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Human Resources

Offshore your human resources to a trusted company established ten years ago. We go beyond cost savings and provide quality service with emphasis on clarity of communication. Offshoring and outsourcing HR is a qualitatively different experience compared to other offshoring and outsourcing services. Understanding this, Magellan Solutions is proud to provide offshore HR staffing that is well-attuned to the U.S. and European culture. Companies that outsource their human resources to us should seamlessly save on cost without the headaches often attributed to cultural differences.

Magellan Solutions’ human resource management and organization services offer an analytics-driven approach to finding and attracting the right people for your business. By collaborating with client-employers, business enjoys efficiency, improve performance and increase ROI.

With Magellan Solutions’ full service human resource and talent management, companies can enjoy

• committed human resource support
• administrative reinforcement
• reduced business setbacks
• the right to use improved benefits

The Benefits of HR BPO

• Reduced expenses for staffing, technology requirements and infrastructure
• Better operations through streamlined processes
• Focus on core expertise and other strategic tasks
• Lower exposure to risk and compliance regulations

Business owners can spend more time focusing to more important things, and that is planning and implementing programs that drive growth. Outsourcing talent search and human resources can reduce accounting, benefits expenses, and payroll along with employee-related formalities and procedures with the help of Magellan’s experienced and professional HR service staff. For example, Magellan will ensure your payroll is on the dot all the time. Business executives and leaders can finally manage all related taxes and employment authentication needs.

Magellan’s HR business process outsourcing (HR BPO) services include:

• Recruitment
• Technical Recruitment
• Employee Service Center
• Workforce Administration
• Employee Data Management
• Payroll
• Garnishment
• Global Mobility
• Compensation
• Talent Management
• Relocation
• Expatriate Administration
• HR Analytics
• HR Transformation

To know more about Magellan’s HR BPO solutions for growing businesses, call or email us today.

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