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We know how workplace efficiency is important in delivering results on time. But as your business grows, so does the amount of your in-house tasks. We design a location strategy to deliver your back office operations. We take advantage of you outsourcing with us and make the best out of it for you and for the back office support team you'll form. By taking care of employees, we can affect your customer’s satisfaction. Talented, motivated people who want to succeed for you. It's all about client satisfaction for us as the best back office solutions provider.

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What Is Back Office Services

Back-office outsourcing work is the business activity of transferring a company’s back-office process to a third-party provider. It assists businesses in delegating administrative jobs such as human resources, administration, marketing, payroll and accounting, data entry, and IT to ensure efficient and sustainable operation. With back-office support services, business owners can maximize the full potential of their resources, leading to positive business growth.

Your back-office outsourcing services are where other businesses compete to satisfy the needs and wants of their target consumers. In a field populated by big corporations and many other SMEs, you can only keep pace with a quality back office.

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Our Approach to Back Office Services

Set-up a back-office team.

Outsource your back-office while maintaining the quality output as you would expect from an in-house work. Our back-office services covers Technical Recruitment, Data Management, Transcription, Legal LPO, Content/ Community Moderation, 3D Services, and Digital Marketing.

Magellan Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of online back office work to accommodate all business’ back-office support. Our client list has been expanding each year. Thus we have decided to up the ante and offer new ones. We have very satisfied clients who have trusted our office administration outsourcing services. Such tasks include data entry or data processing, medical coding and billing, order processing, accounting, legal outsourcing, loans service, credit card processing, loan and credit card debt collection, applied engineering, and social media customer care.

Our back-office transaction processing caters primarily to small and medium businesses because these businesses can appreciate growth the fastest. We've seen it a hundred times over.

Differentiating Front Office Vs Back Office

Simply put, front office staff are the folks in contact with the consumers or clients. Meanwhile, the back office staff are the people behind-the-scenes working in administrative or support roles.

The Top Performing Back Office Support

Magellan Solutions as an outsourcing company takes care of the salary, benefits, and taxes. We also oversee the equipment, tools, and office space of your staff. As a result, you can have greater financial control and freedom, owing to the huge cost savings in labor, investments in equipment, office rental, and utility expenses.

Our Office Administration Outsourcing Services

Every department in a business is entrusted with various roles. These are critical to the development and growth of that entity. With all the business activities that you’ll be engaged in as a startup, it is essential that you keep adequate records of everything. At Magellan Solutions, one of our key responsibilities is to provide professional outsourced administrative services to our clients.

Outsourcing Back Office Data Processing

Our team is experienced in providing data entry support for various sectors such as healthcare, insurance, finance, education, government, media, and manufacturing. As a full-service data entry company, we strive to take your business to the next level with easily accessible data. With our reliable support, save valuable time and focus more on core business aspects.

Banking Backend Process

Back-end operators play a major role for banks. Our back-end operators are the back-bone of your bank's infrastructure as they help investment banks build business-critical trading apps that transmit prices, historic data, and execution orders to thousands of clients within milliseconds. Our unrivaled low latency and sequential message ordering make sure your users never miss a single tick.

A Global Partner For Your Global Ventures

A wide range of outsourcing solutions is fully customizable and cost-effective, enabling you to provide personalized service to your clients. You can also exercise greater flexibility with your financial resources. Because our outsourced staff are all highly-educated and trained experts in various specialized and technical fields, you’ll have the confidence of entrusting your back office functions to companies like us. Aside from competent staff, Magellan Solutions invested in computer technologies and IT equipment to deliver efficient, excellent, and expedited results to our international clients.

Our Current Benchmarks for Back Office Services

Accounting Services

Quick to move to the cloud as SMEs increasingly see cloud computing and anything as-a-service (XaaS) as the starting option when considering new technologies. Accounting systems can be integrated into a complete solution to synchronize online and offline inventories and payments. Lower costs, greater flexibility, and the ability to support virtual or remote workforces are some of the important benefits that can be realized.

CRM System

Offer the ability to integrate information about their customers from social media channels. Customer information from one platform (e.g. e-commerce, accounting) can be integrated into the CRM system, giving access to that information without duplication or delay. One benefit of this type of integration is the ability for new online customers to receive personalized service when they call.

ERP System

Slower to adapt to trends such as cloud computing. However, we can develop cloud based products, and acquire smaller vendors that offer cloud-based products themselves. This interest on behalf of larger, well established companies demonstrates the growing importance of cloud solutions. This trend is promising, because an e-commerce solution can integrate with an ERP solution to provide better data access.

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What Is Back Office Services?

Our offered services are already categorized into back office and front office activities.

Back office processes are not considered the focus of a company. Tasks are being done even outside of the main team's reach. It becomes ideal to outsource with the many benefits.

