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Customer Service Starts With A Connection

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You’ve probably heard it all before, maybe even from us while following our regular blog posts. You may have even experienced it firsthand—especially during the maddening holiday rush while shopping for Christmas presents for the wife and kids. We’re referring to the idea of customer service during the Christmas season (or some would say, the lack thereof).

Yes, the idea of giving out your best customer service—whether you’re based at that remote call center answering phones and emails all day, or standing at the toy section of Target—has always been crucial especially during peak seasons such as what we’re in right now, the holiday season. With so many customers coming in from all sides, we can’t blame you if you’ll start out as fresh as the morning dew upon reaching work, yet look like a wilted flower and then some right after your shift. It’s hard work after all.

Despite this, there are ways to dish out excellent customer care and still come out smelling like a Rose—at least to your clients. It all starts with being a great listener—and then a great communicator. You should take the time to listen to what your clients are telling you once they walk up to you or call you via that call center hotline. Do they want the latest Ninja Turtle set that seems to be making a comeback lately?

If they want this, do your best to look for it. Don’t panic if you can’t find it in the stockpile—it should be there somewhere. If it isn’t in stock just yet or has already run out, be honest and upfront about it. Honesty, after all, is still the best policy. Of course, offer to reserve one for them and get their contact number so you can inform them once it has arrived.
The bottom line is that customer service begins with simply connecting with your client. Once you’ve done this, you’re on your way to bigger things—and more customer care challenges. What these challenges are, of course, will be revealed in the coming posts. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, keep those customers happy and you’ll be fine this coming Christmas sale season. Mad rush notwithstanding.