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We are the #1 Data Center Managed Services Provider for SMEs. We know the huge potential losses of inaccurate data entry work. Reduce it to none at all with our database service management. Start building the best foundation for your database. Make sound business decisions from accurate data and information. Make it possible with the only SME-focused among data management services companies in the market, us!

Good Data Foundation Starts Here

Why You Need Data Center Managed Services

Data entry and data management contributes to the overall business operations. Growth is possible when you base your business strategies from accurate data and information. Once you outsource with data management companies like us, technology is on your side to utilize enterprise data management for your best interests.

Data management service providers gather, store, organize and maintain information that is relevant for your business. As one of the top data management outsourcing companies that caters to SMEs, we offer only the best data quality management services. Such as data entry, data mining, data conversion, data cleansing, data processing, data verification, and data visualization.

As a data management agency, our personnel ensures you only receive accurate data and information. No redundant and no bad data. Accuracy comes first, at a reasonable speed.

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Data Management Services Provider in the Philippines for your accurate and pristine database today!

Our Approach on Enterprise Data Management

Minimize your business risks and maximize your business growth with our excellent services

Start making good business strategies and process excellent information from your accurate database. Courtesy of the best data management agency for SMEs. Our database management service offerings can reduce inaccurate data entry and in turn decrease your business risks ten folds. Our sophisticated cloud data management services include data mining, data cleansing, data entry, data procesing, and data verification.

We know data management is a volatile system to work on and we are here to help you minimize the risks. Aside from flexible pricing exclusive for SMEs, we provide the following value propositions:

  • we assign you with personnel who are trained to make error-free data entry services
  • we provide your business with the latest cloud data management services to deliver accurate output with faster turnaround time
  • we monitor data accuracy and has quality assurance managers in place to ensure KPIs and benchmarks are always achieved

You can start building your database in good faith from accurate data when you outsource data management perfect for SMEs.

MDM as a Service

Recognize business trends and patterns within your database. Achieve insights on what's on trend within your industry and work it for your advantage. Have the ability of foresight with this service.

Database Service Management

Is your database suffers from inadequate records, invalid files, and duplicate entries? Relieve your business of such problems and make your files accurate and seamless with us.

Cloud Data Management Services

Maintain and secure essential business records in the cloud. Safe and internet accessible, anywhere and anytime of the day. Achieve this through highest accuracy and speed combined. Pile of documents or numerical data, whatever you need, we got it! Experience breezy digitization of your documents.

Data Governance as a Service

Derive appropriate solutions from simplified reports and client activities. Enhance how you deliver services based on accurate patterns.

Data Quality Management Services

Subject any business information from efficient verification processes before you store them. Eliminate inaccuracies with our service.

Bad data leads to revenue loss, poor customer experience, and misguided business decisions. Never let this happen to you.

Make sure you are building your database from good foundation. You can only achieve this with proper data management services in place. Never risk your business due to bad records. Let us help and improve how you interpret essential information, today!

Our Current Benchmarks For Data Management Services

Strict Data Security

Don’t let important information be exposed! Find a business partner that will keep all of your data safe. We are ISO:27001 certified that guarantees a strict data security.

Speed of Tasks

Value-for-money service is what we guarantee to give you. We deliver fast and quality output with the help of our highly-trained agents who are knowledgeable in data processing.

Saves Time and Costs

Experience a genuinely cost-efficient service when you outsource your data management to us. We are here to help you not only to cut costs, but also to save time and effort in doing non-core business processes.

Data Accuracy

With the aid of our organized approach and the methodological and systematic procedures that we follow, we ensure the quality and accuracy of all the data for every project.

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What Is Data Management Services?

MDM system is vital in setting up efficient IT systems for your business operations. Data management outsourcing companies through customer master data management, you gain easy access to effective and comprehensive information that would influence your business decisions, strategy and planning.

Outsourcing your data quality management services to a third-party data management agency like us is an ideal and a smart strategy for your businesses. Through our efficient data management expertise, we can handle every step of your data management processes. We ensure that our infrastructure and best practices suits your requirements.

What are Data Management Services

These services cover but not limited to data entry, data mining, data conversion, data cleansing, data processing, data verification, and data visualization. When you choose to outsource, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Industry Experience

    A reliable service provider should have an extensive experience in data management.
  2. Staff quality

    The staff should be highly trained and well-equipped to handle data management services.
  3. Safety Guarantee

    Check if the outsourcing company complies with the highest standards of data handling and privacy. An effective way of doing this is to make sure that they have ISO and HIPAA certifications.
  4. Value For Money

    Choose a service provider that offers flexible rates, while still upholding the highest quality of service.

What is Data Center Managed Services

This involves the examination of bulks of pre-recorded information to generate data. This is meticulous inspection of raw data or existing records to locate patterns, correlations and anomalies that can be used to predict outcomes. When websites utilize data mining to collect information, the process is called web mining.

What is Data Management Services and how it helps?

This means to improve data quality through data validation in all file formats. This is to eliminate poor, corrupted, and inaccurate data. As well as to de duplicate data within a particular data set. This process ensures that your database remains seamless and comprehensive. Also to prevent data explosion.

Which type of infrastructure service stores and manages corporate data?

The most sophisticated and far safer is cloud-based storage. Clients can assign authorized personnel to access sensitive information and create changes allowed within the safety protocol in place. ISO-27001 or ISMS, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliance are basic safety standards that must be achieved.

Data Processing Services

Data processing converts collected information into usable data. This is necessary in delivering effective reports, and sales and marketing records.

Data Verification Services

It is the process of checking the accuracy and integrity of information. During this process your database is checked for errors, duplication or incomplete information. When a record seems questionable or outdated, data verification will also update or confirm the data, if necessary.

Maintain A Comprehensive Database with Data Management Services

Poor business strategies and decisions? Failure to recognize market trends and align feasibility studies? Outdated marketing strategies due to outdated sales reports? Remove these failures with the best data management services from us!

1. Let's talk objectively about data management services you need

We understand the bad implications of bad data and inaccurate records. We can reach an agreement to ensure our services will deliver your desired results. We provide excellent customization of services exclusive to your business. Any type or any size, we can do so based on your specifications.

2. Tell us your ideal data management services personnel in mind

Our rigorous recruitment and training method promotes data accuracy among our employees. This enables our personnel to have in-depth knowledge on the effect of erroneous data so to avoid them at all costs. We strive to achieve 100% accuracy, most of the time.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

Consistency is key when it comes to accurate database management. Our partnership will enable our respective business to understand our needs, when we need them, and why we need them. We are here for the long haul. We hope you are too.


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