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Data Management Services

Businesses lose an estimated average of $9.7 million per year due to poor data quality. Don’t let it happen to you! Our data management services will assist you in achieving an efficient database. Check out our services to see how we can help you.


Why Is Data Management Important?

Data gives your business valuable insights into developing effective business strategies. Proper data management is important because it maintains data integrity and accuracy. It prevents misguided decisions that can lead to monetary, reputation, and opportunity losses.


What Benefits Do Organizations Enjoy With Streamlined Data?

  • Increase reliability and accuracy of volumes of data
  • Move from descriptive to predictive analytics
  • Consolidate all sources of data
  • Save time, money and other resources
  • Build better workflow processes
  • Improve data that brings value


Outsourcing Data Management

Outsourcing is a smart move for business owners who want to maintain data quality while staying on budget. It also saves you time and assists you in your risk management efforts. With a lot of cost considerations, small businesses and startups can benefit the most from outsourcing this service.


Why Consider An Outsourcing Data Management Services Company?

Outsourcing to a BPO is an effective approach to manage company data. Aside from its lower cost, it also saves time and effort. It has an organized approach to managing data using the latest systems and computer intelligence.


How Safe Is The Outsourced Data?

One of the major concerns of outsourcing is security. Companies worry about the safety of the information they share with BPO service providers. It is wise to outsource with a trusted and reliable company with secured data and information management systems in place.


When Is The Right Time To Outsource Data Management?

It depends on your current needs or situation.

If you are encountering some of these signs, you may want to consider data management services:

  • You are spending too much time collecting, sorting, and retrieving data.
  • The labor market rate in your country is high.
  • It is difficult to find the right people who meet the skill requirements for the job.
  • You lack the needed infrastructure or office space.


Magellan Solutions’ Data Management Outsourcing Services

Magellan Solutions complies with ISO:27001 and HIPAA to ensure the security and protection of our data centers. For 14 years, we have managed data for different clients that belong to the medical, legal, and manufacturing industries, among others. We offer the following data management services:

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