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Too much work but not enough manpower to complete it? Hiring more workers is out of the question due to budget overload? Cut costs and expand your workforce now by outsourcing your travel-related tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a travel BPO?

When you outsource travel-related work tasks, this is called travel business process outsourcing (BPO). This can range from outsourcing ticket booking and rebooking services to fares, hotel and reservation database management. Any travel-related task that is outsourced falls under travel BPO.

How is outsourcing beneficial for travel service providers?

Reduce Cost

Most companies outsource because it helps cut costs. This is because it’s cheaper to outsource from BPO companies compared to hiring a regular worker. The cost is reduced even more when you choose to outsource travel BPO services from countries like the Philippines due to lower labor costs.

Higher Efficiency

Outsourcing travel-related tasks allow your core team to focus on tasks that matter. It also allows your company to take on more tasks and entertain more clients due to the increased workforce.

Excellent Customer Service

Magellan Solutions has a team of professionals who are highly capable of providing excellent customer service. Thanks to our many years of service, our agents are highly experienced in dealing with all types of customers.

What services fall under travel BPO?

Here are some of the services provided by travel BPO companies:

  • Fares, hotel and reservation database management
  • Call center support
  • Telesales
  • Data entry-related tasks
  • Web reservations
  • Ticket booking and rebooking services

  • Call Center Solutions for the Travel Industry

    Give your clients the best customer service experience by working with Magellan Solutions! Our dependable agents will help you cater to all your customers with the utmost care.