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We are the top notch outsourced loan processor for SMEs. Loan processing can be a time consuming process. Our loan processing outsourcing service will surely make your process faster and more efficient.

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Why Do You Need To Get a Outsourced Loan Processors?

Outsourced loan processors have a wider range of services for your customers. It will definitely make your operations easier and faster through our systematic ways of documenting files using advanced software.

BPO mortgage can cost you a fortune for just a tiny single error. Let's eliminate this risk by outsourcing your loan process. Reduce the processing time by cutting off some excessive data verification phase. We can provide you a database that will do a background check on every loan applicant.

They say time is gold. Well it is mostly evident in loan processing. So what are you waiting for? Magellan Solutions can supply you the best mortgage process for your customers. Our 17+ years experience in outsourcing says a lot about our service quality.

Focus more on expanding your loan book and let us do the heavy lifting. Our team can also assist you in some opportunities that you can venture. After all, our goal is to help SMEs develop their business further.

More importantly, we understand that the BPO loan process contains sensitive information. That is why we have strict security protocol when it comes to data privacy. Our ISO certification backs up our claim as one of the most reliable BPO companies for SMEs.

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Call Center Company and BPO Outsourcing Provider in the Philippines for your loan process outsourcing services today!

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Our Approach to Loan Processing BPO

Faster loan processing time should always be the goal when you are outsourcing

The loan processing BPO greatly reduced the loan duration process by eliminating steps that a software can do. Accuracy is almost 100% because the computer will analyze all the data you need to process. Besides that, our mortgage resource specialist undergoes several training to prepare them in the loan processing industry. Here's how we do it:

  • we will hire people base on the criteria that you will give to us
  • we will present the candidates and let you choose the best agent for your team with our guidance
  • we will onboard them once they've done in industry specific training together with their quality assurance supervisor to monitor their performance in accordance with your KPI
  • One of the issues in some call center mortgage outsourcing companies is that business owners don't have control over the operations. However, Magellan Solutions believe in collaborative effort between the BPO and the company. So consider us as a stepping stone towards your success.

    Expect a favorable result when you do credit services outsourcing. Magellan Solutions' formula to success is top of the line technology and skilled agents for your loan BPO.

    BPO for Mortgage

    Hire people that will provide an estimated amount of a property for a real estate loans. We will consider a lot of factor like place's marketability and neighborhood sales to give you the best estimated figure. Our team will provide you with best real estate property available for your customers.

    Financial Service Call Center Outsourcing

    Our team can provide financial consultation for your customers. We can operate your inbound call center 24/7 using omnichannel format. Rest assured that we will do our best to maintain good relationship with your clients with our excellent financial customer service.

    Loan Officer Telemarketing

    Increase the number of your leads by hiring people to do outbound calls to your prospect clients. We have an unlimited supply of telemarketers to support your lead generation campaign. Expect more profit when you explore that potential of your business.

    Remote Loan Processor

    Make sure to process all the loan applications on time. Hire people who can make a follow up call to customers about additional documents. Let us also help you in organizing your client's data base for future references. You will receive more loan applications if you can review them faster with our assistance.

    Banking Outsourcing Services

    Let us deal with your B2B transaction by creating a team that will follow up with banks about loan processing steps. We can also deal with customer's concern such as loan disputes. Expect a better service quality as our agents have gone through several training about B2B transaction and crisis management.

Now is the time! Explore every possibilties in loan processing BPO to expand your marketability. Let's work together!

Our Business Development Managers is ready to help you in setting up your loan processing service. Let us discuss what results you want to achieve by creating a key performance indicator that fits your company. Our pricing will also depend on the service that you want to avail. We guarantee that there is no minimum for the service that we can do for you. Our goal is to build a partnership with your business.

Our Current Benchmarks ForLoan Processing Call Center

Faster Loan Transaction

We have an effective system to monitor the efficiency of your loan processing. Top of the line software will also help us in reducing the duration of the transaction. We guarantee a risk-free and faster turnaround time.

Affordable Loan BPO Services

The cost will depend on the number of services that you want to avail. There is no minimum amount required as we believe that SMEs should have their own outsourcing team regardless of the number of people. Besides that, we understand that you may not need a large group for your start-up business.

Access to Industry Experts

The Philippines is home to a lot of banking and finance professionals. That is why we guarantee that there will be a perfect agents that can work for your loan processing service.

Better Opportunity Awaits

Magellan Solutions also provide analysis based on the performance of your company. We can give you several suggestions on how to further improve your business.

