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Healthcare BPO Services

  • Outsource a healthcare BPO to let a team of experts handle your medical transcription, coding, and billing services.
  • Reduce your workload, avoid critical mistakes, and improve the efficiency of your processes.
  • Create a better relationship with your clients by focusing on the quality of patient care and providing a better patient experience.
  • Why Outsource to a Healthcare BPO?

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    Value-for-Money Services

    Remove the burden of your back-end healthcare processes. Outsource our competitively-priced yet high-quality services now and experience genuine value-for-money.

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    ISO 27001 and HIPAA Certified

    OTrust only the healthcare provider that has a strict adherence to information security. We are ISO and HIPAA certified to guarantee the safety of your information.

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    Custom-Fit Solutions

    Get the most out of what you pay for with our unique in its class custom-fit solutions. With the help of this feature, no part of the service will go to waste.

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    24/7 Services

    We know that in the healthcare industry, time is important. Feel like we’re one with our round-the-clock services that enable us to work with you any time of the day.

    Reliable Service

    Our people are guided with their superiors and tasks are being checked to ensure the quality of all processes. This helps increase the productivity, quality, and value.

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    Top-Notch Talent Pool

    Feel confident to rely your processes with us. Our skilled agents will gladly help you get tasks done with quality and value.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Healthcare BPO?

    Healthcare business process outsourcing (simply healthcare BPO) is a business activity that provides support to medical professionals. The common ones outsourced are medical transcription, coding and billing services.

    Why Is There A Need For Healthcare BPO?

    About 46% of the US population is older than 65. This aging population continues to boost the demand for healthcare BPO services. Add to that the number of people who also need medical care who do not belong to that age group. As the number of patients increases, so does the need for additional yet cost effective support in different healthcare institutions.

    Advantages Of Healthcare BPO Outsourcing

    • Reduces costs
    • Enhances the quality of patient care
    • Avoids critical mistakes
    • Leads to more efficient processes
    • Delivers a better patient experience
    • Helps create better relationships with clients

    What Are Healthcare BPO Services You Offer?

    Take care of your clients without worrying about your piling administrative tasks. Delegate your workload. Our healthcare BPO services include:

    • Medical billing
    • Physical therapy (PT) billing
    • Dental billing
    • Medical transcription
    • Healthcare claims processing
    • Medical data processing
    • Telehealth Services
    • Physician, medical, veterinarian, dental and home care answering services

    What Do Healthcare Outsourcing Companies Do?

    BPO companies assist healthcare institutions in processing back end jobs that consumes time and requires meticulous data analysis. Aside from that, healthcare service providers also help in dealing with customer inquiries and concerns.

    HIPAA-Certified Healthcare BPO Provider

    Magellan Solutions is an ISO and HIPAA-certified healthcare provider. We guarantee efficient and secured healthcare information treatment services. With 14 years of existence in the BPO industry, Magellan delivers cost-efficient outsourcing services. To get a quote, click the below.