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Why Not Get Personal With Reservations?

get-personal-with-reservations-customer-serviceWe’re so caught up in getting a gazillion things done that we tend to overlook some very important aspects of life. Ensuring smooth business operations—such as running a reservations and bookings service, for instance—is key to any business that wants to survive in their pond. Yet did you know that sometimes, important stuff tend to be neglected—such as your customers?

The sad reality is that trying to win more clients and growing profit margins leaves a lot to be desired for many a business owner when it comes to their customer service relationships. A reservations contact center’s goal is usually to book client appointments or hotel rooms as efficiently as possible so they can move on to the next guy waiting in line for his booking. But does this really help build your customer fan base?

That’s right, that service which is supposed to help clients book a table or the like can likewise be the perfect tool to build your client relationships. The Spa Association, a one-stop shop for spa owners who may want to learn more about growing their business, even says that reservations is more than just bookings; it’s about getting personal with clients.

It isn’t enough to take down their appointment details; you might want to know that products they prefer and what other services they wish to avail of that aren’t in your offer list. For airlines, maybe you could get to know if they have any dietary restrictions so that you can prepare a special meal just for them. Oh, and why not get their birthday and send them a greeting card when it comes around?

It is the little things like these that make customers feel special. It’s about building personal relationships with the intention of keeping them as happy campers for life. And this is how many businesses tend to survive and make it big.

So go beyond taking down reservations. Get personal and you’ll be surprised how easy it is for you win customers’ hearts.

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