Fb Pixel Smiley Service is the Best Service

Smiley Service is the Best Service


A smile can do wonders. It can warm even the coldest heart. It is likewise capable of making others smile. It can also brighten an otherwise gloomy day. And of course, Helen of Troy proved that it can launch a thousand ships.

Did you know, however, that your own growing enterprise can benefit from a simple smile? Service with a smile, they say, can go a long way.

While it’s a no brainer that your storefront’s staff can do better by smiling when serving clients, the same can be said for your customer contact center’s telephone reps. Since clients can’t see your phone agents (not yet, at least), a cheery voice and an equally warm and friendly disposition can definitely make any customer’s day. Being sincere and ready to lend a helping hand (and a listening ear) can likewise melt away at even the toughest customer’s heart.

More than friendly agents who answer inquiries, it is even more important to maintain that helpful demeanor even when your client is making your day a living nightmare. Always remind your call center agents to keep their cool and maintain that “smiley” voice amidst the rapid fire of complaints and incessant requests—even the most insane ones.

Simply remember: service with a (sincere) smile. Just like Helen of Troy, it can launch a thousand customers into signing on the dotted line.