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  • Call Center With Agents as Nurses

    The Philippines produces thousands of nursing graduates every year. However, what was once a ticket to greener pastures in other countries has turned into a dead-end for many who are unable to find paid work locally and abroad. After years of hiring nurse

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  • The Philippines as Home Care Call Center Capital

    It’s no secret that the Philippines is at the forefront of voice services world-wide. This reputation has been earned through sound infrastructure, government support and a skilled workforce. This reputation also extends to the country’s home care call center services, which are top-notch and cost-efficient. What makes the Philippines a hot spot for Read More

  • Outsourcing Seasonal Call Center Support

    Customer activity goes up during peak season. When in-house staff have difficulty coping with the upsurge in calls and inquiries, companies can decide to either hire additional employees. However, this is a time-consuming and cost-prohibitive move that can eat away at a company’s resources. Outsourcing seasonal c

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  • Why Philippine Call Centers are Now More Popular than Indian Call Centers?

    The Philippines has overtaken India as the world’s leading offshore destination for call centers. Despite its expertise in information technology, India is losing out on about 70% of call center business to the Philippines and other competitors in Eastern Europe. According to expert

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