Want a highly effective loyalty-inducing customer service? Start with your agents.

Managing customers these days is a real challenge. One of the ways of professionally handling them is to put well-trained customer service representatives on the frontlines.

Business owners, take note. Hiring people with impeccable etiquette to man the phones every day is not enough to make your products fly. Nothing wrong with decorum (it is essential), but phone answering agents have to be empowered with skills that can change your customers’ perception about your company. You may need to be certain that each member of your customer support team has these capabilities:

Problem-solving skills. Top of the expertise must-haves is dealing with complaints. Agents are usually the first point of contact every time there are irked customers. Your representatives should see problems as an opportunity to demonstrate your company’s strong commitment to resolve any concerns.

Ability to up-sell. Aside from working out things and a shock absorber, they should be adept at offering a new product or service. This helps the business to identify what customers need. Up-selling to customers also brings in more sales.

Assuring quality. Getting comments or after-call feedback enables businesses to know what callers think about customer service interaction. It is definitely hard work but the payoff is great as it increases customer loyalty.

These skill sets can guide small and medium businesses in their investment to deliver exceptional customer experience. Trainings are an integral part of this important department. Maintaining a positive and customer-focused environment elevates their skills from basic to mastery over time.