On the other hand, front office activities are client-facing. This includes contact center services. Tasks are being considered the main focus of the business. But this does not mean they are not for outsourcing too.

Many associate BPO with offshore call centers for these very reasons. The Philippines has led the world in outsourced voice services.

Magellan Solutions has all the qualities of a reliable customer support provider. With almost two decades of service, we make sure that our staff reflects this time frame experience. Our agents are already trained to become customer service experts. They have the necessary tools, equipment, and knowledge. With this, they effectively serve you and your customers. We want to extend our services to small, medium, or even large enterprises. Thus we keep our rates highly flexible and competitive.

Our company is ISO and HIPAA certified, so we can guarantee high-quality services. Get in touch with us now, and we will discuss how our company can help your business.


Detailed Emails

24 hours is the current industry standard for receiving responses. This allows representatives plenty of time to research any needed issues. They would then have an effective response to the customers’ questions. Emails also end the difficulty in understanding the representative.


Live Chat For Urgent Matters

Live chat support cuts the wait time for customer service, while still establishing an effective connection with customers. Instead of waiting for an email response or their phone call being queued, customers can receive a faster response from your brand. Customer experience will improve greatly and, in turn, would produce an increase in sales.


Social Media For The Tech Savvy

Social media is being used for handling customer service issues and concerns. The customer’s question sometimes is being resolved with a quick response. This makes the character count for each social media a perfect way to relay the message. You can even take an extra approach. Search for your company name to find complaints or queries you can respond to.


Call Center For Sales

The Philippines is already dubbed as the Call Center Capital of the World. This is being supported by employees who have proven their talent and skill. For outbound services, our trained agents help you make many calls in a day. Furthermore, our sales expertise and customer service allow you to understand your prospects’ needs.

Our call center outsourcing services are also cost-effective. You can save more while receiving quality sales service.

Setbacks Of Outsourcing Back Office Work

Magellan Solutions can help you optimize costs while improving the customer experience and your brand. Our back-office adds value in your growing business. With more than two decades of experience, we know what customers look for. Our back-office solutions address a wide range of matters.

We design a location strategy to deliver your operations. We take advantage of you outsourcing with us and make the best out of it for you and for the team you'll form. By taking care of employees, we can affect your customer’s satisfaction. Talented, motivated people who want to succeed for you. It's all about client satisfaction for us.

While it is important to know the benefits you can reap from outsourcing, you also have to find out its possible drawbacks.

1. Information leakage and privacy threat

When you entrust sensitive information to a third-party, you will have minimal control over your data. To prevent leakage of information from happening, choose a service provider with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, or other data security certification.

2. Hidden costs

It is tempting to outsource from a company with low-cost services. However, they may add hidden charges in the service they provide. If you are planning to outsource soon, ask your service provider to provide a transparent report and a clear financial breakdown to see where your money is going.

3. Less operational and quality control

When you outsource, there is a risk of losing control over the output quality. The solution to this dilemma? Be clear in telling the BPO company to send you regular updates on the condition of your outsourced task.

3. Language and cultural barriers

You may experience difficulties communicating with a service provider if there’s a huge linguistic and cultural gap between you. As much as possible, outsource from a country with high adaptability and familiarity in different cultures.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Back Office Services for small and medium businesses globally


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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Front Office & Back Office: What is the difference?

    The front office, as the name suggests, is the façade of the company. This office is responsible for customer facing departments such as customer service and sales. It gathers, receives, and addresses customer needs, inquiries, and concerns.

    The back office, on the other hand, works in the shadows of the front office. They work on target business aspects that are not included in the core system yet still important to maximize business output.


    What Is Back Office Outsourcing Services?

    To put it simply, back office outsourcing services is subcontracting a company to acquire manpower for you. These staff recruited and hired act as a support system of your company. The usual services under this are the following:

    • Technical recruitment
    • Data management
    • Transcription
    • Legal
    • Content moderation
    • 3D services
    • Digital marketing

    How Do Back Office Processes Impact Customer Relations?

    Every department in a company affects each other one way or another. It might not look obvious but there’s a direct correlation between the back office and the customer service department. Without an office support such as accurate database, the front office can’t function properly. It may even lead to low customer satisfaction rates.

    Outsourcing allows the company to reinvest their saved-up resources into other departments which generate revenue in the front office. With this, the front office can allot more resources and power in handling customer relations.


    Why Should You Outsource Back Office BPO Services?

    With competent staff working on your back office tasks, your company will experience an improvement in the following areas:

    • Human resources, specifically technical recruitment
    • Accuracy and speed of data entry tasks
    • Better data management
    • Accurate transcripts
    • Reliable legal support
    • Digital marketing processes

    Aside from getting assistance with these office functions, outsourcing also reduces costs and improves service delivery.

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