Looking for qualified candidates is expensive, especially if it’s for a highly technical position. Reduce your recruitment costs while increasing the quality of your applicants. Outsource technical recruitment services to the Philippines. Build your professional team of recruiters with us!

How Does Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Work?

A good RPO service provider works by looking for ways to improve your overall recruiting process. Instead of relying on technical aspects alone, it also considers their ability to fit in your company. Recruitment process outsourcing works by helping businesses recruit highly qualified professionals. The manager taps the services of an outsourcing agency and transfers the responsibility of hiring to the outsourcing firms. The recruitment outsourcing agency will ensure that only the technically qualified candidates are provided to their clients.

Advantages Of Outsourcing Recruitment

Aside from reducing the hiring costs, outsourcing also guarantees a consistent hiring process. You can also expect a speedy recruitment procedure to provide your business with highly qualified candidates.

Why Do Companies Outsource Their Recruitment?

Just like any other outsourcing services, recruitment outsourcing is employed by companies to reduce their operational costs. With recruitment outsourcing, technical recruitment firms act as recruiters and take responsibility for the staffing needs of the business; thus, the necessity for additional infrastructure and mandatory premiums for staff are eliminated. Also, technical recruitment companies offer consistent and speedy hiring process.

When Should Someone Outsource Technical Recruitment Services?

A business needs to outsource technical recruitment services to ensure that the recruiting process is consistent. With technical recruitment outsourcing, your time can be devoted to other aspects of the business to increase its profitability. Technical services solutions provide clients with a professional team that guarantees great work for the success of the business.

How Much Does Recruiting Outsourcing Cost?

The cost of outsourcing recruitment may vary depending on the services you need. Here in Magellan Solutions, we offer flexible, affordable, and dependable recruitment outsourcing services. Serving more than a hundred clients for 13 years, we promise reliable services. Call or email us today to know more about the outsourcing services we offer.

When Should Your Business Outsource HR?

As a wise business owner, there are two major aspects you should consider: Product and Employees. Businessmen will always find amazing and creative ways to improve products and services. To this end, business booms at an unprecedented scale. When this happens, it is best to assume that you cannot handle everything alone. This is the part where you need to adapt to Human Resource (HR) Outsourcing.

Is HR Outsourcing Right For Your Business?

Your company definitely needs to start outsourcing HR services. Some companies may have to have employees who can act on business physical errands like distribution, delivery, and sales. On the other hand, most companies today are into digitizing goods and services. With this in mind, your business needs an efficient technical recruitment team.

Which HR Functions Can Be Outsourced And Which Are Not?

HR Outsourcing is best in helping the company prepare its payroll, accurate administration of employee benefits, secure employment-related compliance, and implement background screenings. When you do these operations in-house, it is possible that the company will exhaust time and money. When you take your HR functions offshore, it will help the company to focus on employee development and improving workplace culture.

Why Are More Companies Choosing HR Outsourcing?

HR Outsourcing can aid a company to maximize profit through automated and technical assistance. Furthermore, outsourcing units make sure to properly train their agents to provide you best HR services. To this end, you can perform human resource functions with utmost confidence that all is accurate with minimal to no errors.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing HR Services?

If a company starts to outsource HR services, it will be able to assess and screen applicants that fit certain criteria. Moreover, the company can also select the best candidates for technical recruitment. Fortunately, Magellan Solutions can do these functions for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Outsource HR?

It may be costly to have numerous in-house HR representatives. But fortunately, one of the best things about HR Outsourcing is that the costs are the lowest end of a rating scale. It is noteworthy that length of the contract, number of seats, location of the client’s business, agent expertise, and government laws may affect the pricing. Nevertheless, even if in the highest end it is still inexpensive. In fact, that is the major point of HR Outsource - cheap yet convenient.


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