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Our social media moderator see to it that your branding strategies and goals are highlighted every step of the way. We see your content moderation problems as motivation to leverage our expertise and consistently improve our existing services. We dedicate a team for your user generated content moderation to check that all of your live content abides by moderation policies and guidelines.

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What Is Community Moderation Services?

Brands like yours establish communities of their own through online forums and social media with the help of a community moderator. With us as your content moderation solutions, you build a stronger and closer bond with your customers. It is also an important factor that sets you apart from other industries. In a way, you are creating a world of your own. This will also make your name and services known to a broader population of potential leads and competitors.

The good thing about boosting online branding with online communities is it lets customers’ voices be heard. As a result, you will be recognized through discussions with the help of a social media content moderator about your products and services.

Another reason why you should have online communities are for brand promotion. It gives you the power of user-generated content (UGC).

Magellan Solutions is a recognized user-generated content moderation company specializing in online forums and community moderation outsourcing. Our core mission is to provide efficient and cost-effective human-powered content moderator services. We aim to cater to different business content needs online. Our top-tiered moderators use the latest community moderating tools to help you provide the best user experience. Customers today depend more on feedback and reviews. This is in comparison to the self-proclamations and claims done by the business itself.

The key roles of a content moderator are rooted in a high level of competency, and seamless integration of our moderation processes into your business’s roadmap for success.

Choose to outsource your moderation services with the best BPO solutions provider today!

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Our Approach To Community Moderation Services

Having A Clean Reputation Makes The Perfect Brand

We are one of the top destinations for any outsourcing needs. This includes Forum and Community content moderator services. We keep your website forum and community active and orderly through our content review and moderation process. So if you have a fast-rising and promising forum or online community, Magellan Solutions is the way to go.

Magellan Solutions' forum and community moderation services are among the best in the industry. As a result, we'll give you consistent orderly discussions and a lively community.

Our experienced forum moderators are well-versed in select industries. We enable them to effectively handle difficult situations on forum board. They are also trained to keep online communities alive and empowered at all times. We believe that forums and web communities shouldn’t be stiff and strict. We all want them to be fun and accessible. But even with the fun, we assure you that the information is up to date and relevant for your audience.

If you want a thriving web content moderation community, hiring moderators under us the best option.

Search Engine Moderator Outsourcing

This became the go-to service for a brand’s presentation. The search engine moderators create a starting ground for businesses. They get people to gather and connect with their brand choices. As a result, they are constantly updated with the current events.

Outsourced Techniques On Social Media Moderation Services

You can hire a dedicated social media content moderator. They are excellent literacy and writing skills. As a result, you will achieve high-quality engagements with your customers. Our practice in content moderation leaves a lasting impression. You can expect our staff to:

  • Pre-moderation
  • Post-moderation
  • Reactive moderation
  • Distributed moderation
  • Automated moderation

Outsource Video Moderation Content

Your business should take advantage of video content. Our moderators will help maintain your video content on your website and socials. We can even help with your digital marketing. You get to stay true to your brand while keeping up with your customers' needs.

Social Media Moderation Reviews

We provide 24/7 content monitoring and moderations. Our dedicated team is fast in finding solutions to potential risk. They are trained with efficient moderation services. As a result, you are able to spend time with other productive activities instead of painstakingly checking your social media accounts every now and then. Our existing clients all choose to have their contracts with us for a more permanent time frame as they see their business having activities on their website.

Outsourced Online Moderation Services

For almost two decades, we have been providing high-quality outsourced moderation services. Our dedicated staff protects your content that may damage your brand. We fight against trolling, abusive comments, copyright infringement, possible scams, and other illegal activities in your place. We know how important reputation is as we have built our own brand reputation. Through our moderators, we strive to keep a good reputation. We can only keep achieving this by protecting your own like how we protect ours.

For Magellan Solutions, Your Company's Safety Comes First

One of the many ways how we prioritize you is by protecting the reputation of your brand. Outsourcing your content moderation services with us is the right choice. We will keep everything, from smallest to biggest, safe and protected. Our services extend to your text, video, image, and social media moderation.

Want an affordable content moderation company with ISO27001 and HIPAA certification? Partner with Magellan Solutions! We promise to expand your brand while keeping everything safe.

Our Current Benchmarks For Community Moderation Services

Requirements Setting

Any kind of job post would need this as their first step. We need to verify your credentials before considering you as a candidate. We also need these initial requirements to show the clients that we hire with validity.


This comes after finalizing the papers we need to set you up for the rest of the hiring process. Through this step, we determine the kind of training based on your current skills.

Agent Training

Training serves as the first step our agents take once they become candidates for any position. Through training, we assure you that our employees would be equipped with the right knowledge. With this, not only do our company credential grows, but also the trust we build with you and upcoming partners. Through our training, we reassure that we do not simply deploy employees with a so-so skill. We want them to truly excel in what they do.

