“It’s the same Banana”, is an often-used term implying that there’s no difference between certain objects. A Toyota Corolla, for instance, was often referred to as “the same Banana” as a Honda Civic, as most folks simply thought of them as four-door sedans and nothing more. Just like the Toyota-Honda misnomer above, however, Help Desk and Tech Support are probably the most interchanged terms in the call center service industry. More often than not, customers think that these two services are one and the same. As a business owner, you should know that this isn’t exactly true. Although both may refer to help call center services for technology-based products, today’s high-tech world has likewise given rise to distinct difference surrounding these two services. Did you know that a Help Desk refers to a service where clients can, as the name suggests, call for help? And the help they ask doesn’t even have to be tech-related. They can call to inquire about a certain product or service. Or, they can complain about that product’s lousy performance and its “not-so-user-friendly” nature. Tech Support Call Centers, likewise, need not mean asking support for your latest tech toy. Your friendly tech support telephone agent may assist you in resolving certain problems you may be experiencing with the new washing machine you bought for the missus. Whatever it may be, Help Desk and Tech support services can be your best link to your customers. It can make your business as sweet as the best-tasting fruit in the bunch. Follow Magellan Solutions on Twitter today @Magellan_Call.