I wanna be a Call Center Rock Star! – Part 1

If you have worked in the call center industry for quite some time now, you may have learned many lessons on what works and doesn’t in your profession, your company, and your industry.

At some point in our lives, we have dreamed of becoming rock stars.

The glitz, the glamour, and the cash. Who doesn’t want any of these?

Since not everyone is musically inclined and be good at it, they can be the next best thing: A “rock star” in their industry.

Rock stars have it all – the fame, the charm, the fans and the rewards.

To be a “rock star”, you have to do a personal/professional reboot and reinvent yourself to stay productive, and continue to grow personally and professionally.

Being a rock star doesn’t happen overnight; they had to go through a process to achieve what they have right now.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Write down the life lessons you have acquired. The best rock stars write down their inspirations.

If you have worked in the call center industry for quite some time, you may have learned many lessons on what works and doesn’t in your profession, your company, and your industry.  Looking back on the lessons often provides an opportunity to write about it –  in a blog, a presentation, or even an article in your company newsletter.

Sharing your knowledge and experience can build your authority and reputation and it might even help advance your career.

And remember: The dullest pencil always beats the sharpest memory so write down your good ideas before you forget them!

2. Reboot, Revise, and Repackage. Most bands go to different phases, transforming themselves until they get it right. The same goes with the call center industry.

If you have been doing what you do for quite some time, you should know the tools as well as the tricks of the trade, as well as the tactics and strategies that can make you a more effective call center professional.

Knowing the ins and outs as well as having a firm foundation how to deliver results and meet your metrics, you are given the opportunity to begin Rebooting, Revising, and Repackaging more aggressively. Instead of being stuck doing things repetitively, you can change certain aspects to experiment to come up with innovations to optimize your performance.

So, don’t be afraid of change – embrace it!

3. KISS (Keep it Simple and Streamlined). Why did the Beatles become so popular? Easy. Their songs are simple and pleasant to the ears.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Having been in the call center industry for some time however, you could be in a position to bring simplicity to your job and what your company does.

Every campaign can use more simplicity. Take advantage of your knowledge to create greater value by being the “go to” person who has the skills, knowledge and experience to make things easy, clear, and simple – like the Beatles.

That’s it for now – stick around for Part 2 of this article.


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