by Arthur Kevin Rabago

In the fast moving world of the call center industry – many agents now have a fear that their constant hopping from one call center to another call center may affect their chances of career growth based on the employers’ opinions regarding career “butterflies.”

The truth of the matter is – not everyone is lucky enough to land their “perfect job” on the first try. It is a matter of luck – and a period of trial and error before you can land a career that best fits your skills and interests.

There are two schools of thought on this issue. On the one hand, some employers view candidates who frequently change jobs as an indicator of a candidate’s instability or incompetence. On the other hand, frequent job changes can also demonstrate ambition and achievement (the person is so good that he got “pirated” by the competition).

In my opinion, it is important for all call center professionals who experienced this to take a step back and look at whether each job change in their call center career indicate they are becoming better or have sought out greater challenges.

Companies often do a background check on their candidates’ past companies, contributions and performance level – to shed light on an applicant’s potential value to their company (who is planning to take the risk of hiring a potentially unstable candidate).

The other side of the coin shows the many reasons that could motivate an individual to change call center jobs, some of which are beyond their control (company closed down, expectations were mismanaged, zero growth, etc).

In addition, longevity in a company does not always equate to stability and competence (i.e. employee Y has stayed with company X for a period of 5 years but has shown no growth, or contributed anything to the organization during that time).

In the end, don’t let constant career moves dampen your enthusiasm. Call center careers can be comparable to relationships – it’s not a matter of who you met first but a matter of finding the right one for you.