Board of Directors

Fred Chua

Chief Executive Officer

Fred Chua, a Philippine-certified electronics and communications engineer, is the Chief Executive Officer and a Director and co-founder of Magellan Solutions Outsourcing, Inc.

Fred was a supervisor at eTelecare International, a company employing nearly 5,000 agents among three contact centers in the United States and the Philippines, and one of the pioneers of the offshore BPO solutions industry in the Philippines.  At eTelecare, Fred was responsible for managing several teams and serviced accounts for some of eTelecare’s most prominent clients, including American Express Co., Comm South Companies, Inc., Dell Inc., and

Previously, Fred was head of quality control, testing, and design at Electone Electronics Mfg. Corp., a leading Philippine manufacturer of high-fidelity stereo speakers since 1975.  Fred initiated Electone’s transition to ISO 9001 and negotiated production-outsourcing contracts with Panasonic, Sharp, and Sony.  He also supervised Electone’s corporate restructuring, improving yields and quality and developing and implementing an improved marketing strategy, resulting in an approximately 40.0% increase in sales and a parallel increase in market share.  Most recently, He was also the leading sales manager for the industrial/manufacturing sector at Total Information Management Corp. (TIM), one of the largest and leading information technology companies in the Philippines. Fred was instrumental in developing this new market sector for TIM, which expanded the company’s sales outlook.

A native of the Philippines, Fred is fluent in English and Filipino (Tagalog) and is knowledgeable in Mandarin Chinese and the Hokkien Chinese dialect.

Jennifer Chua-Sun

Secretary and Treasurer

Jennifer Chua-Sun is the Secretary to the Board of Directors and the Treasurer of Magellan Solutions Outsourcing, Inc. Jenifer is also a Senior Vice President and a Director of the imGAME Group, a Philippine holding company with significant multinational interests in the SMS– and Wi-Fi-enabled gaming industry.

Jennifer has more than 15 years of management and marketing experience in the information technology industry, with major multinational corporations operating in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Jennifer has assisted in establishing the imGAME Group’s SMS- and Wi-Fi-enabled gaming operations in Greater China and the Philippines, supervised technical planning and development, and coordinated operations, quality control, and information technology standards throughout the Group. Recently, Jennifer was President and Managing Director at Software AG Phils. Inc., where she supervised all Philippine operations, including sales and marketing, people management, channel management, professional services, financial oversight, and e-business and mobile commerce business development. Previously, Jennifer was Marketing Manager at IBM in the Philippines and Singapore, responsible for planning and implementing marketing campaigns for IBM software brands in India and Southeast Asia. Jennifer managed IBM’s relationships with over 30 clients, including the top 20 financial services companies in the Philippines. Jenifer led a marketing team that developed relationships with 15 new clients in a year. In just four years, Jenifer’s marketing team increased IBM revenues attributable to East Asian financial services industry clients from US$10.0 million to US$32.0 million. It increased IBM revenues attributable to East Asian manufacturing industry clients from US$1.5 million to US$14.0 million.

A native of the Philippines, Jennifer is fluent in English and Filipino (Tagalog) and is knowledgeable in Mandarin Chinese and the Hokkien Chinese dialect.

Giok Ping Chua


Giok Ping Chua is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Magellan Solutions Outsourcing, Inc. Ping is also a principal owner of Worldwide Electronics Mfg. Corp., President of Electone Electronics Mfg. Corp. and Chairman of Handwell Electronics Corp., leading Philippine producers, marketers, and distributors of high-fidelity stereophonic systems, resistors, and other electronic components.

Founded in 1968, Worldwide Electronics has evolved from an importer and wholesaler of radio assembly components and accessories to the second-largest Philippine power transformers manufacturer. Founded in 1975, Electone is a leading Philippine producer, marketer, and distributor of high-fidelity stereophonic speakers and related components, including microphones, tweeters, woofers, sub-woofers, baffle systems, and karaoke systems. Electone’s principal customers include many of Metro Manila’s major stereo audio wholesalers and retail outlets. Founded in 1991, Handwell is the Philippines’ sole manufacturer of ISO 9002-certified axial leaded carbon film resistors. In its first year of operations, Handwell expanded its resistor production capacity to 120 million pieces per month, capturing the interest of a major Taiwanese investment group. Today, Handwell remains committed to delivering only the highest-reliability products. Handwell’s principal customers have included many of the most respected electronic components distributors based in Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States, including American Power Conversion (APC) Phil., a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Power Conversion Corp. a Fortune 1000, Forbes 500, Forbes Platinum 400 and Nasdaq-listed company; Anglia Components, the United Kingdom’s largest privately owned electronic component distributor; Kita Corporation, the Philippines’ preferred distributor of AIWA systems; Maxon Systems (Phil.), Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Maxon Telecoms, Ltd. of Korea; National/Panasonic (MEPCO), a wholly-owned subsidiary of National/Panasonic of Japan; Saisho Onkyo Inc. and Techtuit Co., Ltd.

A native of the Philippines, Ping is fluent in English, Pilipino (Tagalog), Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and several regional Chinese dialects, including Hokkien, and is knowledgeable in several other Asian languages, including Nihongo (Japanese).

Johanna Chua

Vice Chairman

Johanna Chua is a Non-Executive Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Magellan Solutions Outsourcing, Inc.

Currently, Johanna is a Managing Director, Chief Asia Pacific Economist and Head of Asia Pacific Economic and Market Analysis at Citigroup.  Based in Hong Kong since 2000, she oversees overall economic research across the Asia Pacific Region (ex-Japan), covering both fixed-income and equity markets.

Previously, Johanna was the Chief Asia Emerging Markets Trading Strategist (Fixed Income, Commodities and Currencies), and the Asia Sovereign Credit Analyst. The Asset magazine rated Johanna No. 1 economist in 2006, 2007 and 2008.  Johanna was a leading member of the Citi team rated No. 1 in fixed-income research by FinanceAsia magazine in 2008, 2007, 2005 and 2004 (No. 2 in 2006).  FinanceAsia also rated Johanna No. 1 in sovereign credit research for eight consecutive years (2001-2008) and ranked her among the “Best Analysts” across all sectors, including corporate credits (No. 8 in 2008, No. 2 in 2007, No. 3 in 2006, No. 2 in 2005).  The Asset local-market survey 2007 ranked Johanna No. 2 analyst in Indonesia and No. 3 analyst in Singapore.

Johanna was the valedictorian and a summa cum laude graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman School of Economics. She earned her doctoral degree in economics at Harvard University, where she held various teaching assistant positions at the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences and at the Kennedy School of Government.  Johanna has also worked with Lehman Brothers’ Sovereign Strategy Group in New York and with the International Monetary Fund’s Fiscal Policy Division in Washington. She has conducted research with the National Bureau of Economic Research, Harvard Institute for International Development and the University of Connecticut’s Food Marketing Policy Center.

A native of the Philippines, Johanna is fluent in English and Pilipino (Tagalog) and competent in Chinese (Mandarin, Hokkien).