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Content Moderation Services In The Philippines

Your online reputation is important in maintaining a positive image. Businesses lose as much as 22% of customers when one negative article is found by users considering buying their product. Don’t let harmful content affect your brand. Outsource content moderation services to filter real-time user-generated content (UGCs) on your online platform.


The Importance Of Content Moderation Services

Content moderation service protects your image against damaging comments, reviews, videos, and pictures. A dedicated team of moderators can help you take immediate action before it spreads to the internet.


Combat Harmful Content To Protect Your Brand

Moderating content requires a logical and objective approach. We train our content moderators to examine the context and intent of UGCs. If they perceive content as harmful, they delete it in real-time. If not, they can help you respond to it so your customers know that you care about their sentiments.


Types Of Content Moderation Services

The common types of services that are available are:

  • Image moderation – checks if the images comply with community standards
  • Video moderation – moderates videos uploaded by web visitors
  • Text moderation – reviews if texts or comments contain words that are damaging to your business or degrading to other users
  • Social media moderation services – moderates UGCs based on your established rules and standards

You should also moderate content outside your owned platforms. Internet users can also leave comments on third-party sites such as forums, review sites, social networking sites, etc. It is important that you have a team who will also look after those sites.


Content Moderation Outsourcing Services Philippines

Magellan Solutions offer guaranteed and cost-effective ways to protect your image. For more than 14 years, we have been providing quality outsourced moderation services. If you want to know more about our services and pricing, send us a message by filling out the form below.


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