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Streamline Your Ecommerce Operations with Our Leading Outsourcing Services. 24/7 Availability, Expertise in Answering Inquiries, Managing Orders, Upselling and Cross-selling Products, and Resolving Issues Guaranteed.

Our full outsourcing package guarantees that your customers always have access to the support they need, when they need it.

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Why You Need To Outsource E commerce Logistics

As one of the best ecommerce solution provider, we have expanded over the years. You no longer have to worry about fully giving up control of your projects. Instead, you could take advantage of ecommerce full outsourcing. Even if the team is under our company, you are the only one who manages them the way you want. The managers would only serve as mediators. Cementing your brand as an SME is difficult. Unlike bigger industries, you may have enough manpower to secure a stable spot. Thus your business is thriving in securing responsibilities to customers. This is where you should consider starting an e business and outsourcing.

The internet provides a great opportunity for you and your activities in the market. Everything is easier with our help as an e commerce BPO

Our ecommerce full outsourcing will bring opportunities for your services and products to reach globally. Your webshop outsourcing will further allow your businesses in using electronic transactions.

With the coming of the internet, people have chosen faster routes against traditional ones. Ecommerce has now become a universal bridge for retailers and consumers. It has been offering fast transactions and easier data collection, thus making business deals easier and processed faster.
Choose to outsource your e-commerce services with the best BPO solutions provider today!

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Our approach to E-commerce Outsourcing Services

When it comes to e-commerce, we prioritize your customers' satisfaction.

We want to get to know you and your objectives. Only then can we create a tailor-made logistical solution.

Even from an at-home setup, we still see to it that agents promote quality work by monitoring their task progress.

Our agents:

  • Deal with customer inquiries, orders, and complaints.
  • Create a positive overall shopping experience.
  • Have a tactical integration of cross-selling and upselling methods to increase customer value.
At Magellan Solutions our agents provide you with the best experience of eCommerce customer service outsourcing.

eCommerce Full Outsourcing

Outsource your eCommerce operations to our staff of professionals. Your costs will be much lower than hiring a full in-house team, which ultimately optimizes the bottom line!

Outsource E Commerce Logistics

Our eCommerce developers creates fully-functional and stunning websites. Moreover, we have specialists who are experienced in the world’s most in-demand eCommerce platforms.

Outsource Ecommerce Call Center

Your customers prefer call centers over indirect platforms such as the usual product manuals, brochures and even chatbots. Therefore, our employees train to be genuine with their empathy towards your customers.

eCommerce BPO

We make sure to bring out the best value out of each customer interaction. We assure this through our cloud-based call center software and multi-channel capability.

Ecommerce Support Services

We have a strategic schedule shifting of agents that assures our services for customers anywhere. The shifting schedule also guarantees our help through your e-commerce outsourcing with us.

Engage in a healthy ecommerce outsourcing with us and get those loyal customers lining back up.

The continuous development of ecommerce shows that people love to shop online. We are the best at creating a design-savvy site with a pool of experts in programming.

Your website is where customers will make their orders. You want to make sure that their experience is a positive one. In addition, you need to figure out the best eCommerce platform for your business.

Our current benchmarks for Ecommerce Outsourcing Service

Expert eCommerce Agents

We ensure that our agents have a wide knowledge of your products and services. This would result in better service for your customers.

Intensive Quality Assurance and Monitoring

Expert analysts check the quality of each customer interaction. This is to make sure that you get the results that you need.

eCommerce Call Center For Small Businesses

Our prices are competitive because it is value-generating. Our call center solutions are custom fit for your company needs. With outstanding customer service, we improve the retailer-customer relationship. We also make sure to encourage a repeat of business transactions. Perfect for small and big industries.

Web-Based Call Center Infrastructure

We have many web-based call center systems. These are being used for the inbound calls and chat services that provide support for your online shoppers.

Multilingual eCommerce Service Capability

Our eCommerce call center services are available in 10 languages to serve more customers worldwide.

Comprehensive and Unique Onboarding Process

Our Business Development team will work with you to make sure that we cover all your needs. The implementations team will then develop processes that target the success of your business.

