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Social Customer Care

Millions of people, particularly consumers, are into social media nowadays. Popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter have developed into more than evolving platform for advertising and promotions. Also, they are progressively applicable and essential means through which consumers request and receive customer service.

Social media customer care, more popularly known today as “social care,” is not actually a new concept or trend. Nevertheless, it provides multi-channel aid that makes customer support accessible to consumers.  Social media can grant valid challenges for B2B and B2C organizations both and small businesses and large scale. Social media customer care offers opportunities to certainly influence sales and customer loyalty.

Today, reality hits business organizations and companies – every year, the customer service expectations are rapidly rising. Consumers nowadays are looking to brands to produce a flawless experience that covers the retail outlets to the social media sites. Basically, having a fair social media presence is no longer adequate – businesses should step up and rock the social media world. And Magellan Solutions is here to help companies achieve this goal.

Magellan Solutions offers excellent social media customer care services to all sorts of organizations, whether small, mid-size and large scale businesses. We have a team of skilled and dynamic team of professionals that can handle customer support, social media optimization, maintenance and management.

The role of Magellan Solutions’ Social Care Services

  • Respond to direct technical or account-related questions
  • Settle complaints from frustrated customers
  • Swift response to service or product requests that are urgent
  • Keeping in touch with those who have made comments or reviews about your brand or industry that weren’t essentially targeted at you or requiring a response
  • Deals with issues (or outages) that affect many users or raise a potential PR crisis
  • Responding to general references to your products or services
  • Giving appreciation to customers who provided positive feedback

Social Media Optimization and Management Services

Here are the Key Features of Magellan Solutions Social Media Management Services:

  • Come up with related content to reach the company’s target and ideal customers
  • Generate and manage all published content such as images, videos, and written content
  • Monitor, listen and respond to users in a social manner, at the same time refining leads and sales
  • Generate strategies and execute an upbeat method for gaining customer online reviews
  • Monitor online rankings and take action consequently
  • Improve and expand community and/or blogger outreach programs
  • Show capacity to map out marketing strategy and afterward execute that strategy to prove efficiency thru testing and metrics
  • Optimize and revamp designs of all social media platforms starting from profile pictures, cover photos to company profile, layout etc.
  • Check efficient best practices for measuring the impressions of Social Media campaigns
  • Study, appraise, and report on value of campaigns in an effort to capitalize on results
  • Design, generate and administer promotions and Social ad campaigns
  • Compile report for management showing results (ROI)
  • Monitor trends in Social Media tools, applications, channels, design and strategy
  • Identify opportunities and risks in user created content surrounding the company. Convey noteworthy risks to appropriate management
  • Evaluate campaigns and interpret subjective or qualitative data into proposals and plans for modifying social media campaigns

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