Call Center Tip: How to Attract Early Reservations for the Coming Holidays

Call Center Tip: How to Attract Early Reservations for the Coming Holidays

Many stores and retail outlets have different ways of attracting customers to their place, most especially during special occasions such as Christmas. A brightly lit Christmas tree, along with their best and newest offerings, for instance, are prominently displayed on huge store windows in the hopes of inviting customers in to take a look—and hopefully, buy something.

Did you know, however, that your restaurant, hotel, or theme park can likewise entice patrons to come visit for the holidays? In fact, one of the best ways to do this is by opening up that reservations call center early and even throwing in a cool offer to make the early birds come in droves.

Why not offer a special offer such as 50 percent off to those folks who call your customer service call center as early as October to book a room at your hotel, for instance? As if that deal isn’t sweet enough, why not throw in a surprise package for the first 10 customers who call before a certain date?

Speaking of cut-off dates, this should be enforced to ensure that the deals are only for the early patrons. Moreover, make them feel extra special by allowing them to choose the best rooms or tables in the house—if they make reservations early via your inbound call center, that is.

So light up the Christmas tree and open up those call center service hotlines today. The earlier, the better.


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