Customer Service as told by 2 Successful Retail Businesses

Customer Service as told by 2 Successful Retail Businesses

successful retail businessSleep Country and Sears Canada are two retail businesses making good in Canada. Both are in highly competitive and saturated industries, but have stood out from the crowd. How? Through customer service.

As ironic as it may sound, it’s no longer so much about the product you are offering as the service you are giving along with it. When customers praise Sleep Country, they note the company’s prompt delivery, and friendliness and efficiency of the deliverymen… not the comfort of the mattress or the affordable prices. It makes total sense if you think about it – with so many companies competing, it’s the convenience and overall satisfaction that helps a customer discern among dozens of seemingly identical products.

Sears Canada, on the other hand, provides a 24-hour telephone shopping and internet shopping to make their products always available. Aside from this, they allow you to refund your items, no questions asked. Couple that with a 3-day delivery time to any part in Canada, and you’ve got your company sold.

It is clear from the experience of both these business that customers care a great deal about customer service. As such, this is something that businesses, both small and large, must consider above anything else.



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