Fb Pixel What is a Good Email Response Time for Your Call Center?

What is a Good Email Response Time for Your Call Center?

What is a Good Email Response Time for Your Call Center?


We all use email to stay in touch with family and friends. Ever since the late 90s, the world seems to have been hooked on this “near-instant” way of sending messages and other pertinent (or at times, senseless) documents and media. To be honest, even businesses such as contact centers have likewise seen the beauty of this electronic communications tool.

With so many emails being sent back and forth between clients and business owners, for instance, one tends to wonder if there is a hard rule for things such as response times to a message sent to your product inquiry channel, for instance? Well, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete or written rule as to how fast a business should respond to an email—save for the fact that it must reply as soon as possible.

But if you really insist on knowing how to do it, then maybe Jeff Toster of Tolster Performance Media might have an answer. He gives a few interesting figures. A recent survey revealing how 75 percent of folks expect responses to their email messages from co-workers to arrive within four (4) hours. This is a slight increase from the 68 percent from the previous year. He attributes this to Generation Y respondents, most of whom utilize such “instant access” devices as their smartphones to send and receive e-mail.

Fortunately, your business has a bit of leeway. Most clients, survey say, are expected to respond to emails sent by clients within 1 day.

So what does this say, you wonder? By the looks of things, you have a choice—you can take the better route and reply to your client within four hours, or go as much as a day before sending them the answer.

Either way, just make sure that you have the correct, accurate reply to their query, concern, or the like. Bottom line: don’t ignore that Inbound contact center email channel—your clients are expecting it.

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