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October 7, 2020
Outsourcing Customer Service

When is Outsourcing Customer Service Good for Small Business?

  Small business owners work hard to forge ahead towards success and make their brand bigger. The number one challenge in doing it is to […]
September 30, 2020
importance of social media customer service

The Importance Of Social Media Customer Service In 2020

For modern consumers, social media customer service is the best option. Waiting to talk to a customer service representative over the phone can actually take […]
September 28, 2020
Customer Service in the Insurance Industry

Customer Service in the Insurance Industry: Securing Loyal Customers

  One of the keys to a successful business lies not only in the products or services but also to loyal customers. This is especially […]
September 21, 2020
e-commerce customer service best practices

11 E-Commerce Customer Service Best Practices You Should Follow

  E-commerce businesses have surged in popularity in recent years. During the pandemic, the role of the e-commerce industry became even more important. However, the customer […]
September 18, 2020
Customer Service Channels

Customer Service Channels Effective for Your Business

  These days, when choosing or purchasing products or services, clients tend to identify the most appropriate platform to use. The recent ATG study reveals […]
September 11, 2020
multilinguak call centers

Expanding Your Business With Multilingual Call Centers

  Reaching out to a global market is the goal for most businesses. However, an international customer base means communicating with people from different time […]
September 9, 2020
Live Chat Statistics 2020

Live Chat Statistics 2020: Trends and Insights Businesses Should Know

  Over the years, technological advancements have innovated business communication. This resulted in the birth of live chat, an essential functionality of a website. This […]
August 20, 2020
live chat support

Shorten Your Response Time With Live Chat Support

  According to a survey by Harris interactive, 75% of customers feel that it takes too long for them to get in touch with a […]
August 18, 2020
call center best practices

Call Center Best Practices You Can Apply To Your Small Business

  A call center is crucial to the success of any business. The performance of your call center can make or break your relationship with […]
August 18, 2020
examples of email customer services

12 Examples of Email Customer Service Best Practices

  Technological advances gave way to the proliferation of new modes of communication. For businesses, these new channels mean new ways to respond to customers […]
August 14, 2020
customer support

Why A Seamless Customer Support Experience Keeps Clients Loyal

  Online shopping has become a huge part of the new normal. Consumers purchase through e-commerce sites while more and more entrepreneurs start offering their […]
August 14, 2020
call answer services

All You Need To Know About Outsourcing Phone Answering

  Phone answering is one of the main channels that businesses use to provide customer service. This is why outsourcing phone answering services can be […]
March 20, 2020
benefits order taking call center

5 Proven Benefits Of An Order Taking Call Center

  Outsourcing an order taking call center is the ultimate choice. Along with convenience, personalized service is one of the keys to enhancing customer experience.  […]
July 1, 2019
technical support

Is Technical Support A Significant Element To The Success Of Gadget Manufacturers?

Not everyone knows what the true value of technical support is. But without it, we will not survive the digital age. Everywhere we look, technology […]
June 27, 2019
live chat

How Can Live Chat Increase Your Online Apparel Store Conversion?

  There is a saying that conversations shape the world. In an era when communications today have literally blurred out the distance between the two parties, […]