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Magellan Solutions is backed by the latest technologies which are carefully monitored and selected to benefit its clientele.

• Located in the Philippines and the US
• Situated in a growing business district
• 24/7 operations

Call Center Technologies

• Fully integrated computer and telephony
• Flexible agent scripting
• Automatic call distribution
• Enhanced Interactive voice response support
• In-house IT professionals on call 24/7
• Database integration
• Predictive dialing
• Multiple simultaneous campaigns
• Call reports
• Call recording, monitoring coaching, mentoring
• Agent text messaging

Data Transfer

• Calls are recorded, batched, and processed
• Receive information by secure website download, FTP, and email
• Handle data entry into your web site

Business Continuity

Magellan Solutions has the right equipment and processes to ensure continued operations in case of power interruptions, equipment failure, and natural disasters.

• Co-location plans with an external disaster recovery site outside a ten-kilometer (10km) distance. This site serves as a backup office for call center agents, team leaders, operations managers, and IT personnel.
• Data backup process. All data will be backed up immediately with several storage devices.
• Power blackout process. All pieces of critical electronic equipment have backup UPS, maintained for an uptime period of 8 to 10 minutes. The facility is connected to a shared redundant power grid with the high-rise building with 2x 350 KVA backup generator.


The company implements measures to avoid security breaches for its facilities through:

• Data security network and IT infrastructure
• 24/7 security preventing physical premise breach. Magellan’s exit doors are monitored with CCTV screens. Access rights are allowed with proximity cards issued to all employees.

The company complies with the standards of its ISO 27001:2005 Certifcation. The ISO Certification ensures that Magellan can establish IT security measures and improve control over IT risks through systematic risk management.