Fb Pixel Customer Service Shouldn’t Be a Luxury Item

Customer Service Shouldn’t Be a Luxury Item


A lot of airlines reward frequent travelers with “frequent flyer miles”. Luxury car brands, on the other hand, usually offer 24-hour roadside assistance, concierge services, customer lounge service, and other fancy privileges whenever they buy their vehicles. And banks, meanwhile, offer a lot of “customer service” perks to gold or platinum account holders.

These are just some of the customer service perks that companies offer their big-time clients—especially those that take advantage of the higher end of the payment hierarchy—the big spenders, as they’re often called. But what about the ordinary Joe, Joseph or Jane who is on a prepaid or budget plan? Do they end up getting the scraps from the customer service table? This is your chance to show people, regardless of their economic status, that they can receive top-notch customer service without the need to pay an arm and a leg.

Your customer care call center, for instance, can simply avoid making incoming callers wait before an agent picks up to attend to their concern. While it’s okay to have a “premium players” hotline, the “ordinary” 24/7 telephone service call center should not make callers wait, either.

Then there are the service requests which should be attended to promptly, along with every client issue that comes your way. Customer call center representatives should closely coordinate with the specific departments within the organization to ensure that service is delivered as soon as possible.

Customer service is a privilege, no matter what side of the payment bracket you are on. Every customer deserves it.

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