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  • Benefits Of Outsourcing For Startup Companies outsourcing_for_startups

    Today’s startup companies operate in a very exciting time. They have almost endless possibilities, with many technological tools working at instant speed, at their disposal. Even society’s perspectives on ways of doing business evolved. Half a century ago, the thought of an entrepreneur working with so

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  • What Employee Qualities are Call Centers Looking for? call_center_employment

    Your customer service is only as good as the caliber of the agents who provide it. As front liners, customer service employees serve as the human element of your company. Being in direct contact with clientele puts them in the position to not just offer solutions, but to empathize with customers and make the

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  • Benefits Of Booking A Flight Through A Call Center airport reservation

    A proven way to impress today’s airplane-flying customers is to provide a hassle-free and quick service, particularly in making flight reservations. Some companies in the travel services industry have already decided outsourcing this task to call centers and BPOs is a practical and effective alternative to hi

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  • What Impact Does Outsourcing Have On Your In-House Employees? outsourcing_services

    If your in-house employees have too much on their plates, then you need to consider outsourcing. It’s not about replacing your staff with an offshore team in a bid to widen profit margins. It’s about spreading out the work load and making office life more bearable for your in-house hires.Here’s what outsourcing service

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Call Center Sample Recordings

Another way of hearing a live agent at Magellan Solutions is by an inquiry. Call us now Toll Free: +1-800-371-6224

Inbound Call Samples

The downloadable files below are recordings of live inbound calls handled by agents. They are representative of the competence level of all Magellan Solution customer care and inbound customer service agents. They are real-time recordings of call center agents during a typical shift at a Magellan Solutions’ call center.

To know more about how you can outsource your customer care and inbound calls, please visit our inbound customer service page.

Outbound Call Samples

The downloadable files of our excellent outbound and telemarketing agents below are also live recordings. They are a small sampling of the wide array of outbound services we offer.

We have provided people for a wide-array of telemarketing and outbound sales needs. Find out more about more at our outbound call center page.

We serve all business types in four continents. Our client base is made up of SMEs and startups. We usually respond in 24-48 hours.




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