesales representatives to have in-depth knowledge of their company and its offers.

    5. Conflict Resolution

      Having excellent dispute resolution skills is one of the most important skills of a telesales agent. Since they are always interacting with clients, they help to quickly handle their grievances before it becomes a bigger issue. This allows customers to get a high level of satisfaction from their purchases and preserves the reputation of the company.

    6. Activity Reports

      An effective telesales representative will also create, update, and deliver activity reports. The reports cover many elements such as the volume of calls, leads, customers, sales and other vital information that can help increase the brand’s revenue.

    7. Meet Sales Goals

      Telesales agents are required to meet the monthly and quarterly quotas or sales goals according to the revenue targets of the company. They must achieve a minimum volume of calls and close a particular number of deals to move them closer to their quotas.

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