Fb Pixel Social Support: How Social Media Supports Customer Service Call Centers

Social Support: How Social Media Supports Customer Service Call Centers

Social Support: How Social Media Supports Customer Service Call Centers

It is often said that “man is a social animal”. Despite each person having their own individuality, it can’t be denied that we all need each other in one way or another. We’re not hermits (unless we choose to be) and are all interconnected and interdependent.

If you’re not convinced that we’re all social beings, we’ve got one simple word for you: Facebook. The evolution of social media has brought about people who haven’t connected for ages, suddenly “speaking” to each other on an almost daily basis, albeit on social network sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and for business professionals Linkedin, Xing, Focus and so on.

The social media phenomenon has become so popular that many businesses now deem it wise to use them as support tools for their customer service efforts. While call center hotlines won’t be extinct anytime soon, one cannot deny that these are slowly being complemented by Facebook and Twitter customer contact tools.

There are people, especially the younger and more tech-savvy set, that find it much easier to post a message on a company’s Facebook wall instead of calling up a 1-800 number. Some companies, on the other hand, find themselves posting more updates on their Twitter account, rather than calling up each customer to inform them about things such as a product recall.

If you think, however, that it takes a Philosopher to use social media as a support tool, think again. Stay tuned to this blog and we’ll show you how.


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