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Technical Recruitment Services

Technical recruitment requires not only having the capacity – even the opportunity – to practically supply, check out, and submit qualified job applicants, but the assurance to communicate impracticable technical requirements goals to hiring managers and employers.

Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc. has the experience in providing technical recruitment services to technology companies. It has been branded by both employers and applicants alike as a reliable recruitment specialist for different kinds of vacancies within the construction, civil engineering, pharmaceutical, industrial process, manufacturing and several other areas.

The company recruits potential technically skilled candidates from local to international markets, covering different positions nationwide within foremost industrial companies for engineering, construction, technology and more. Magellan Solutions offers customized recruitment services to help employers search for potential candidates for technical-related professions.

Magellan Solutions has a very skilled and proficient team of technical consultants who have excellent credentials and backgrounds in their particular sectors. The team can provide a unique and personal knowledge of their preferred industries. They are actually among the best people in their field of expertise. Our excellent team is partnered with various targeted appraisal management practices, industry awareness, and an informed knowledge of the clients.

Magellan Solutions guarantees the most efficient fit for both employer and job applicants – whether looking for a new assignment and location, career advancement or seeking for workforce with the right experience and particular skills.

Over the past few years, Magellan has specialized in matching talented candidates for different employment opportunities. By focusing on getting acquainted with the candidates and the companies these professionals will be deployed, it achieves the desired results for employers having clinched the maximum ethical principles in the recruitment industry.

Call or email us today to find out how Magellan Solutions’ technical recruitment services can businesses likes yours attract the right talent while focusing on your core expertise.

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