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We provide Quality Insurance BPO Services for SMEs. As a quality Insurance BPO, we understand your struggles to keep ahead in your volatile industry. We can help your T-balance stay balanced as much as it gets with our insurance outsourcing services. Keep your books free of errors when you do insurance accounting outsourcing with us. Stat!

Stay Ahead With Us!

Why You Need Insurance BPO

We know you are venturing in one of the most challenging industry and we are here to help. Let us set you free from the hassle of keeping your books balanced with our insurance accounting outsourcing services.

Insurance claims business process outsourcing is tailored for an insurance agency like you. Here you can hire people who are insurance back office pro like an insurance claims underwriter. People who understands the complexity of your industry and are here to help you improve. We share the same vision: provide services unlike others.

Insurance outsourcing enables you to become a flexible insurer when you work with the best insurance BPO for SMEs. As the playing field changes, so are your ability to adapt to it. Let your in-house team focus on your insurance agency's core competencies.

Free your insurance agency from the hassle of processing your financial books with insurance accounting outsourcing. Improve your insurance products and services that can be of rival with conduent insurance.

Piled up paperworks can affect your staff psychologically. Let their mind rest for optimal performance and let us digitized those documents. Let them live in the digital world, safe and sound. Your documents safe as we follow ISO-27001 to guarantee its protection.

Our quality management system assures you no data leak will happen when you work with us. Your integrity matters to your clients. So our integrity to you: our client. Let us work together to improve your overall performance.

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Best Insurance BPO and Insurance Accounting Outsourcing Provider in the Philippines for your insurance outsourcing requirements today!

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Our approach on Insurance BPO

Insurance product and service development should be your priority. Let us manage the hassle of back office support with our insurance BPO services.

When it comes to outsourcing for insurance companies, we know you value efficiency, quality, and speed. So are we and we can work these similarities to our advantage. Aside from flexible pricing, we provide the following value propositions:

  • we hire insurance claims business process outsourcing talents knowledgeable on accounting principles exclusive to your industry
  • we provide insurance accounting outsourcing services that we know would ease up pain points when running your insurance agency
  • we monitor performance to stay true with our promised efficiency, quality, and speed with our KPIs and benchmarks

You can expect outsourcing for insurance companies would be a breeze if you do so with us.

Insurance Claims Business Process Outsourcing

Running an insurance agency is never easy during this unstable time. Scale up your ability while driving down costs. Free yourself from things that has low impact on your agency as a whole. Focus your energy on client retention and product development. Map out a stable future for you.

Claims Outsourcing

Make your clients happy with error-free and quick insurance claims outsourcing. Let our claims processing specialist do the work for you, double time.

Insurance Contact Center Outsourcing

Failure to cater to your client's needs the moment they call you? No more such ill-fated scenario when you work with us. Our empathetic and excellent contact center staff will ensure no downtime for your business line. Keep your lines open with us.

Insurance Support Services

Let your in-house team focus on things that matter to your insurance agency. Free them from the shackles of back office tasks. Scale up your ability to process tedious and repetitive tasks. Contract these tasks to experts, us. We do more. You pay low.

Insurance Business Services

Let's keep it simple. You want a bigger slice of your market with improved insurance services and products. Let's make it possible as we support you in the background. Let your agency shine with things that you do best: provide the best insurance packages.

Be different. We understand your desire to outperform and deliver only the best to your clients. Newsflash: we want the same.

Once you connect with us, you can find people who share the same vision. Our business development team are only here to help you get your coveted flexibility and scalability. Stimulate growth and productivity within your insurance agency. Let us help and grow together.

Our Current Benchmarks For Insurance BPO Services

Best Value BPO for Insurance Companies

Enhanced service quality for a fraction of the cost. In Magellan Solutions, we take the time to understand your business needs so we could come up with practical and effective solutions.

Enhanced Technology Integration

To improve our support services, our staff use the latest technology solutions for insurance to enhance their productivity and assist them in delivering a positive customer experience. Expect on-time service delivery based on your standards.

Solid Business Continuity Plan

With a solid plan in place, we guarantee your business’ continuous operation despite downtime or other emergency situations.

