Fb Pixel Call Center Job Interviews – A Two-way Street

Call Center Job Interviews – A Two-way Street

Call Center Job Interviews – A Two-way Street

A talent acquisition consultant offers unsolicited tips on interviewing candidates in a call center company.

by Arthur Kevin Rabago

The purpose of an interview is to gather as much information as possible about an applicant. Call centers and BPO companies interview hundreds of applicants in a week on average for different positions. Their job is to ensure they are attracting top candidates.

Any information gathered from an interview can be used to assess if and where the person will fit into the company, whether the person seems to have an affinity for the type of work he/she will be expected to do, and, perhaps most important, how the applicant will perform in the future. It is important to frame questions so that the answers are measurable in terms of the company’s needs. Here are some suggestions:

1. Open-ended Questions. This type of question, intended to allow the applicant to do most of the talking, draws out attitudes and information.

2. Probing Questions. This type of question, which also allows the applicant to do the talking, is intended to clarify facts and attitudes.

3. Close-ended Questions. Questions that are phrased to evoke ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers should not dominate the interview.

4. Past Performance or Behavioral Questions. One way to learn about a candidate’s abilities or how they will perform in the future is to ask how the candidate has handled various types of situations in the past or how they would handle a hypothetical situation. The position for which candidates are being interviewed will influence the questions that will be asked.

On the other end, high-profile candidates could also turn the tables on potential employers by asking them questions like:

1.) Why should I bring my business/life experience to your company?
2.) Where will your business be 5 years from now, and what role do you see me playing in it?
3.) What can your company offer me for personal and professional growth?

Interviews are a two-way street.If you ask intelligent questions, your potential employer will see a confident and knowledgeable individual that is more than just a “yes” man. And candidates will be able to gauge if the company they are considering will nurture their careers. Customer service call centers are always on a lookout for fresh talent – people who are proactive, responsive to change and flexible.

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