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Telemarketing essentially offers small, medium and large-scale businesses an immediate and cost-effective method of recognizing and reaching out to a particular large market of consumers for the intention of promoting and selling a product or service through phone. Business owners of all sizes can generate more sales without having to use up large amounts of funds on traditional marketing means with an efficient script and enthusiastic telemarketers. Having a consistent flow of qualified leads in your channel is significantly important in today’s challenging business environment.

Magellan Solutions’ telemarketing representatives are business professionals who are capable of engaging executive level decision makers in meaningful and unlimited discussions. We schedule appointments, make cold calls, and generate sales leads using qualified and skilled callers who are proficient enough to handle conversations without sounding “scripted.” The call center’s telemarketing team performs the lengthy tasks of identifying, researching, and prequalifying decision makers at potential companies and setting up sales appointments for the sale’s team follow up. And speaking of excellent and effective telemarketing and telesales team, Magellan is the right destination for businesses looking for telemarketing call center services. Our company’s main goal is to provide businesses with the necessary information and details to achieve flourishing and booming inbound and outbound telemarketing strategy.

Our Services

• Business Telemarketing Service
• Small Business Telemarketing Service
• Third-Party Verification Service
• Advanced Telemarketing with Inbound Customer Service
Other telemarketing or outbound services (just inquire below)

Magellan Solutions provides organizations with high-quality outbound call center services in every business language. We presently run operations for a number of areas such as US, Australia, Europe etc. Telemarketing involves lower operating cost than having an outside sales workforce to perform the operation. Our telemarketing experts have years of experience in identifying the most proficient way to vastly qualified leads and appointments. We offer the best solutions, business advice, and excellent programs that achieve your desired outcomes – generating return on investment (ROI) and making more out of your outbound campaign. For small to medium size business, they can completely save a considerable amount of money by outsourcing to Magellan Solutions.

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