Picture this: you contact your credit card provider’s customer service call center hotline to inquire about a billing discrepancy. Upon making your query, the call center agent replies that they will look into it, and promises to get back to you soon. After waiting for a couple of weeks, nothing happens, despite the numerous follow-ups in between. Adding insult to injury, each call seemed like every agent was in a hurry to get things done and move on to the next caller. If you think that such a scenario sounds far-fetched, think again. Such things do take place in the fast growing, and sometimes less personal, marketplace. Many companies believe that more agents taking more calls equates to more profits. But is this really the case? Whatever happened to personalized service? While we’re not saying that phone representatives do live chat with callers all day, making the callers feel that their queries and concerns are being met wouldn’t hurt. Moreover, more personalized customer service would benefit both the customer and the company, as well. Customers would more often than not, come back for more business transactions in the future, once they see that agents attend to their needs even after putting down the phone. This, in turn, boosts the company’s image. The potential of increased profits from new or returning clients is definitely possible. Want to learn how your business can provide personalized service to customers? Stay tuned for more!