Stay Open—In the Name of Customer Service

It is no secret that a lot of business establishments are closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day. This not only allows them to rest and relax on these special days but more importantly, gives them time to spend with their loved ones and celebrate the reason for the season.

However, there may be customers who need some assistance. It might, therefore, be a good idea to have your outsource call center partner stay open during these cheerful days.

Why? Because of one simple reason: To dish out the best customer service possible.

This can come in the form of helping a lady, harassed and stressed out from work, looking to order a Thanksgiving turkey for her family via your customer service call center. Or, it can be for a humanitarian reason—a mother who needs to work, bus has to get a flight home to be with her sick child. Your inbound call center (often called, a reservations call center) can help book that flight for her.

There are a lot of reasons to close shop and be with family and friends for the holidays. But there are countless more reasons to keep a handful of folks manning the call center during the season—all in the name of customer service.



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