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We are the #1 Travel Process BPO for SMEs. Our BPM services ensure your customers will only get the best deals they want from you. Offer hassle-free travel-related services to your customers, only from one of the best travel outsourcing companies today.

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Why You Need Travel Process BPO?

We understand you are in a cutthroat industry where customer loyalty is hard to gain and easy to lose. After all, they are the heart of your business and what keeps you afloat. Focus on your services improvement while we, as a travel process BPO, help you minimize your pain points. Our shared goal is to ensure your customers only get the best products and services you can offer. Never mind the tedious processes that happens behind the BPM services. That is our little secret.

There is the struggle to keep up with the changing trends on how people travel and avail corresponding services that comes with it. Do not let big data, social business, mobility and cloud services hinder you from delivering the best services only you can provide. Use these to your advantage with our business travel outsourcing services.

We offer flexibility and scalability to your business with the excellent combination of a customer-centric approach of our virtual assistant travel agent and infrastructure. We ensure you never miss any booking and reservation requests with our travel BPO processes. We integrate every touchpoints to deliver seamless and pleasant experience to your customers.

Is after-sales travel customer support becoming a pain for your business? Never mind of such occurences anymore as you can get your hands on affordable yet efficient live agents to handle queries, even complaints.

Let the only provider for SMEs among travel outsourcing companies help you today and keep your place as the best travel services provider!

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Travel Outsourcing Services Provider in the Philippines for your travel-related outsourcing tasks today!

Our approach to Travel Outsourcing Services

Focus on service development and get the service of affordable yet efficient specialists with travel BPO

We pitch unique and tailor-fit solutions for your travel BPO requirements. But this isn't the only value proposition we provide to our clients. On top of flexible pricing:

  • we hire only back office support specialists that has necessary knowledge and skills on BPM services
  • we maximize the integration of our skilled staff and technologies, be it for back office or customer support, to make sure you get the best out of our SLAs
  • we ensure KPIs and performance are monitored and achieved through our in-house quality assurance team

We assure you of one thing, we never deliver subpar business travel outsourcing services and performance. Here with us, there is no acceptable results except the best. We live by this principle and maintains to remain as such.

BPM Services

Never let your business get overwhelmed with the influx of customer reservations and inquiries. Ensure your database is organized for easy retrieval of information, cover every customer touch points, ensure queries and reservation requests are process in real time. All in a snap.

Virtual Assistant Travel Agent

Hire your ticket booking and rebooking specialists who are detail-oriented and can process your customer's requests twice as fast. An efficient travel agent doesn't have to be in the flesh. Learn the difference.

Business Travel Outsourcing Website Services

Passé travel web design? Incompatible UI and stressful user experience? Travel is associated with fun and fresh perspective, embody it. Let your website do the talking with our UX/CX website designers. Set your business above the rest and stay there.

Travel Industry Solutions For Customer Care

Show your customers you care for them even after they avail your travel services with our travel call center. Our live agents will ensure your customers are attended to, their every needs and inquiries. Learn their feedback and improve your services.

Be the brand customers associate with hassle-free and fun travel experience. Claim it today with us.

Our partnership involves customer-centric approach and we always make sure to maintain our best delivery. Let it spill over to your customers and keep them satisfied. Stay ahead of the competition as you improve how you run your business. Optimize your in-house team with things that they do best. Let us handle the chaos and provide you with our efficient services. Experience the difference!

Our Current Benchmarks For Outsource Form Processing Services

Skilled Travel Call Center Representatives

We have the genuine desire to deliver a stellar customer service to your customers. We extend your business ethics and brand image to them at best.

Comprehensive Infrastructure

We make sure our staff and tools are working in accordance to your needs. As we custom fit our solutions, we keep it in mind to satisfy your requirements, all the time.

Cost-Effective Travel BPO Services

Your front office and back office support does not have to cost your business an arm and a leg. We stay true to our promise of custom fit solutions with affordable price tag.

Constant Improvements

This is to show our efforts to give you quality service, we are always on the lookout to improve our procesess. In turn overall improve the performance of your accounts, eventually your business.

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What is Travel Outsourcing Services?

When you outsource travel-related work tasks, this is called travel process BPO. This can range from various BPM services such as ticket booking and rebooking services to fares, hotel and reservation database management. Travel outsourcing companies provide from simple front office tasks to complex processes like database management and accounting.

A good business travel outsourcing company can provide the services you need and at the same time deliver quality results to your liking. There is also an importance on information and security management system. This is to ensure your customers and stakeholder's data are safe and protected when you partner with travel outsourcing companies.

We never compromise any information. We give emphasis on data security as we are ISO-certified and HIPAA-compliance. We package your BPM services with security protocols included. We safeguard your information as we do with ours.

What is BPM Services

BPM stands for Business Process Management and is a strategy to integrate various discipline to streamline the desired results of any business. For the travel industry, this could mean automation of repetitive tasks and optimization of the whole work flow to provide travel-related services to its customers.

What to Outsource For Travel Blog

The best travel blog offers the best experience and useful yet fun insights to its audience. It is challenging to always be in the loop on the best hotel and airline deals, you simply do not have the time. You can outsource your personal virtual travel assistant to make sure you only get the best deals out there for your travel blog. Unappealing website? Try to outsource web developers and designers to overhaul your website to make it enticing to your online audience. There are many more tasks you can outsource, make sure to reach us so we can give you a rundown on these services.

When to Outsource Travel Incentives

If you are drowning with such repetitive tasks and it robs your employees of their precious time, immediately outsource. Never let such tasks distract your business to perform its best. Outsourcing lets you get your hands on affordable yet efficient talents to process your travel incentives.

What is Travel BPO Services

Here are some of the services provided by travel BPO companies:

  • Fares, hotel and reservation database management
  • Call center support
  • Telesales
  • Data entry-related tasks
  • Web reservations
  • Ticket booking and rebooking services

Optimize Your Business With Travel BPO Services From Us

Poor UX in your travel website? Customers turned away due to automated CSR? Lost of creativity on how to improve and deliver travel packages? Strike these problems out once you outsource travel services with us!

1. Let's talk objectively about pain points you want to address

Let us know what problems you want to solve with our travel outsourcing services. We are open minded when it comes to these discussion as we only want to solve them for you.

2. Tell us the travel BPO services you want

We hire only knowledgeable and skilled talents to support your needs. We ensure they deliver the services you want to avail in its tip top shape.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

We never deliver subpar services as we understand the importance of efficient services. Our custom fit solutions improves overtime as it matures. Our partnership doesn't have to be a one-off engagement. Let's aim for long term partnership that we both know are mutually beneficial.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Travel Outsourcing Services for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is outsourcing beneficial for travel service providers?

    • Reduce Cost

      Most companies outsource because it helps cut costs. This is because it’s cheaper to outsource from BPO companies compared to hiring a regular worker. The cost is reduced even more when you choose to outsource travel BPO services from countries like the Philippines due to lower labor costs.

    • Higher Efficiency

      Outsourcing travel-related tasks allow your core team to focus on tasks that matter. It also allows your company to take on more tasks and entertain more clients due to the increased workforce.

    • Excellent Customer Service

      Magellan Solutions has a team of professionals who are highly capable of providing excellent customer service. Thanks to our many years of service, our agents are highly experienced in dealing with all types of customers.

    Call Center Solutions for the Travel Industry

    Give your clients the best customer service experience by working with Magellan Solutions! Our dependable agents will help you cater to all your customers with the utmost care.

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