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We are the #1 Healthcare Support BPO provider for SMEs. We provide Medical Insurance BPO, Medical Consultation Solutions and Healthcare Call Center Support to companies in-need. Avail of our Healthcare BPO Support Services now, and let us help you attain optimal productivity and better customer experience while keeping the cost at a minimum.

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Why you need Healthcare Outsourcing?

Healthcare business outsourcing can launch your business to unprecedented heights of success by delivering more with less. Maximize your resource by taking advantage of lower healthcare and non-patient care service operations cost.

While most Healthcare BPO companies in Philippines are affordable, not all of them can deliver critical and essential care to your patients through a variety of value-adding services. Logistics Medical Billing, Pharmaceutical BPO, Medical BPO and Med Billing are just few of those example.

The goal of a Healthcare BPO is to always realize cost savings while increasing proficiency and CX. Do not equate quality to pricing alone, as there are plenty of factors to consider before getting a healthcare outsourcing firm.

At Magellan Solutions, our focus is to make every dollars count by extending the value of your investments to provide patients with a consistent and fruitful experience. We have a roster of tenured agents with medical backgrounds who all undergo extensive trainings. By combining both technology and human skills, we can streamline interactions, improve CX, control costs, and increase process efficiency.

We are also HIPAA-compliant, ISO 27001-compliant and GDPR-compliant firm. We secure the information of your patients to the highest standard. With 17+ years of industry experience, you can trust us to drive loyalty towards your company.

We ensures that not only you will get the best out of your every penny by delivering stellar healthcare solutions. Let us help you elevate your business today!

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Healthcare Call Center and BPO Outsourcing Provider in the Philippines for your Healthcare support needs today!

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When it comes to Healthcare BPO, information accuracy, work efficiency and data security are the #1 priority.

We can certainly assure you that you will like our unique SME-pricing option, but this is not all. On top of flexible pricing:

  • We only hire skilled agents with proven expertise on Healthcare support services.
  • We ensure better patient and customer experiences through analytics, talent, technology and our extensive business knowledge.
  • We have an in-house comprehensive quality assurance team that makes sure our people meet the designated level of performance.

By choosing us as your Outsourcing Healthcare BPO partner, we will help you become the industry’s most trusted Healthcare Leader.

Medical Coding And Billing

Never miss any medical information or payment again with our Medical Coding and Billing services.

Claims Processing

Validate information, justification and authenticity of insurance claims in no time at all. Get yourself a dedicated Claims Processing team and change the way you work.

Medical Data Entry Services

Looking for ways to store, access, and retrieve medical records? We got a solution for you! Hire us as your Medical Data Entry partner to witness how easy managing data can be.

Medical Transcription Services

High level of data accuracy, fast turnaround time, plus guaranteed information security and protection. Outsource your Medical Transcription with us and expect nothing but outstanding service.


Give your patients outstanding health care treatment, health education, and health information right at the comfort of their homes through our high-quality telehealth services.

Redefine your perception to care and let our healthcare operation proactively manage and oversee your patient’s journey.

All it takes is one phone call. Our Business Development Team will tell you how we can nurture customer relationships based on customer insights and powerful AI innovations. By delivering more with less, we can make it easier to get things done.

Our Current Benchmarks For Healthcare BPO Support Service

Top-Notch Talent Pool

Feel confident to rely your processes with us. Our skilled agents will gladly help you get tasks done with quality and value.

24/7 Services

We know that in the healthcare industry, time is important. Feel like we’re one with our round-the-clock services that enable us to work with you any time of the day.

Value-for-Money Services

Remove the burden of your back-end healthcare processes. Outsource our competitively-priced yet high-quality services now and experience genuine value-for-money.

Custom-Fit Solutions

Get the most out of what you pay for with our unique in its class custom-fit solutions. With the help of this feature, no part of the service will go to waste.

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What is Healthcare BPO Support Services?

A healthcare call center provides support services for healthcare payers, providers and government agencies through a variety of value-adding services. These services includes:

Healthcare BPO Support Services brings easy and cost-efficient solutions to all sizes of healthcare organizations. The purpose of a Healthcare BPO is to engage with customers to promote retention, loyalty and brand trust. Start up companies and small healthcare providers usually prefer to enlist a BPO partner to support them as they can see a clear increase in sales performance and patient's condition because of it.

If you are planning to get yourself a Healthcare BPO partner, you should get in the Philippines. Healthcare organizations have high praise on most Healthcare BPO Companies in Philippines because Filipinos have an innate ability to create harmonious relationship with their patients. Talking to Filipinos are so easy as well, the neutral accent and warm personality are the in-demand characteristics needed by patients.

