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Every call to your business is an opportunity to sell and help your customers understand your products and services better. And we have the inbound call center solutions to do that.

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Most businesses can sell their products and services well enough. But when the time comes to patiently: Talk. To. Their. Customers. Directly. About. Those. Products. And. Services.

Most businesses can’t sell themselves - good enough.

That’s why most businesses that tried in-house customer call handling before, fully appreciate the value of having an expert partner in inbound contact center services.

For over 17 years, Magellan Solutions has been providing first-class customer service to small businesses across the globe. Our goal has always been to increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings of our clients so they can be at par — or even better — with their larger counterparts. With a great customer inbound call center operations, small and medium businesses can scale better. We’ve seen it happen with our clients a hundred times over. But, of course, it’s equally just as important to delivering better products and services to promote genuine customer satisfaction.

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Call Center Services and BPO Outsourcing Provider in the Philippines for your inbound calling requirements and customer handling success!

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WHAT inbound call center services ARE RIGHT FOR YOUR BUSINESS?

Not sure what inbound service you need? Ask Magellan Solutions, a leading inbound contact center provider in the Philippines. We cover a broad range of services that will surely fit what you need – no matter how specific it is.

24 7 Answering Service

We handle your after hours, overflow, and holiday call center service requirements so your consumers can take confidence and reliance in your business. Manage your customer’s happiness, satisfaction, and information sharing with us!

Virtual Receptionist Service

This service is highly appreciated and effective during these times. Hire talents on-the-go to manage your administrative, functional operations, and concierge services. Our agents undergo rigorous vetting process and we can curate talents specific to your business type.

Multilingual Call Center Services

Skip the language barrier and get down right to penetrating foreign markets. We have 12 languages on the belt available for our inbound calling operation services. We can also hire agents with more specific language/dialects and accents depending on your requirements.

Our Multilingual call center is an effective service delivery tools that can give your business the ability to serve a wider customer base.

Phone Answering Service

This is a cost-effective solution so your business is available to call 24 7, 365 days a year. We can set a phone answering campaign fully automated via IVR system facility or have agents in the mix; whichever support solution your business needs.

Customer Support Outsourcing

Enjoy the latest call center technology, global call handling experts, and KPI setting that will go hand-in-hand with your business’ growth. We set-up and run ISO-certified process for customer handling support operations.

Outsourced Technical Support

Get information technology-based call handling support at half the price elsewhere. We have proprietary process for Help Desk (Tier 1 and Tier 2 support), pre-sales IT Help Desk, service desk support, business application support, managed tech services and high-end tech support (Tier 3).

Omnichannel Contact Center

Unlock a seamless 360-degree solution customer experience across email, live chat, phone and video. We offer ISO-certified and HIPAA-compliant omnichannel call center supporting widely used tools & CRMs.

Our current benchmarks for inbound calling services


24 7 Answering Services

Achieve higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores by providing immediate response to inquiries and concerns. Tap into our 17+ years of experience in handling calls globally and scale your customer response ratings and loyalty with us!

Phone Answering Services

Too many calls, but only have limited time? We help your business avoid hang ups, dissatisfied customers, and unattended calls. We have rates specifically-made for SMEs and a collection of well-trained and competent virtual staff just for you.

Virtual Receptionist Services

Our virtual receptionists use top-of-the-line call center tools that results in the efficient call flow. We provide customized call scripts, quality assurance monitoring, and 24-hour year round call operations to ensure your virtual agents are in perfect shape to support your business needs.

Customer Support Outsourcing

Customer satisfaction may seem like a long-term goal at first, but it can be goal you can hit right now. Enjoy increased loyalty and referral with our customer support service. We help smoothen the business transaction by taking charge of the onboarding, training, quality assurance, and implementation of your campaigns.

Multilingual Call Center Services

Our multilingual call center provides inbound, outbound, voice, and non-voice services to non-English callers. The common languages provided by this type of contact center include: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia, Chinese, and Thai.

Outsourced Technical Support

Looking for effective yet affordable technical support services? Prefer the Magellan Solutions brand to bring you affordable ROI-focused investment in outsourced IT support teams. Increase user satisfaction of your products and services with us!

