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Market Research Call Center Services

Get affordable support for your overflow projects without the need to hire new staff. Magellan Solutions provides premium B2C and B2B solutions for market research agencies, private companies, and public institutions. Explore our market research call center services.


The Importance Of Market Research In Customer Experience

The most excellent way to develop your business is to obtain feedback from your audience. Market research provides insights on the current demands and preferences of your targets. It also allows you to see the emerging trends in the industry.

By being an instrument in making their lives easier, you can increase your customer satisfaction ratings.


Does Market Research Need To Be Expensive?

Of course not! Market research only becomes expensive when the method is inefficient. Our company has competent teams who are excellent in handling market research projects.


What Is Market Research Outsourcing?

It is a manner of transferring your market research efforts to a service provider such as an outbound call center. Outsourcing helps in minimizing costs. It is perfect for startups, small businesses, or even established market research companies. It is available in a “per campaign basis” or a long-term partnership.


Issues to Consider When Outsourcing Market Research

These are the main issues to consider when outsourcing market research service:

  • Price
  • Service quality
  • Industry experience
  • Turnaround time


Who Needs Market Research Services?

All businesses can benefit from outsourcing market research services. Market research firms, meanwhile, can get the most out of this business activity. Outsourcing can supplement their services by taking care of overflow projects that their staff can’t handle anymore. Through this, market research firms don’t need to turn down new projects or hire additional employees.


When Should You Outsource Your Market Research?

If you are currently encountering the following challenges, you might want to consider outsourcing:

  • Insufficient number of staff to handle current projects
  • Lack of in-house expertise
  • Need for support to streamline internal processes


Advantages Of Outsourcing Market Research

Outsourcing market research allows you to:

  • Reduce overhead expenses
  • Offer specialized services that are not available internally
  • Gain valuable industry insights
  • Develop strategic business plans
  • Accept more projects
  • Focus on major tasks

As a top outsourcing destination in the world, it is a smart move to outsource in the Philippines because of its:

  • Huge pool of skilled and college educated talents
  • Low-cost labor market rate
  • Perks to international businesses under the Philippine economic zone


How Much Does Market Research Cost?

The price of market research services varies. In Magellan Solutions, we consider the following factors when computing for its costs:

  • Current labor market rate
  • Number of seats
  • Staff expertise
  • Length of contract


Outsource Market Research Services To A Contact Center

Magellan Solutions provides premium mail, telephone, and online market research for B2B and B2C companies.

Our market research services include:

  • Feedback form writing
  • Survey hosting
  • Survey management
  • Data analysis
  • Report writing

We offer a variety of services that can help your growth. You can also try our survey call center to supplement your market research. Contact us now and our development team will get back to you soon.


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