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What is eCommerce Outsourcing

E-commerce customer service is the act of taking care of an online shopper’s needs by providing and delivering professional and helpful assistance before, during, and after every sale of goods and services.

Ecommerce has now become a universal bridge for retailers and consumers. It has been offering fast transactions and easier data collection. As a result, business deals easier and processed faster.

How much to outsource email marketing ecommerce

We found that long-term contracts tend to be detrimental for you as well as for us. So instead, we provide a done-for-you solution upon our initial deal. We'll create and implement all the rules for your automated emails, and create high converting designs that'll drive massive ROI for your campaigns.

How to outsource ecommerce

When you outsource, there are multiple factors that you need to consider.

  • Research the tasks you wish to outsource.
  • Include tools and software you want. You can ask what your provider uses and see if it fits your requirement.
  • Give us a rough estimate of task completion for us to determine the number and kind of employees needed.
  • Lastly, know your budget.

Once everything above is done or if you have further questions, you can simply leave us a message!

What is ecommerce outsourcing

We allow you to cater to large companies with high compliance and security requirements. This is when you plan to hire a number of talents. These talents, in return, may also introduce small business operations that could potentially use your services. As a result, your business will expand and get further improvements with other SMEs.

What is outsourced ecommerce

Your operations are carried out by your employees remotely. You get to save up from paying for overheads like rent, electricity, and the internet. However, managing a large remote workforce is not easy. You will need to have the right tools. Even with the right tools, you would need to have a pool of trained individuals for it.

Why outsource ecommerce

As a successful webshop owner, you’re bound to encounter the limits of what can do. That’s why we want to know you and your objectives. We then create a tailor-made logistical solution. With this, we prioritize your customers. Our fulfillment processes are a guaranteed perfect match. We always meet the needs and expectations of both consumers and clients.

Start small and outsource your ecommerce with Magellan Solutions!

Want your customers coming back for more of your products? Do you want to cater globally but can't because you do not have the right people? Our CSR agents will help you expand globally in no time.

1. Let's talk objectively about your products and get the worry of an abandon cart rate off your shoulder.

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most crucial problems for online businesses to overcome. That's why we want to know more about your products. We know we can help you sell effectively.

2. Tell us your sales goal for the products and services.

We mainly hire based on the expected results you give. Our in-house training will measure and hone the abilities of agents to ensure customer satisfaction. Once we make a partnership, we also offer a rough timeframe that we think your extended team will meet. Through this we know that we can gain your trust and keep working together for a long time.

3. We will help in scaling your business globally.

As an end-to-end full service call center service and BPO outsourcing firm, we keep our clients by becoming more invested in their business as our partnership matures. After successful outbound marketing, we can do inbound customer care support, survey forms processing, appointment setting and more!


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for eCommerce outsourcing and BPO services for small and medium businesses globally.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of Live Chat Service For eCommerce Sites

    The basic step always begins with proper research. After determining your specific needs and requirements, you can search for a call center for ecommerce online, in directories, or by referral. Short-list the companies that you believe can provide the service that you need.

    Important elements in an e-commerce business?

    User experience (UX), Social Media, Content marketing, and Data Entry Services.

    Would we be better off outsourcing key eCommerce functions or keeping it all in-house?

    There are certainly benefits to keeping tight control over your order management and product fulfillment. But you may be hurting your sales more than helping them by attempting to build and maintain an e-commerce platform. This requires constant updates to meet the needs of your growing business.

    e-commerce functions that you can outsource?

    Most services offered by BPO companies are also applicable to e-commerce businesses. At the same time, there are also BPO services that specialize in e-commerce or are exclusively offered to businesses like yours.

    How do you choose the right e-commerce outsourcing service provider?

    Before looking to outsource, you should have a firm grasp of which parts of your business need to be outsourced, and how you want the job to be done.

    Is eCommerce outsourcing expensive?

    There is a wide variety of e-commerce tasks that you can outsource. And being relatively young in the industry, there are no standards yet when it comes to the pricing. Service providers usually tailor their services according to your needs and preferences as well.

    How is the e-commerce outsourcing industry in the Philippines?

    The Philippines has a bustling outsourcing hub, which continues to grow along with the global e-commerce industry. As the top call center country in the world, you can outsource almost every e-commerce service to the Philippines.

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