Omnichannel Contact Center

Our omni channel call center software strategically integrates all channels to enhance customer experience, strengthen customer relationships, and add value to your business. With our omni channel contact center services, your customers can reach your business through phone, email, chat, social media, IVR, and mobile app.


At Magellan Solutions, we prioritize the growth and profitability of our clients through our scalable inbound call handling services. We provide our agents with rigorous training on language, accent, culture, and empathy to deliver outstanding customer interactions. Our goal is to provide fast and reliable customer care solutions to make each call valuable.

Our support services cater to small businesses belonging to different industries such as retail, e-commerce, banking, travel, and healthcare.

Here are some reasons why you should explore our inbound solutions:

Accent Training for Agents

Our agents undergo rigorous accent training before onboarding. We also conduct regular training to update their knowledge of your business.

Quality Assurance and Monitoring

Magellan Solutions conduct regular quality assurance and monitoring activities to make sure that we adhere to our service level agreements.

Affordable Call Center Packages

Take advantage of our cost-effective inbound call services. We offer different pricing models suited for the needs of small businesses: fully managed, co-managed, and per call answered. The admin and technology expenses are on us.

Custom-Fit Inbound Contact Center Services

Our onboarding process is like no other, we believe every business is unique. Outsource inbound calls to us and you'll guarantee a smooth transition and fast implementation.

24/7 Business Operation

Our business operates all day to accommodate all calls coming from different geographic regions. Our 24/7 operations provide effective customer service, receive incoming orders, and schedule reservations and appointments at any time. Our strategic shifting schedule enables our agents to cover your business after your office hours, during the weekends, or on holidays.

Up-to-date Software & Infrastructure

Our agents use the latest call center technology in providing fast, effective, and enhanced service to your existing and potential customers. The software we have experience on includes: ICBM, ViciDialer, FreshDesk, RingCentral, Zendesk, Bria, and Five9.


We provide totally flexible pricing options

We can handle your overflow calls whenever you experience spikes in call volumes. You can also entrust it with us during off-hours or holidays.

We have the ideal agent to supervisor ratio

We have enough team leaders*, supervisors, and operations managers to oversee the day-to-day performance of our customer service representatives. We have 1:12 ratio.

We prioritise ethical business approach to all our services

Certified with ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, Magellan Solutions takes pride in delivering safe and secure services to our clients.

We speak your language

Our main focus for the 17+ years has never changed. It is to help SMEs drive growth through effective call center services to drive customer satisfaction and continued business excellence.

24/7 Business Operation

Our business operates all day to accommodate all calls coming from different geographic regions. Our 24/7 operations provide effective customer service, receive incoming orders, and schedule reservations and appointments at any time. Our strategic shifting schedule enables our agents to cover your business after your office hours, during the weekends, or on holidays.

Up-to-date Software & Infrastructure

Our agents use the latest call center technology in providing fast, effective, and enhanced service to your existing and potential customers. The software we have experience on includes: ICBM, ViciDialer, FreshDesk, RingCentral, Zendesk, Bria, and Five9.


An inbound call center service receives incoming calls from customers. It includes answering service, chat support, order processing, reservation, tech support, and email support. Investing in one ensures that your customers get the best assistance possible in answering their queries.

At Magellan Solutions, we specializes in delivering inbound customer care. Our systematic customized solutions result in a higher customer satisfaction score and increased sales. We develop customized solutions for small and medium-sized businesses to fit their needs and budget.

How To Differentiate Inbound and Outbound Call Center?

An inbound contact center focuses on accepting calls and questions from customers. Meanwhile, outbound call center services directly contact a customer and advertise your business.

What Are The Perks Of Outsource Inbound Calls?

It gives an impression that your customers’ comfort and convenience are at the top of your priorities.

Our goal is to make it easier for your clients to express their complaints and questions. Our competent call center agents will attend to every customer’s needs through live calls. We will make sure to answer all queries.

How To Choose The Right Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Provider?

In selecting the best provider, make sure that they offer competitive call center pricing and have years of experience under their belt.



Inbound Call Center Services

Want to unlock an inbound contact center service for your business? Need to handle customer inquiries well and keep them happy and supportive of your brand? Our team will work to bring you the right inbound service solution for your specific requirements.

