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We are the #1 Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider for SMEs. We are here to scrutinize and deliver your recruitment processes in acquiring talents for your business. We have the necessary tools, human resource processes, and infrastructure to do just that. Get the best staff that you will ever need, courtesy of our excellent RPO services!

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Why You Need Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO Solutions?

RPO recruitment process outsourcing helps your business to contract to experts like us the tedious process of acquiring talents to work for you. An RPO provider like us can deliver RPO solutions, where you get us to screen, process and hire applicants for you with our best talent acquisition processes.

We customize our outsourced recruitment protocols in line with your requirements. Not to mention, the efficiency of doing so using top-of-the-line software and talent management tools.

As an SME-focused outsourcing recruitment provider, we deliver holistic RPO solutions to get you the best talents.

Our RPO staffing improves your ability to get quality candidates while reducing overhead costs. Hire the best human resources that will suit your needs.

Get your coveted professionals without going through the hassle and breaking the bank. Build your team of professional recruiters with RPO services perfect for SMEs!

Partner with the #1 SME-focused RPO Services Provider in the Philippines for your talent acquisition processes today!

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Our Approach to RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Let the best recruiters get the best professionals for you through RPO services

Our holistic RPO staffing guarantees your business a consistent hiring process. Through outsourced recruitment, you can expect a speedy recruitment procedures to get highly qualified candidates for your business. Aside for hiring costs reduction with our flexible pricing, we provide the following value propositions:

  • we hire the best recruitment staff knowledgeable with necessary skills to ensure you get the most qualified candidates for you
  • we use various and latest tools and our infrastructure is in place to ensure everything is on track based on your requirements
  • we customize the necessary KPIs and benchmarks to give you a 360-degree of every process involved in our RPO services delivery

Expect your dream team of recruiters to deliver efficient hiring processes and acquire the best professionals to work for you. Let us make this possible, only with the best provider for SMEs.

Outsourcing Recruitment

Get knowledgeable staff, necessary tools, and methodologies you need for a consistent talent acquisition processes. Devote your time on things that matter while you are assured you have the best talents working for your business growth and development.

Outsourced Recruitment

Build your talent acquisition team without the hassle and added costs with RPO services. Augment how you scrutinize candidates and ensure you get the staff that ticks off all your employment criteria.

Outsourced HR Services

Ensure your employees-related matters are attended with efficiency guaranteed. Let your RPO services provider get you the best staff to do the hiring process for you. Depending on your needs, you can get HR services such as payroll management, secure employment-related compliance, and implement background screenings.

Partial Cycle RPO

Get the needed support of your in-house recruitment team when you contract partial cycle RPO for your sourcing and candidates screening requirements.

Full Cycle RPO

Let your outsourced recruitment team handle your hiring manager’s requisitions processes, present and negotiate job offers with interested applicants. Get a consistent and efficient hiring protocols for your business.

Ensure you get the best professionals to work for you. All the while you reduce the costs and relieve your business of tedious staff acquisition processes, only with us!

Our business success managers are here to help you build the best recruitment team for your business. Our RPO staffing solutions are here to ensure your recruitment process is aligned with your business and employment requirements. Free yourself from the hassle and let us handle it for you!

Our Current Benchmarks For Accounts Payable Services

Best Value RPO Staffing Services For SMEs

We custom fit our recruitment process outsourcing services perfect for your business. Whatever your requirements are, we can create the right solutions for you. We make sure your outsourced recruitment staff are equipped to provide your needed talent acquisition support.

Best Tools and Technology Integration

Our RPO solutions are the results of the best combination of knowledgeable HR staff, latest talent management tools, and infrastructure. Our RPO staff are adept to use the latest tools to ensure your processes are efficient and at top speed.

Solid Recruitment Protocols

We can integrate our industry-standard hiring processes or we adopt to your existing ones. Either way, we assure you can get consisten and excellent talent management system.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

Our QA protocols are here to make sure you only get the best service delivery from us. We set KPIs and benchmarks to ensure we meet your goals, all the time. We never let our service quality decline over time and we assure you it stays consistent with our quality assurance in place

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What is RPO Services?

RPO recruitment process outsourcing works by helping your business recruit highly qualified professionals. This is a strategy where you tap the services of an outsourcing agency and transfers the responsibility of hiring to the outsourcing firms. The outsourcing recruitment agency will ensure that only highly qualified candidates are provided to work for you.