Qualified Insurance Professionals

We select the best talents through an extensive recruiting process. It helps us keep up with customer demands and industry standards. With qualified insurance professionals on board, we are confident to provide best-in-class service to improve your overall operation.

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What is Insurance BPO

Insurance BPO Services covers a lot of back office tasks that is tailored fit for insurance agency of any size. When you do insurance accounting outsourcing, you gain the expertise and knowledge of talents who are expert on this field. Accountant and bookkeepers who has in-depth knowledge of insurance accounting principles. Through their help, you can gain a bird's eye view of how well your insurance agency fare off in comparison to your competitors.

What it takes to be the best insurance BPO is industry experience and multitude of services custom fit for an insurance agency like you. Whether you are a startup or a key player, we can tailor insurance claims business process outsourcing services you might ever need. Once you work with us, you'll know why we are different and we deserve to be.

What is BPO Insurance

An insurance BPO is a subcategory of the business process outsourcing industry supporting insurance companies in handling back office tasks such as claims processing, lead generation, data processing, and customer service.

What Does BPO Mean In Insurance

Insurance industry deals with lots of paperworks and back office tasks that could cripple overall operation. BPO helps to relieve this pain points and overall offers flexibility and scalability to the insurance agency. BPO handles your non-core tasks and lets you focus on the most important factors within your agency. For you to deliver efficient insurance services and packages.

What Is BPO Insurance Process

Back office tasks serve as your company’s support system for your front office and core functions. It is imperative that your back office is manned only with competent individuals to ensure proper work management. Competent people you can get your hands on when you avail these services.

Maximize your potential with our Insurance BPO Services

Are you drowning with paperworks? Insurance claims delayed? Poor customer relations management? Insurance outsourcing lets you focus on your products and service development. Stay on top of your game and always be one step ahead among your competitors. Scale up and drive down cost with us

1. Let's talk objectively about your desired Insurance BPO services

We are open minded when it comes to growth and driving your potential. Let us do more of your desired insurance back office services while you focus more on your business development.

2. Tell us your ideal insurance outsourcing talents

We know you only want the best talents to ensure proficiency. We can provide you with people who understand your niche and are specialists on their field to deliver the best results possible.

3. After we helped scale your insurance agency, let's explore further.

This could be a long term partnership and we promise to dedicate our best ability to meet excellence. Every single time with you.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for insurance BPO services and insurance accounting outsourcing for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is An Insurance BPO?

    An insurance BPO is a subcategory of the business process outsourcing industry supporting insurance companies in handling back office tasks such as claims processing, lead generation, data processing, and customer service.

    Who Can Outsource From An Insurance BPO?

    Outsourcing services is beneficial to any insurance firms provided that they have identified their needs. Without careful planning, outsourcing can work against them even if they partner with top insurance BPO companies.

    What Are The Various Services Offered By Insurance BPO Companies?

    Insurance BPO companies offer a wide variety of services. Here is a list of some of the services that are often requested from insurance BPO companies

    • Data entry and recording
    • Policy Management
    • Commission Management
    • Insurance Agency Management
    • Claims processing
    • Accounting Services
    • Lead Generation
    • And other life insurance BPO services

    Why Should You Outsource Insurance BPO Services?

    Outsourcing insurance BPO service maximize your company’s work output. Over the years there has been an increasing number of issued insurances. This means more paperwork and more clutter for your company.

    A business process outsourcing BPO company helps you get extra manpower for handling your back office tasks. With the support of our skilled agents, you will surely reach your targets within the set timeline.

    What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing To Insurance BPO Providers?

    Cost-effective by eliminating the additional man power and cost for training your own employees should undergo Save up on time by removing the time needed to train and handle your in-house employees Have access to well-trained professionals who are experts in back-office tasks Real time reporting to keep you updated with the progress of your account Increased customer satisfaction ratings

    Insurance BPO Solutions In The Philippines

    Magellan Solutions only provide skilled professionals who can secure the completion of requested tasks. Our company has been in this industry for 15 years already. The length of our existence is proof of our client’s undying trust and support for our company. Come to us and be a part of our huge network of business partners.

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