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What are Banking Outsourcing Services

Banks and lending institutions use credit services outsourcing to reduce their office workloads. Loan applications can be overwhelming. That is why they are offshoring transactional functions like new customer acquisitions and back office process management. Outsourced mortgage resource specialist can deal with verification of data from loan applicants.

On top of that, lending companies also use banking outsourcing services to manage capital investments and regulatory returns. A remote loan processor could also do a BPO mortgage if the banks require them to do so.

Consumer Debt

Personal debts or loans used for personal consumption rather than those incurred by businesses or through government activities. Credit card debt, student loans, auto loans, mortgages, and payday loans are all examples of consumer debt. Its two kinds are revolving debt, which is paid monthly and may have a variable rate. The second is the non-revolving debt, paid as a fixed rate.

Is it good idea to outsource loan process overseas?

Outsourcing your loan processing service overseas opens up a large network of ideas that you can use in developing your lending company. As an example, some BPO companies have an experience in dealing with other financial institution so they can definitely give you some good insights. Overseas outsourcing also reduce the expense for you operations which you can use in some other aspects of your business.

What is outsource mortgage loan processing support services?

Mortgage loan support service is a process where BPO companies will assist loan applicants. This assistance includes document verification, appraisals, and data integrity audit. Mortgage loan process is time-consuming and complicated. That is why it is important to look for an outsourcing partner that knows how to work around the procedure.

What is a third party mortgage originator?

A third-party mortgage originator is any outsourced person that assists the lender to originate a mortgage loan. Lending companies may seek out the help of a third-party mortgage service for various reasons. Some of the reasons are reducing any underwriting costs and overwhelming mortgage applications.

How to outsource mortgage services?

When looking for an outsourcing partner for your lending company, you should consider the credibility of the BPO firm. There might be tons of affordable services available but the security and quality is questionable. That's why you should look for an outsourcing business that has an ISO-Certification to guarantee your data security.

Increase Your Efficiency With Our Loan Processing Call Center Service

What to add more people on your team to review all the loan applications? Do you need to improve you client relationship to generate more leads? Outsource your loan processing team and gain more traction in the lending sector.

1. Let's talk objectively about your targets and KPIs

Give us your desire outcome and we will make sure to exceed your expectations. We have different business techniques to fullfil all the metrics that you will provide for us.

2. Tell us the ideal loan processing team you have in mind

Let's hire people that will execute the KPIs that you set for us. We will guarantee to pick the best team and train them according to your vision.

3. Let's explore all the possibilities

Achieving your KPIs are inevitable. Let's plan ahead and venture on some opportunities that await your company.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Loan Processing Call Center for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Loan Processing?

    Loan processing is a procedure wherein the lending company will review the mortgage application. This is to ensure that the borrower provides all the necessary documents for the transaction. When you take out a mortgage, a loan officer or originator will assist you in choosing the right type of mortgage.

    What are the loan processing task that you can outsource?

    Majority of leanding companies outsource their transactional functions such as:

    • Follow up outstanding documents
    • Rectify errors on a loan application
    • Completing pricing requests
    • Booking and following up valuations
    • Bank follow up for loan processing steps
    • Compliance documentation.
    • Chasing commission from aggregators .
    • Calendar management and settlement timetable
    • Maintaining client database
    • Building lead generation lists

    Where can I outsource my loan processing service?

    Magellan Solutions will promise you nothing short of the quality that we promise to provide. With our adherence to data security standards, our team of experts will make sure that your borrower’s privacy and satisfaction will be kept and achieved respectively.

    What Are The Benefits Of Loan Process Outsourcing?

    If you outsource loan processing services, you will expect nothing but convenience and efficiency. Below are the reasons why:

    • Our agents work efficiently which makes early task accomplishment possible; delays are considered as a mortal sin
    • Less hassle and stress-free, we will handle all processes from beginning to end
    • Save on time and money
    • We determine ways to preserve the borrower relationship for future transactions
    • No range minimum volume requirements
    • Convert fixed costs to variable costs to flourish in the market
    • Allows you to focus on core activities and we’ll take care of the rest
    • Faster turnaround time
    • Maintain good customer service

    What Do Loan Processing Outsourcing Service Providers Do?

    They will do the basics, and even the most extensive aspects of loan processing, if you request them to do so. Some of the workloads that they can do for you are:

    • Connect and communicate with the borrowers as a delegate of the loaning company
    • Make reports regarding the varying borrower accounts
    • Borrower retention programs
    • Keep up with regulatory compliance measures, high costs, and tighter budgets
    • Simplify the sifting, processing, and assessment of paperworks

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