Outsourcing to a Test Call Center

Outsourcing to a Test Call Center

test a call center


Many small, medium and large-scale companies have partnered with call centers and other business process outsourcing (BPO) companies for purposes of decreasing their overhead costs while increasing productivity and efficiency. Many of these companies based abroad have opted to contract call centers with the belief that their workers are able to provide their clients with better customer-focus services. Another benefit of outsourcing or working with offshore agents is that it helps these companies stay on track with their scalability goals.

While it costs lesser for these businesses to partner with call centers from the Philippines or India, for example, there is a risk that they may end up costing more, especially when the call center does not live up to its promise of providing professional, high-quality service. Poor customer service will affect the company’s reputation, sales, and ultimately, their bottom line.


Why test a Call Center

Before investing a lot of resources on a particular call center, it is logical to carefully research and investigate first its track record, its reputation from their past and present clients, and its agents’ work performance. Getting all the pertinent information first about the call center to see if they match the business’ goals will help the business achieve its long-term goal of increasing work efficiency.
But just as how good all these researched data may be, it is still best to test-run a call center’s services and experience it firsthand. Testing a call center to check if it can actually deliver the business needs will save the business from making costly mistakes in the future, which could greatly affect the business’ reputation and longevity in this competitive industry.


Where to find a Test Call Center

Not all call centers and BPO companies offer this testing service to their clients. This makes the call centers that offer this particular service stand out from the rest. It also makes their potential clients be more encouraged in working with them because of the call center’s openness and transparency before formally engaging in any business relationship.

Among these call centers that offer testing service for their clients is Magellan Solutions. With its customer support and other BPO services since 2005, the company has helped numerous companies from different industries.

Magellan Solutions understands the importance of quality assurance. Their website offers downloadable audio recordings in which potential clients could hear Magellan’s agents handling calls in a typical workday. The company also encourages its clients to practice call barging to experience how their agents answer and manage calls.

These readily-available samples of actual work outputs of the agents are helpful tools for their potential clients in making informed decisions. It also embodies the company’s professionalism and customer service values.

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