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Inbound Call Center Services

  • Hire customer service representatives that undergo strict accent training.
  • Cost-effective inbound call center outsourcing services trusted by 100+ businesses.
  • Take advantage of our up-to-date call center technology and dialer capabilities. Our business continuity plans assure non-stop operations amidst challenging economic and environmental situations.
  • Flexible solutions to support businesses for short-term or long-term campaigns.
  • Start your account within six weeks! See our call center onboarding process to learn more.
  • Ideal agent-to-supervisor ratio to keep track of the performance of your team.
  • Our security certifications include: ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS

For over 15 years, Magellan Solutions has been providing first-class customer service to small businesses across the globe. Our goal is to increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings of our clients so they can be at par — or even better — with their larger counterparts. We believe in small businesses’ ability in making it big,
especially in delivering better products and promoting genuine interactions with the market.

With higher CSAT scores, small businesses can retain
more loyal customers as well as become more resilient even during tough times.

Affordable Inbound Call Center Service Provider

At Magellan Solutions, we prioritize the growth and profitability of our clients through our scalable inbound call handling services. We provide our agents with rigorous training on language, accent, culture, and empathy to deliver outstanding customer interactions. Our goal is to provide fast and reliable customer care solutions to make each call valuable.

Our support services cater to small businesses belonging to different industries such as retail, e-commerce, banking, travel, and healthcare.

Explore our inbound solutions to experience our capability in enhancing customer experience.

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Why Outsource Inbound Calls to Philippines?

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Accent Training for Agents

Our agents undergo rigorous accent training before onboarding. We also conduct regular training to update their knowledge of your business.

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Affordable Call Center Packages

Take advantage of our cost-effective inbound call services. We offer different pricing models suited for the needs of small businesses: fully managed, co-managed, and per call answered. The admin and technology expenses are on us.

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Quality Assurance and Monitoring

Magellan Solutions conduct regular quality assurance and monitoring activities to make sure that we adhere to our service level agreements.

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Custom-Fit Inbound Contact Center Services

Our onboarding process is like no other, we believe every business is unique. Outsource inbound calls to us and you'll guarantee a smooth transition and fast implementation.

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24/7 Business Operation

Our business operates all day to accommodate all calls coming from different geographic regions. Our 24/7 operations provide effective customer service, receive incoming orders, and schedule reservations and appointments at any time. Our strategic shifting schedule enables our agents to cover your business after your office hours, during the weekends, or on holidays.

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Up-to-date Software & Infrastructure

Our agents use the latest call center technology in providing fast, effective, and enhanced service to your existing and potential customers. The software we have experience on includes: ICBM, ViciDialer, FreshDesk, RingCentral, Zendesk, Bria, and Five9.

Magellan Solutions’ Inbound Call Center Technology

  • Fully integrated computer and telephony
  • Flexible agent scripting
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Enhanced Interactive voice response support
  • In-house IT professionals on call 24/7
  • Database integration
  • Predictive dialing
  • Multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • Call reports
  • Call recording, monitoring coaching, mentoring
  • Agent text messaging
  • Calls are recorded, batched, and processed
  • Receive information by secure website download, FTP, and email
  • Handle data entry into your website
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Magellan Solutions’ Inbound Call Center Technology

Our inbound services come in different packages. In calculating costs, we consider your preferred arrangement.

  • Fully-managed
  • Co-managed
  • Per call answered

Then we will give you a quotation based on the following information:

  • The number of agents you need
  • Agent expertise
  • Length of contract
  • Call volume
  • Average handling time
  • Labor market rate
  • Any add-ons not included in our programs
Our inbound calls start at $8/hour. Contact our business development team to get a quotation based on your actual requirements.

Inbound Call Center Services we offer

Start right with your inbound outsourcing journey by reading this Customer Service Outsourcing Guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Inbound Call Center Services?

An inbound call center service receives incoming calls from customers. It includes answering service, chat support, order processing, reservation, tech support, and email support. Investing in one ensures that your customers get the best assistance possible in answering their queries.

Magellan Solutions specializes in delivering inbound customer care. Our systematic customized solutions result in a higher customer satisfaction score and increased sales.

Custom-Fit Inbound Call Center Outsourcing for Small Businesses

We develop customized solutions for small and medium-sized businesses to fit their needs and budget.

How To Differentiate Inbound and Outbound Call Center?

An inbound contact center focuses on accepting calls and questions from customers. Meanwhile, outbound call center services directly contact a customer and advertise your business.

What Are The Perks Of Outsource Inbound Calls?

It gives an impression that your customers’ comfort and convenience are at the top of your priorities.

Our goal is to make it easier for your clients to express their complaints and questions. Our competent call center agents will attend to every customer’s needs through live calls. We will make sure to answer all queries.

How To Choose The Right Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Provider?

In selecting the best provider, make sure that they offer competitive call center pricing and have years of experience under their belt.

Outsource Inbound Call Center Services to Magellan

For 15 years, Magellan Solutions has been providing excellent inbound contact center services. Click the button below to receive a 60-min consultation for FREE.