Why Not Open Up That Customer Feedback Call Center?

call-center-contact-centerMost businesses have always had some form of “customer feedback” channel where clients could voice their grievances, give suggestions, and the like. Contrary to the name, however, giving one’s feedback meant going through a gazillion pages of paperwork, going to the store where one purchased the item and being passed around between a million people or all of the above just to file that complaint.

Did you know, however, this can be branded as “bad customer service”? So if you want to avoid being labeled as such, don’t just allow your clients to voice out their concerns—make it easy for them to do so via that customer service call center partner of yours.

Your customer care contact center can be utilized to act as a “feedback center” where customers can send their concerns, gripes, or praises about your product or service. A friendly and courteous customer call center agent can be on standby to take in all customer cares and issues—whether good or not–so-good.

More importantly, it is best to open up several call center service channels such as email, live chat, Twitter or Facebook, and of course, the good old telephone. These should make it convenient for your patrons to say their piece—without feeling like they have to work for it.

So avoid the paperwork and long lines—let your customers simply give you a call and tell you what’s on their mind.

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4 thoughts on “Why Not Open Up That Customer Feedback Call Center?

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