Campaign Incubation

This process mainly test what we have. From all the knowledge gathered, we put our agents to the test. We give them sample projects that are in line with what you have in mind and set the same requirements you have. Through this, we would be able to determine whether they are ready to serve you or if they need more time in training. We would also see the behaviour of an agent given different difficulties when it comes to the job position they are trained for.

Campaign Go Live

This is the final step. After all the process above, your employee is ready to serve you and your customers. We guarantee that they will meet, or even exceed, the expectations you set. We know you do not settle for mediocre. Thus we give you 5-star worth services and employees.

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What is Community Moderation Services Outsourcing?

Magellan Solutions is a premier provider of outsourced community management services. This includes moderation of comments, reviews, photos, blogs, videos, and other user-generated content. Our moderation services are for all major social media sites. We can even help set up your social media accounts to grow your audience interaction. Every platform has different kinds of audiences. Some targets b2b prospects. Other focuses on building a b2c connection. With the wide range in the audience, we assure you that our services include compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

Our forum moderators are well-versed in select industries. As a result, they effectively handle difficult situations on your forum boards and keeping your online communities alive. We believe that forums and web communities should be vibrant, interactive, and engaging. We achieve this as our team moderates discussions and conversations across the web. Do have a thriving forum or community online where people share information and ideas? We can help you manage and keep it active and orderly. If you need a dedicated team to monitor how it’s run, we’re here for you.

We take pride in delivering an exceptional level of service that protects our clients’ image and the online experience of their communities.

How much to outsource community moderation services?

"If you think that maintaining an active website is expensive, we assure you otherwise. It may seem pricey, but compared to in-house teams, outsourcing is preferable. With outsourcing, you will be able to take advantage of:

  • A trustworthy company
  • Improved user experience
  • Intensive monitoring
  • Quality performance
  • Stringent moderation service with a heart
  • Transparent communication

How to outsource a content & community moderator?

We are all about client satisfaction and efficiency. Our services are modeled on the experiences and feedback of customers we have worked within the past. Because of this, we have adjusted our services based on the individual expectations and needs of our clients. When you outsource with Magellan Solutions, there are multiple factors that you need to consider:

  • Include tools and software you want. You can ask what your provider uses and see if it fits your requirement.
  • Give us a rough estimate of task completion for us to determine the number and kind of employees needed.
  • Lastly, know your budget.

Why outsource a virtual receptionist?

Online content continues to rocket. Businesses also depend on website activity. Thus you should outsource to a community moderation solution like us. We are dependable and compliant with your brand standards. We aim to promote your company’s identity while ensuring that your content remains appropriate.

Boost Your Online Presence By Being a Safe Space for Your Online Community

We want your community to grow. By working with us, we will implement moderation solutions. This will create a safe, trusted environment for users to share their opinions and experiences.

1. Examining the environment

Our community moderators will reach out to you to learn more about your objectives and needs that you want to be addressed. They will then examine your forums, pages, and websites. We will then provide our rates. Furthermore, we can offer suggestions on how we can help you align user content with your campaigns.

2. Equipped with the perfect tools

We introduce you to our resident forum and community moderation experts. We provide and foster for the sake of a friendlier and healthier atmosphere. We can easily adjust our resources to your requirements. We also guarantee that our team is well-geared to safeguard your platforms against online harassment and hostile content.

3. Executing skills by our professionals

Our moderation team ensures consistent and reliable services. We are able to keep track of user interactions and responses in your forums and online communities. Aside from that, we provide regular reports on user activity in each of your platforms. We are adaptable to additional changes and demands that you may need.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Community Moderation Services for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Content Moderation?

    Content moderation is mainly what makes up your online reputation. It is important in maintaining a positive image. Businesses lose as much as 22% of customers when one negative article is found by users considering buying their product. Don’t let harmful content affect your brand. Outsource content moderation services to filter real-time user-generated content (UGCs) on your online platform.

    Why Is Content Moderation Important?

    Content moderation service helps you to avoid any damaging content. This includes comments, reviews, videos, and pictures. Our dedicated moderators will help you take immediate action before it spreads to the internet.

    What are the Types of Content Moderation Services

    Common types of services that are available are:

    • Image moderation
    • Video moderation
    • Text moderation
    • Social media moderation services

    How Can a Content Moderation Company Protect My Brand?

    Moderating content requires a logical and objective approach. We train our content moderators to examine the context and intent of UGCs. Found harmful content is deleted in real-time. If not, they can help you respond to it so your customers know that you care about their sentiments.

    Why should you moderate content on social media?

    It is crucial to moderate content on social media for your business as well. Just like your website, social media may also encounter harmful bugs and content. Some potential risks that may damage your brand's reputation include trolling, abusive comments, copyright infringement, possible scams, and other illegal activities that can pop up if moderation is not monitored frequently.

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