Small Details Count in Customer Service

Small Details Count in Customer Service

contact-center-servicesIt has often been said that “even the smallest details count a lot”. Doing little things to show your loved ones how much you care for them—like doing the household chores without a grudge, for instance, can go a longer way than a gazillion floral bouquets on Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, did you know that little things likewise count a lot when it comes to the world of customer service? Having a customer care call center to accommodate your clients, for example, is an excellent start.

While everyone else may have this service, the mere fact that your customers can reach you via your order taking call center or reservations call center is already a big plus. Naturally, having an inbound call center channel is one thing. If you really want to make the little things count and go a long way, consider giving your clients the personal touch. This entails attending to every one of them as if they were your only customer. It likewise means being warm and friendly—even if a customer gets cranky because he’s pressured to get a really nice valentine’s gift for the Missus (with one day to go!)And it can involve going the extra mile to make your customers feel welcome at your hotel—even if they’re just making a reservation.

With seemingly small details like these at the heart of your contact center service, rest assured that you’ll win a lot of customers’ hearts—Valentine’s Day or not.


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