Why Put The Chef’s Special On Reserve?


One customer has been craving that special dish for weeks. The only place that serves that kind of tender-cooked chicken with the specially prepared sauce and golden brown roasted flavor is your favorite eating haunt. Unfortunately, they’re always out—it is after, the Chef’s Special.

Believe it or not, your restaurant’s own clientele don’t need to wait that long to try your own Chef’s Special. In fact, you can treat them to the spectacular dish through the help of your reservation inbound call center channels.

Yes folks, your customer service call center can help clients get the best dishes in town—including the Chef’s special brew and concoction. But why reserve, you ask?

For one thing, your Chef only uses the freshest ingredients available. This means that these ingredients—sauces, vegetables, chicken (or whatever viand is used) is sourced from only the best suppliers in town. Then there are some other secret stuff that give flavor to the dish—yet need to be flown from out of town.

Each call to the 24/7 hospitality reservations call center for a serving or four of Chef Chad’s special dish is a cue to order the things needed to prepare the feast. Moreover, letting the restaurant staff know when you and your group would like to partake of the sumptuous meal gives your dear customers the privilege of getting it fresh and hot off the grill, pan, or however it was prepared.

Yes, remember that dishes like these aren’t cooked every day. So your customers need to reserve in advance via the call center service hotline numbers, email, web chat or social networks. You are giving them a big favor because everything is within their reach. All they have to do is to saunter in to your place and quench their craving— with the dish set before them as they sit down to savor and eat.

So open up the Chef’s Special to reservations. Your customers will really love you for it—just like they love your Chef’s Special.



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