RPO staffing also helps to ensure new and existing employees are managed with the best talent engagement processes. All the while other human resource services are attended such as payroll, compliance, and different design execution of the recruitment process.

Why Do SMEs Get Outsourced Recruitment Services?

Recruitment outsourcing is employed by companies to reduce their operational costs. An RPO services provider acts as a recruiter and takes responsibility for the staffing needs of the business; thus, the necessity for additional infrastructure and mandatory premiums for staff are eliminated. Also, RPO recruitment companies offer a consistent and speedy hiring process.

What are Recruitment Process Services such as Half-cycle RPO and Full-cycle RPO?

RPO solutions are divided into two categories: half-cycle RPO and full-cycle RPO.

Half-cycle RPO is where you get the support of an outsourced team to help your in-house recruitment staff. Here they can handle the sourcing, pre-screening, and background checking of applicants before your in-house recruiters process candidates or schedule an interview.

For a full-cycle RPO, you contract every process regarding your hiring processes. Your outsourced recruitment team can handle manager's requisitions, up to presenting and negotiating job offers to eligible candidates.

How much do RPO Services Cost?

The cost of outsourcing recruitment may vary depending on the services you need. Here at Magellan Solutions, we offer flexible, affordable, and dependable recruitment outsourcing services. Serving more than a hundred clients for over 18 years, we promise reliable and consistent RPO services.

The following can affect outsourcing recruitment pricing rates:

  • Length of the contract
  • Number of seats
  • Location of the client’s business
  • Agent Expertise
  • Government laws

When Should Your Business Outsource HR?

As a wise business owner, there are two major aspects you should consider: Product and Employees. Businessmen will always find amazing and creative ways to improve products and services. To this end, business booms at an unprecedented scale. When this happens, it is best to assume that you cannot handle everything alone. This is the part where you need to adapt to Human Resource (HR) Outsourcing.

Acquire and Retain the best talents with RPO Services

Inconsistent hiring procedures? Employee retention at lowest due to mismatch job skills and experience? Tedious and costly recruitment process but getting incompatible staff to work for your required position? Get the best talents and boost your overall business performance with our RPO staffing solutions that works!

1. Let's us know what are your needed RPO services

We are here to help you get the best and consistent hiring processes that will filter the best professionals to work for you. We know there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to outsourcing, let our business success managers customize the best one for you!

2. Tell us your ideal outsource recruitment specialists in mind

For our RPO services, we make sure they passed our tedious and strict hiring process to ensure they can extend the same for your business. We only get the best talents to provide your required services.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's go beyond.

We keep our clients happy by making sure we only provide the best services they can think of. Aside from this, we treat each partnership a long term agreement that yields the best results as it matures overtime.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Accounts Payable Services for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When Should A Business Outsource Recruitment Services?

    A business needs to outsource RPO services to ensure that the recruiting process is consistent. With recruitment outsourcing, your time can be devoted to other aspects of the business to increase its profitability. RPO staffing solutions provide clients with a professional team that guarantees great work for the success of the business.

    Is HR Outsourcing Right For Your Business?

    Your business definitely needs to start outsourcing HR services. Some companies may have to have employees who can act on business physical errands like distribution, delivery, and sales. On the other hand, most companies today are into digitizing goods and services. With this in mind, your business needs an efficient recruitment team.

    Which HR Functions Can Be Outsourced And Which Are Not?

    HR Outsourcing is best in helping the company prepare its payroll, accurate administration of employee benefits, secure employment-related compliance, and implement background screenings. When you do these operations in-house, it is possible that the company will exhaust time and money. When you take your HR functions offshore, it will help the company to focus on employee development and improving workplace culture.

    Why Are More Companies Choosing RPO Services?

    RPO recruitment process outsourcing can aid a company to maximize profit through automated and technical assistance. Furthermore, outsourcing units make sure to properly train their agents to provide you the best HR services. To this end, you can perform human resource functions with utmost confidence that all is accurate with minimal to no errors.

    What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Recruitment Services?

    If a company starts to outsource HR services, it will be able to assess and screen applicants that fit certain criteria. Moreover, the company can also select the best candidates for technical recruitment. Fortunately, Magellan Solutions can do these functions for you.

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