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eCommerce Customer Service Outsourcing

  • Answer inquiries, manage orders, upsell and cross-sell products, and resolve issues.
  • Specialized eCommerce customer service outsourcing services for online retail stores that enhances customer experience and builds brand loyalty.
  • 24-hour call center operation following the international ISO guidelines for data security and confidentiality.

Why Outsource eCommerce Customer Service to Call Center?

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Expert eCommerce Agents

We ensure that our agents have extensive knowledge on the products and services of your company to serve your customers better.

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eCommerce Call Center For Small Businesses

Take advantage of the competitive pricing of our value-generating custom fit call center solutions. Perfect for small businesses, we deliver outstanding customer service that improves relationships and encourages repeat business.

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Multilingual eCommerce Service Capability

Our eCommerce call center services are available in 10 languages to serve more customers worldwide.


Convenient All-Day Support For Customers

We strive to bring out the best value out of each customer interaction. By integrating cloud-based call center software in our operations, and through the strategic schedule shifting of our agents, we cater to online shoppers around the globe. Our multi-channel capability allows customers to reach out to your business using the most convenient method.

eCommerce Call Center Services We Provide:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Invoice inquiries
  • Balance inquiries
  • Order tracking and fulfillment
  • Customer care support
  • Inbound sales support
  • Billing support
  • Replacements
  • Account management
  • Refund Assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is eCommerce Call Center Outsourcing?

It refers to a 24-hour call center service for online retail stores. It is available in both voice and non-voice operations.

What Makes A Good eCommerce Customer Service?

A good e-commerce customer service focuses on three things:

  • Dealing with customer inquiries, orders, and complaints
  • Creating a positive overall shopping experience
  • Tactical integration of cross-selling and upselling methods to increase customer value

If these three elements are present, it can help you in:

  • Increasing online store reach
  • Encouraging customers to buy recommended products
  • Keeping track of the latest trends and ‘hot buys’
  • Retaining customers and gain their loyalty
  • Minimizing refunds and customer complaints

When the ecommerce customer service is very responsive to the needs of the customers, this can translate to higher customer satisfaction that is equivalent to business profits.

Benefits Of Live Chat Service For eCommerce Sites

The basic step always begins with proper research. After determining your specific needs and requirements, you can search for a call center for ecommerce online, in directories, or by referral. Short-list the companies that you believe can provide the service that you need.

Consider the following when short-listing the companies that you found:

  • Track record
  • Specialization
  • Call center pricing
  • Compliance to industry regulations
  • Years of service
  • Company stability
  • Capacity to support your growing needs

eCommerce Customer Service Outsourcing in Philippines

Magellan Solutions has been providing e-commerce contact center services for over 14 years. Being an ISO and HIPAA compliant, we are serving more than 100 customers already; our services are guaranteed to be of the best quality with professional agents that are highly qualified.

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