1. Let's talk about your goals and what you want to achieve really fast

Every good inbound campaign starts with us getting to know your business and goals.

2. Then, let's align how you want to measure KPIs for success or we can also help set it for you

Our business developers, inbound call operators, and expert strategists can help set KPIs for you and manage them to scale efficiently. We can also help maintain your KPI standards, whichever is higher and more profitable for you.

3. Rinse and repeat, let's work towards more campaigns and unlock more capabilites

Our main purpose is to grow along with your business. We want to bring more talents to work with your inbound campaigns as your business scale up. We are happy to determine the full potential of what our inbound calling services can help your business needs.

What are Inbound and Outbound Calls?

Customer connection is imperative in running a successful business.

While such tasks can be performed in many ways, it is important to understand the most basic of it. Such as what is a call center, and its different type and purpose.

Here we will discuss everything we inbound and outbound calls. We will go through the importance of having a good call center services partner and where to outsource these services.

Call Center as a Service

Call center services are the need of the hour in the contemporary times.

Entrepreneurs are well-aware of its advantages as they can see likeable results from statistics and other businesses' feedback. That is why they are scouring the internet and their contact catalogs to find the perfect Business Process Outsourcing partner.

With call centers, you can either outsource it or get an in-house contact center. Both have its pros and cons, but outsourcing is highly sought as it is an affordable business alternative for many industries.

Call center is a business that supports an organization by accepting adequate calls from their customers. We are involved in activities for only a certain degree in a company’s procedure. It depends on the type of services our clients will avail and the industry they are in.

The type of services we offer are categorized into two:
We will discuss with you the definition, purpose and type of the two, later. But first, let us talk about the term outsourcing.

Call Center Services Outsourcing

Most of our clients agree that outsourcing their call center services is a worth-it strategy.

Outsourcing means getting an outside firm to handle admin works. Big companies usually outsource their logistics, customer support and marketing. And small to medium businesses prefer to get a third party company that can help them process payroll, and product distribution.

By outsourcing your call center services, you are getting your own fully functioning calling team. It is the exact reason we are an in-demand service as we provide solutions to company’s problems. Even more so, call center outsourcing is a package of many advantages, here are some of the benefits associated with it.

Outsource Call Center Services Advantages

Outsourcing call center services is the best solution for small and large businesses to increase business growth. Here are some of the advantages of getting a call center partner:

1. Saves Money

Outsourcing to customer support call centers is an affordable strategy to increase work efficiency and business revenue.

For example, inbound contact centers' most well-known function is customer service. But hiring an internal team will compel you to pay labor, infrastructure, company resources and utilities. Unlike outsourcing a call center firm which saves you the hassle of training personnel and purchasing additional equipment.

Outsourcing customer support makes use of economics to help companies save money. Developing countries, like the Philippines, have a different wage pattern compared to its western counterpart.

Subcontracting work releases capital for investments. By getting our services, you are allowing your business to circumvent cost. It also makes your firm look attractive to investors since you are able to effectively make use of your capital and revenue.

2. Converts Call Center Data into Actionable Insights

By outsourcing your call center operations you are not only saving cost, but also capturing data more efficiently.

As a business process outsourcing firm, we know the importance of data. Our whole business structure depends on how we utilize and cultivate data. Outsourcing our services will allow you to get actionable insights from us. These are key aspects in improving your product and services, as a whole.

Moreover, by analyzing data you will be able to predict buying behaviors of you clients. An information you can utilize to convert more sales or subscriptions.

3. Provides Specialized Industry Knowledge

Outsourcing provides you access to the talents of other countries.

Call center outsourcing providers have in-depth knowledge of providing various services to industries. Key people working for these outsourcing vendors will be able to provide insights to your business. Their years of experience will be valuable to your success.

Outsourcing to a specialized firm like Magellan Solutions, you are opening yourself to get the best the Philippines got to offer. Our company only hires the best of talent for the specific service you will need.

This is in line with its cost-saving benefit as you do not need to spend time in finding the perfect employees, as your BPO partner can do it for you.

