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Our Facilities

Magellan Solutions Mandaluyong

The company fosters a family-setting work environment that makes all employees feel at home and attrition at a minimum. This is what sets the company apart from other offshore call centers. The facility is often used for monthly events and activities like Valentine's and Christmas. Magellan Solutions is a 600-seat call center operation located in Mandaluyong, one of the high-growth cities in the Philippines, and is part of Metro Manila. It presently houses the corporate, HR, IT offices, and operations floors. It is accessible to major transportation, airports, hotels, shopping malls, and the government. And it continues to expand with seats now offered to potential business customers.

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Email us or call our US toll-free number 1-800-371-6224.

Magellan Solutions Centris

Our other office is located in Centris, a sprawling hub in Quezon City where we house our call center and office support operations for our expanding clientele.

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Email us or call our US toll-free number 1-800-371-6224.

Our Call Center Technology

  • Fully integrated computer and telephony
  • Flexible agent scripting
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Enhanced Interactive voice response support
  • In-house IT professionals on call 24/7
  • Database integration
  • Predictive dialing
  • Multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • Call reports
  • Call recording, monitoring coaching, mentoring
  • Agent text messaging
  • Calls are recorded, batched, and processed
  • Receive information by secure website download, FTP, and email
  • Handle data entry into your website

Security & Business Continuity

  • Data security network and IT infrastructure
  • 24/7 security
  • Co-location plans with an external disaster recovery site
  • Data backup process.
  • Power blackout process.

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