What are Types of Healthcare Outsourcing Services BPOs Can Provide?

Healthcare encompasses all that is related to the medical industry. With that said, the most common services under it are Medical Coding, Medical Transcripting, and Medical Billing. But we can cater to other healthcare needs such as insurance processing and healthcare lead generation.

What is Healthcare Account in BPO?

Healthcare account in BPO combines two separate identity into one. Healthcare is related to anything about the medical industry. Medical practices, medical consultations and insurance processing are few of the activities under the healthcare umbrella. On the other hand, BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and it is the practice of contracting a work to an external service provider.

Healthcare account in BPO is basically all the things and resources contracted to a business outsourcing company. This may include the services availed or the people that manage a certain job and process.

What is Healthcare Process in BPO?

The Healthcare Process in BPO is alike with how Healthcare Providers, Payers and Government Agencies serve their patients. BPOs can give out medical consultation, medical information and share medical data with patients. Although, BPOs can only provide care through digital channels like phones, e-mails and chats.

Since Healthcare BPO do not have a physical representation like most healthcare organization, the scope of their diagnostic is limited. That is why they are referred to as support only to providers, payer and government agencies because they do not have the capacity to be actually present to inspect and ascertain patients.

What is Healthcare in BPO Good For?

Healthcare BPO is good for small and medium medical companies that are looking to grow. By getting a healthcare BPO, they can save a lot of time and resources to re-invest on their company. Even more so, here are the well-known benefit of getting a Healthcare BPO firm:

  • Access to specialized talents
  • Improve patient experience
  • Acquire high-performing systems
  • Reduce risks
  • Increase data protection
  • Improve patient health condition

These are some of the reasons why it is a very in-demand service. It is a cost-efficient and viable solution to a medical firm's persistent problems.

Launch Your Healthcare Support Services with us

Want to expand your healthcare organization? Need to get more sale leads? Want to build a healthy relationship with patients? We can make it all happen.

1. Let's talk objectively about your organization's targets and KPIs

We are a result-driven company. Communicate with us about your goals and objective. And we will give you ways we can achieve it and a realistic timeframe.

2. Tell us your ideal service in mind

We have dedicated people that will ensure that you only get the best agents out ther. We conduct extensive trainings and comprehensive quality assurance, so our level of service never drips.

3. Let's build a healthy partnership.

Other than providing stellar healthcare support, we are open to be the service provider of your next venture.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Healthcare BPO Support Service for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Healthcare BPO Meaning

    Healthcare is such an important word. Everyone is concerned about their health. That’s why patients go beyond their means to have the best services out there.

    That’s why the whole healthcare industry is innovating on ways to provide it. But can they keep up with the growing demand for better services and programs?

    That’s where Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing or Healthcare BPO comes in. They keep the process manageable. They provide support to healthcare institutions by processing back end jobs. While businesses innovate to find better ways to serve the people.

    The most common healthcare BPO services that companies outsource are:

    • Medical Transcription
    • Medical Coding
    • Medical Billing
    • Claims Processing
    • Data Entry Services

    Hiring a BPO starts by selecting the right service provider that fits your needs. After you get in touch with them, decide on your terms and conditions. Eventually, you will meet your team of agents that will help you achieve your needs.

    What is the role of a Healthcare BPO Service Provider?

    Healthcare providers play a vital role in the community. They provide assistance based on the needs of their patients. Whether it’s evaluating illnesses, providing treatment, or giving health advice. These businesses help in maintaining the overall wellness of people.

    Healthcare providers even act as liaisons between patients and insurance companies. Usually, businesses employ administrators, receptionists, and managers to keep the operations running. And have their medical staff focus on doing the core processes. That’s why administrative work is something inherent in the healthcare industry.

    So what is the role of a healthcare BPO with all these?

    Business process outsourcing companies assist in processing data that consumes time. They conduct meticulous analysis and convert information to meaningful figures.

    While healthcare professionals spend their time on the core processes of their business. The healthcare BPO takes care of the paper works and other record-related stuff. Additionally, healthcare service providers help in dealing with customer inquiries and concerns.

    In short, healthcare BPO's role is to make the job of healthcare businesses easier.

