by Christian Morales, Online Marketing

How do hotel operators define ‘quality service’? They say it is more than just beautiful words and images that customers see in a trade magazine. The hospitality industry has been thriving through the years because of its true commitment to outstanding customer experience. It has been known for its personal touch, warmth and friendliness. Here, the Customer is really King and Queen. Customer service is a remarkable feat for an industry that has been enjoying steady growth globally since 2007. But the biggest challenge for hotels, motels and inns is to offer the same level of service to different types of customers. People will always look for genuine hospitality, which begins as soon as they step into the foyer to bask in its ambiance. Every detail – guest rooms, food, gym facilities, and spa – is carefully planned to ensure they make a lasting good impression. Customers will always take note of the hotel’s environs and how they are treated by its staff. Hotels know that delight happens already at the beginning – from checking in to going up to the assigned room. And it does not end there. Minor requests like bed sheet colors and food in the restaurant, quality is at the very hallmark of them all. Consistency in quality service is what customers look for in hotel establishments, whether it is rated five or four stars. Hotels excel in a field where they know they must keep up to retain their loyal patrons. They pay close attention to detail even from the way they handle customer service. Outsourcing a reservations call center is becoming a necessity even for small and midsize hotel operators. It can help them manage calls anytime of the day. It pays to have professionally trained customer call center agents engaging customers and attending to their requests. Companies should consider this as an investment that impacts their revenue. Customer service after all is the new marketing which empowers customers to give their two thumbs up to companies that do a remarkable job.