Outsourced Contact Center in the Philippines

The Philippines is the top call center destination in the world. It is because of many things such as cost and location. But the real asset of the country is none other than its people.

Put a Filipino in any industry, and they will excel. Most companies seek the service of Filipinos because of their dedication and education.

Here is more reason why you need a Filipino to help you with your call center needs:

1. Cultural flexibility

We are open-minded individuals, and we have no problem communicating with people. May it be foreigners, tourists or Filipinos as well, we can adjust with ease.

History shaped our cordial and welcoming characteristics since our country is once a colony of westerners.

These are super beneficial for foreign businesses. If you want someone that can talk to any race, Filipinos are your best choice!

2. Language skills

We are great English speakers. Plus, we speak a neutral tone, which is a must in accommodating any race and descent.

Aside from these, the Philippines is also home to plenty of multilingual professionals. You can request any language that you would like, and we will have it for you!

3. Agreeable personality

We are a natural in building relationships. This characteristic roots from Filipinos' love for their families. And since they have to work with one another, they develop an agreeable personality.

These will work like magic once you get yourself a Filipino agent. We can help you convince your customer to buy or make better decisions. We can also help build a good relationship with your business and clients.

Call Center Outsourcing Company Credentials

Certifications and compliance matter. It’s a sign that a company works under strict principles and procedures.

We pride ourselves as an ISO 27001:2013 and HIPAA certified company.

An ISO or International Organization for Standardization certification means we passed a set of international guidelines.

It is pivotal certification because it makes business with others easier. If everybody is working on the same standard and following identical rules, everything is better and quicker. As of writing, there are over 1 million companies that are ISO certified.

HIPAA certified means that we have successfully undergone a course of training about the terms of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. And also the knowledge needed to apply these to our organization and clients.

Business Call Center Services

There are two types of call center, each has their own different function and purposes.

A. Inbound Call Center Services

It is the most basic type of call center. The objective of this is to respond to customer inquiries regarding universal topics, such as service questions, inbound sales and order fulfillment, technical troubleshooting, and general help desk queries.

B. Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound call center provides outgoing sales and marketing efforts to facilitate a company’s growth strategy. Examples of these are telemarketing, sales cold calls, customer follow-ups, and surveys.

Below is an in-depth discussion about these two.

Inbound Call Center Companies Definition, Purpose and Type

Inbound Calling Definition

We define inbound calling as a reactive type of support, from your clients to your company.

In other words, if a potential prospect or customer initiates contact with your business that is what we call inbound calling. They call and we answer.

There are a lot of ways to handle inbound calling. Some companies prefer that their help desk or receptionist takes in the calls. But most of them want a call center to take care of inbound calls because of our expertise and technologies.

The impact of having a good inbound calling strategy should definitely not be underestimated. Customer acquisition and retention depends on a business's capabilities to take in calls.

Purpose of Inbound Calling

In an inbound call center setting, customers are most likely to call for queries, doubts, complaints, or suggestions. That is why it plays a large part in building trust onto the business as it gives value to the role of buyers in the organization.

In this modern era, buyers and consumers are more empowered because of the vast amount of information they can outsource. They are more well-informed with their decisions. Our purpose as an inbound call center service provider is to be a reliable value-adding agent to their purchase.

On the business side of things, inbound call centers make use of different data gathering techniques for company growth. By recognizing and studying your customer patterns, we can both forecast customer behavior and help your company create strategies for expansion.

Types of Inbound Calls

There are three types of Inbound calling and they are the following:

1. Customer Service

When a customer calls in with a question or concern in mind, that call falls into the customer service category.

Customers are the heart of your company’s success and they should be the priority in your business. That is why we specialized in increasing the value of your customers through stellar customer service.

A good customer service can help your company stand out from other competitors as it bolsters your brand. Loyal customers who provide positive endorsement and online reviews can help businesses strengthen the company’s brand. A loyal customer, on average, is ten times more valuable that their first purchase. And people usually consider buying products that their family and friends endorsed.

2. Technical Support

Technical support refers to the assistance we provide for those in need of fixing on items that are not functioning well.

Customers tend to call for immediate resolution to such problems. Most of the time, customers who calls in for technical support feels disgruntled and frustrated. That is why it is best to have a specialized firm to handle these types of calls.

