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Having too much work on your plate may cause your company to become inefficient. Leave your back-office tasks to us to make better use of your time. Outsource now! Call us and discuss with our development tea how our company may provide support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Insurance BPO?

Insurance BPO is a process in which insurance companies get help from outsourcing companies to handle some of their back-office tasks. This is done so in order for the insurer to manage properly their core business function and reach their business targets.

Why should you outsource insurance BPO?

Obviously, to maximize your company’s work output. Acquiring insurance has now been a trend as a means of preparing for future events. Over the years there has been an increasing number of issued insurances. This means more paperwork and more clutter for your company.

By outsourcing on insurance BPO, you get to have extra manpower for handling your back-office tasks. With the support of our skilled agents, you will surely reach your targets within the set timeline.

What are the various services offered by insurance BPO companies?

Insurance BPO companies offer a wide variety of services. Here is a list of some of the services that are often requested from insurance BPO companies

  • Data entry and recording
  • Policy Management
  • Commission Management
  • Insurance Agency Management
  • Claims processing
  • Accounting Services

What are the benefits of outsourcing insurance BPO?

  • Cost-effective by eliminating the additional man power and cost for training your own employees should undergo
  • Save up on time by removing the time required for training your employees
  • Have access to well-trained professionals who are experts in back-office tasks
  • Stress-free and Hassle-free workforce

Who can outsource from an insurance BPO?

All insurance companies can and all insurance companies MUST outsource from an insurance BPO! It matters not if you’re just a starting company or not, outsourcing will make your company become prepared for the pile of paper works that is about to come.

Insurance Business Process Services-Insurance BPO Solutions

Back office tasks serve as your company’s support system for your front office and core functions. It is imperative that your back office is manned only with competent individuals to ensure proper work management.

Magellan solutions only provide skilled professionals who can secure the completion of requested tasks. Our company has been in this industry for 15 years already. The length of our existence is proof of our client’s undying trust and support for our company. Come to us and be a part of our huge network of business partners.