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Businesses like yours are constantly looking for ways to operate in the most cost-effective yet efficient manner. In your search to find the “perfect combination”, you’ve probably come across the term ‘call centers in the Philippines’ more than once. In fact, the industry has practically become a buzzword among global business folk.

And with good reason. Did you know that this industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the past few years? What started out as a small group of contact centers with a few hundred players in the early 2000s has now grown into a $ 10 billion global industry in 2013—up by around $ 3 billion from the previous year.

One can attribute this rise in call center revenues to the continued confidence by many worldwide companies (such as Oracle, Microsoft, AirAsia, for instance) in what the country has to offer. In fact, the Southeast Asian nation earned the distinction as being the top choice for voice services in 2010—along with other accolades, such as the “Call Center Capital of the World”, as well as the “3rd Largest English-speaking country in the world”, just to name a few.

And if you think that all this is merely a trend, think again. Industry experts project that the segment will earn some $ 20 billion by 2018. This would translate to roughly 1.3 million jobs for the Filipino people.

What does this mean for your business, you ask?

Magellan Solutions is a trusted brand in customer service. Apart from knowing that you’re working with one of the best from around the world, setting up a Philippine-based inbound call center gives you quite a lot of "value-for-money” benefits.

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