With the right team, concerns can be answered and tempers cooled down. Restoring brand loyalty and encouraging repeat sales.

3. Inbound Sales

Most of the time, customers will call in to look for more information about the services and products our clients offer.

When this happens, our trained agents will pitch in products that they think is applicable for the needs of the client. We refer to this as an “inbound sales” call.

By capitalizing on the opportunity, businesses can put their best foot forward for more sales and growth.

Outbound Customer Support Call Centers Definition, Purpose and Type

Outbound Calling Definition

In contrast to inbound calling, outbound calling is a proactive type of support.

Outbound calling means initiating a call to a potential prospect or customer to let them know about a new service or to collect data.

Outbound calling is a powerful strategy that businesses use to generate sales. It is directly perpendicular to inbound calling wherein the purpose is to build customer trust.

Purpose of Outbound Calling

The purpose of an outbound call center service is to call the customer for sales, payments, updates, offers, or renewals on products and services.

Like inbound calling, outbound calling is a useful strategy to build a good relationship with your customers. Customer’s perception towards outbound calls depends on the agents conducting the call, that is why it is important that employees are properly trained for the job.

Moreover, outbound calling is a viable tool to increase sales. By reaching out to customers, you also increase your product awareness. It plays a huge part in generating profit, especially for small to medium companies.

Types of Inbound Calls

1. Cold Calls

Cold Calling is making contact with the potential customers, calling them over phone to convert a sale.

The recipient of the call may have briefly interacted with the company. A sales representative that will conduct a cold call will establish initial contact with the lead. The agent will introduce the business, follow up on prior interaction or pitch the products or services to the potential customer.

Cold calling is a very effective tool for attracting customers, the main thing is to have a skilled operator who can intrigue prospective clients.

2. Warm Calls

Warm calling is reaching out to customers who show interest in the product or services you are selling.

Like cold calling, warm calling is an effective outbound sale strategy. But the effectiveness of it depends on how warm the lead is. We warm up these leads through a variety of methods such as sending e-mail sequences.

Warm calls are desirable, effective and efficient because prospective clients are more familiar with the company they are engaging in. They will likely have more interest in the services offered.

US Call Center Outsourcing in the Philippines

We can help you with your business needs. We are Magellan Solutions, a global leader in delivering a stellar customer experience.

We are the leading inbound and outbound call center and BPO solutions provider in the Philippines. With more than 14 years of experience in the industry, you can guarantee a high-quality service from us.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for customer service outsourcing, inbound call center services, and bpo services for small and medium businesses globally.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is inbound call?

    Inbound calls are any calls made for a particular business or organization that provides either products or services or both. The purpose of these calls are mainly for verification, follow-up question, and customer relations in nature.

    What is inbound call center?

    An inbound call center is a specialized function in a contact center that handles inbound calls. They help take in calls that the business cannot take on their own or decided to oursource this particular function for efficiency purposes. The main KPI for inbound call center is managing customer happiness through CSAT scores or simply, customer satisfaction rating.

    Which is better inbound or outbound call center?

    This depends on the nature of the calls. Inbound calls are mainly for managing the current flow of customer enquiries to a business. Outbound call center are for businesses that want to generate leads or do a telemarketing campaign.

    How to setup inbound call center?

    Inbound call center can be set-up easily. A business make arrangements to have the business phone lines handled by a contact center firm. It usually involves the onboarding and training agents to take those calls specific to the business demands.

    What is inbound call center jobs?

    Inbound call center jobs simply pertain to the professional career in call center and BPO services. It usually has something to do with telephony services and customer handling services.

    How many inbound calls per day?

    The volume of inbound calls depend on the historical trend of the business itself. It can range from the hundreds up to the thousands depending on the nature of the organization.

    What is inbound and outbound call center services?

    Inbound and outbound call center services is a full-service application of contact center operation. It helps businesses maintain their customers and keep them happy while the other part of the operations win new customers for the business.

    How many calls should an inbound agent take?

    This is a case to case basis. The average handling time per agent depends on the pacing and the maintenance of call handling capability per agent. The average amount of calls wherein good communication remains intact is the max number of calls an agent can theoretically take.

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