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Loan Processing Services

Magellan Solutions offers loan processing services for financial institutions, banks and lending firms that offer loans to customers. We can craft a custom plan to meet your needs whether you are just starting to service loans or you have been servicing thousands of loans. The company offers a complete, private label outsourcing loans processing services to clients from all over the globe without the range minimums. We guarantee that all your borrowers get excellent quality service they ought to have.

Magellan offers options to do all borrower communication in behalf of the organization or to the individual. This enables you to preserve the borrower relationship for future cross-sell and up-sell possibilities. As a trusted outsourcing solutions provider in the Philippines, Magellan has no lending ventures nor does not compete with clients for the borrowers business.

We have greatly invested on several advanced technologies to improve our work performance and work quality. Also, our knowledge and experience in processing has produced an exemplary model which we consider as a definite factor to generate benefits for your company and other clients.

Our team of skilled loan officers and agents can closely work on numerous files on a daily basis so they can be pleased about the challenges you would be drawn against. Magellan Solutions has the experience in business workflow and portfolio conversions as well as recognizing both the processing and records sides of loans processing servicing. We also make your data safe and secure.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Loan Processing Services to Magellan Solutions

• No range minimum volume requirements
• Access to latest technology with a stable partner
• Convert fixed costs to variable costs to flourish in the unpredictable market
• Trim down per unit costs
• Handle risk & stay compliant with alterations in guidelines
• Allows clients to focus on core activities and we’ll take care of the rest
• Service new products without straight capital investment

Here are just a few of the key features of our loans processing servicing programs:

• Every borrower communication conducted in your behalf or your company’s
• To meet your specific requirements, we have tailored our reporting system
• Lone or numerous investors’ participation in a loan
• One particular technology program for all servicing use
• Enhanced portfolio performance by employing borrower retention programs
• Committed client management with a specific person accountable for monitoring your records, attending to any issues and managing to service level agreements

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What Are The Benefits Of Loan Process Outsourcing?

If you outsource loan processing services, you will expect nothing but convenience and efficiency. Below are the reasons why:

  • Our agents work efficiently which makes early task accomplishment possible; delays are considered as a mortal sin
  • Less hassle and stress-free, we will handle all processes from beginning to end
  • Save on time and money
  • We determine ways to preserve the borrower relationship for future transactions
  • No range minimum volume requirements
  • Convert fixed costs to variable costs to flourish in the market
  • Allows you to focus on core activities and we’ll take care of the rest
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Maintain good customer service

How To Reduce Loan Processing Cost?

A smart way to reduce cost is to outsource loan processing services to an offshore vendor. Thanks to its competitive labor market rate, you don’t need to shell out additional budget. Lower price, the same service quality.

What Do Loan Processing Outsourcing Service Providers Do?

They will do the basics, and even the most extensive aspects of loan processing, if you request them to do so. Some of the workloads that they can do for you are:

  • Connect and communicate with the borrowers as a delegate of the loaning company
  • Make reports regarding the varying borrower accounts
  • Borrower retention programs
  • Keep up with regulatory compliance measures, high costs, and tighter budgets
  • Simplify the sifting, processing, and assessment of paperworks

Outsource Your Loan Processing Services Today

Magellan Solutions will promise you nothing short of the quality that we promise to provide. With our adherence to data security standards, our team of experts will make sure that your borrower’s privacy and satisfaction will be kept and achieved respectively.

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