    • 11% - The percentage of the healthcare sector is expected to grow. Between 7.3%-10.8% in revenues, and 6.8%-10.2% in headcount by 2019-2022. Meaning, healthcare BPO is the future of the industry.
    • 31% - The percentage of businesses who said that they experienced a rise in service quality.
    • 40% - The cost to the business every time an employee multi-task. By letting our agents concentrate on other small or big activities, BPO can lower this figure.
    • 45% - The percentage of work that can now be outsourced. This means that businesses can focus on paying highly skilled employees. And have a fraction of the process be taken care of by BPOs.
    • 78% - Of modern companies around the world who use outsourcing report feeling happy.
    • $5 Trillion - The annual collective amount businesses can save. If they removed repetitive tasks like answering emails and setting schedules.

    See? Partnering with a business process outsourcing company has a wide range of benefits. Plus, we can get the best talent in your chosen area like transcription, coding, and billing.

    Outsourcing a healthcare BPO really enhances the quality of patient care. From diagnosis, check-in, recovery, to release, we got your back. Getting a partner to do healthcare services minimizes critical mistakes. It can also lead to more efficient processing.

    BPO in the Philippines

    If you are wondering if outsourcing to the Philippines would be ideal for your business, here are the things that you need to know:

    • BPO helps in generating 1.3 million direct jobs. The industry also generated 4.08 million indirect jobs. If you need people, we have them.
    • The Philippines remains the world's call center capital. We have overtaken our closest rival, India, with 16% to 18% of the global market share.
    • Our cities made it to the 2020 Tholons Top 100 Global Outsourcing with Manila making it to 4th and Cebu placing 11th.

    Why is there a need for a healthcare BPO?

    Simple. We need healthcare BPO because we are not getting any younger.

    • In a recent census, the life expectancy in the United States is 79.11. This put the USA 46th out of 191 countries.
    • Projections also estimate a rise in the number of Americans ages 65 and older. The figures show that from 52 million in 2018 it will nearly double to 95 million by 2060. The percentage of 65-and-older age group from the total population will rise from 16% to 23%.

    Hence, this aging population will continue to boost the demand for healthcare services. As people get older, they become more prone to many diseases and other health concerns.

    • Moreover, people who are currently in need of medical care below the age of 65, will also need help..
    • According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention report. 20.7 million adults experience health difficulty. Meaning, they experience hardship or cannot do at all at least one out of the six domains of functioning. These domains are seeing, hearing, mobility, communication, cognition, and self-care.

    The number of patients will increase. So does the need for more cost-effective support from different healthcare institutions.

    The reality is, taking care of someone’s health is very challenging. It’s extra grueling if we take into consideration that we are currently in a pandemic. Healthcare professionals will be too preoccupied. They will be too busy focusing on the more important part of their job — to save lives. Handling the surge of patients will be impossible without messing up the paperwork.

    But with the help of a healthcare BPO, recording transactions will be a lot easier and smoother. Institutions can focus on serving their patients' needs. And healthcare outsourcing companies will handle the transactions in-between.

    Why choose a healthcare BPO provider in the Philippines?

    Aside from the strong medical background of Filipinos, we also have a good grasp of the English language.

    Moreover, one of the main benefits of choosing a service provider in the Philippines is the cost-effectiveness with high-quality results according to the chart provided by Business World.

    Here are more reasons why the Philippines is an ideal healthcare outsourcing destination:

    • The Philippines has a large nursing talent pool based on the Everest Group. The medical professionals in this country have both the medical knowledge and skills as well as the innate good customer service as Filipinos are known to be hospitable.
    • In 2014, there were more than sixty thousand (60,000) medical professionals, which is equal to 47% rise in the sector of business process outsourcing.
    • Meanwhile, in 2015, the Philippines gained more than eighty-seven thousand (87,000) healthcare workers in the BPO industry. It is equivalent to $3 billion in annual revenues with 30% growth rate which is a huge jump for the sector.
    • In 2016, the additional jobs related to the healthcare outsourcing sector reached about a hundred thousand (100,000).
    • BPO industry officials expect almost 700,000 additional opportunities for medium and high-skill jobs by 2022.

    The business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines has a highly competitive advantage compared to other countries offering the same services as the sector is continuously maturing in terms of capabilities, competitiveness, and many more.

    Executives from the Department of Trade and Industry as well as in the Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines highlighted that the country has a huge talent pool who are also good speakers of American English. It is ideal to consider this as many of the outsourcing clients are from the United States.

    Some of the other factors that continue to attract investors in the country are the facts that Filipino healthcare workers are a natural fit for the job, they have a high level of education, and they also have a competitive labor rate that is significantly lower than other countries listed in the top outsourcing destinations.

    The healthcare business process outsourcing sector in the Philippines has no signs of slowing down. Instead, it is continuously growing, especially in 2020 when the pandemic hit the globe. Many healthcare institutions started to outsource some of the areas of their business.

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