Fb Pixel Make Your Customers Your Number One

Make Your Customers Your Number One


Number One: This is what every business aspires to become. Yes, it is no secret that everyone that goes into business wants to lead his or her respective segment. While this is fine, wouldn’t it be great if this can be done by making the customer your number one?

That’s right, the customer should always be king—he or she deserves nothing but the best form of service, for instance. According to Ilya Pozin, CEO of Open Me and columnist at LinkedIn, “Far too many businesses are stuck on perfecting their ideas, products, or services, when the real focal point should be pleasing the customer.” If you’re not convinced, the simple reason is that if it wasn’t for your clients, you wouldn’t be open for business for too long.

So how do you dish out top-notch customer service that focuses on making the client king? One way is to know your target audience. Yes, have a target (and not simply say that you are making products for “the every man”). If you have a range of services, for instance, why not see which bar of soap is for infants and which shampoo helps control dandruff. This way, you know what you audience wants and can give it to them.

Another key idea is keeping things as simple as possible. Take the way you communicate—such as your call center hotline. What’s the point of confusing callers by giving them too many options just to be able to speak to an agent? This will most likely end up in a customer hanging up the phone and going elsewhere for magazine subscriptions.

Most of all, respect your customers. When doing call-outs, for example, we know that you’d love to push that new fiber optics service to the hilt. But hey, do you have to call up in the middle of lunch (or worse, at midnight?!) Do so and you just might end up with no sign-ups whatsoever.

So yes,the customer is always number one. Show them that they are your first priority with the kind of service you give. In the end, they just might make you their number one choice as well.