Career Choices in a Call Center – Part 3

Career Choices in a Call Center – Part 3

Inbound call centers handle incoming calls while outbound does out coming calls. The choices are endless! Find the job that fits you.

In this final installment on call center career choices series, we will discuss the different types of call centers.

Let the truth be told – there are “call centers” and there are THE call centers!

A successful career depends on choosing the right one for you. Different people require different skill sets, work preferences and attitudes.

The guide below will help you choose the RIGHT call center environment that fits you.

1) Contact center – What differentiates contact centers from the others is that instead of utilizing calls, they resolve a myriad of concerns such as fax, live chat and e-mails. They can send out e-mails (marketing/sales) or answer incoming e-mails (support, assistance, answering queries).

2) Inbound call center – Inbound call centers (as their name implies) handle inbound calls (calls initiated by the customer). These calls range from sales queries, technical support, customer complaints, and directory assistance.

3) Outbound call center – Outbound call centers focus on outbound calls (cold calls, calls coming from the outbound call center agent) to prospective customers and/or sales leads.

4) Blended call center – A blended call center is a hybrid of the above three. It combines automatic call distribution for incoming calls with predictive dialling for outbound calls. They usually enjoy “hybrid” agents who can do both inbound/outbound calls as well as e-mail and chat support.

We hope that the information will help you make the right choice in choosing a call center career that best fits you.


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